100+ Words with Synonyms and Antonyms - Complete Alphabetical List

In so many competitive examinations, the Synonyms and Antonyms related questions of great persons are being asked frequently. Having this in the mind, here the collection of 100+ Synonyms and Antonyms is given below.

S. No. Word Synonyms Antonyms
1. Absolve pardon, forgive compel, accuse
2. Acrimony harshness, bitterness courtesy, benevolence
3. Accord agreement, harmony disagreement, discord
4. Adamant stubborn, inflexible flexible, soft
5. Adjunct joined, added separated, subtracted
6. Abjure forsake, renounce approve, sanction
7. Abject despicable, servile commendable, praiseworthy
8. Authentic genuine, reliable fictitious, unreal
9. Audacity boldness, arrogance mildness, cowardice
10. Abate moderate, decrease aggravate, supplement
11. Arraign charge, blame exculpate, pardon
12. Apathy unconcern, indifference concern, care
13. Bustle haste, flurry slowness, quiet
14. Brittle delicate, fragile tough, enduring
15. Bleak dismal, gloomy bright pleasant
16. Benevolence humanity, generosity malevolence inhumanity
17. Contrary dissimilar, conflicting similar, alike
18. Contradict deny, oppose approve, confirm
19. Contempt scorn, disregard regard, praise
20. Conspicuous prominent, obvious concealed, hidden
21. Consolidate solidify, strengthen separate, weaken
22. Consequence effect, outcome origin, start
23. Consent agree, permit object, disagree
24. Concede yield, permit deny, reject
25. Comprise include, contain reject, lack
26. Compassion kindness, sympathy cruelty, barbarity
27. Despicable worthless, shameless worthy, decent
28. Disdain detest, despise approve, praise
29. Deride mock, taunt inspire, encourage
30. Deprive despoil, divest restore, renew
31. Demolish ruin, devastate repair, construct
32. Delicious palatable, tasteful distasteful, unsavoury
33. Deliberate cautious, international rash, sudden
34. Evident obvious, apparent obscure, concealed
35. Evade avoid, elude acknowledge, confront
36. Eternal perpetual, endless temporary, momentary
37. Esteem respect, regard ridicule, spurn
38. Eradicate destroy, exterminate secure, plant
39. Equivocal uncertain, hazy obvious, lucid
40. Epitome precise, example increment, expansion
41. Enormous colossal, mammoth diminutive, negligible
42. Fabricate construct, produce destroy, dismantle
43. Frugality economy, providence lavishness, extravagance
44. Frivolous petty, worthless solemn, significant
45. Frantic violent, agitated subdued, gentle
46. Fragile weak, infirm enduring, tough
47. Forsake desert, renounce hold, maintain
48. Fluctuate deflect, vacillate stabilise, resolve
49. Flimsy trifling, transparent firm, tenacious
50. Guile cunning, deceit honesty, frankness
51. Grudge hatred, aversion benevolence, affection
52. Grisly disgusting, atrocious pleasing, attractive
53. Hypocrisy deception, affectation sincerity, honesty
54. Hideous frightful, shocking attractive, alluring
55. Heretic non-conformist, secularist conformable, religious
56. Hazard Peril, danger conviction, security
57. Irrepressible irresistible, unconfined composed, hesitant
58. Invincible unconquerable, impregnable effeminate, languid
59. Intricate tangled, complicated regulated, orderly
60. Intrigue scheme, conspiracy candour, sincerity
61. intrinsic genuine, fundamental extraneous, incidental
62. Invective accusation, censure approval, acclamation
63. Instil inculcate, inject eradicate, extract
64. Insolvent indigent, destitute wealthy, solvent
65. Insipid tasteless, vapid delicious, luscious
66. Insinuate allude, hint conceal camouflage
67. Ingenuous undisguised, naive wily, crafty
68. Infringe violate, encroach comply, concur
69. Inevitable unavoidable, ascertained unlikely, doubtful
70. Juvenile young, tender dotage, antiquated
71. Justify defend, exculpate impute, arraign
72. Just honest, impartial unequal, unfair
73. Judicious thoughtful, prudent irrational foolish
74. Kindred relation, species unrelated, dissimilar
75. Keen sharp, poignant vapid, insipid
76. Luxuriant profuse, abundant scanty, meagre
77. Luscious palatable, delicious unsavoury, tart
78. Lure attract, entice repel, dissuade
79. Lunacy delusion, insanity normalcy, sanity
80. Lucid sound, rational obscure, hidden
81. Listless indifferent, inattentive brisk, attentive
82. Mutual joint, identical separate, distinct
83. Mutinous recalcitrant, insurgent submissive, faithful
84. Murky dusky, dreary bright, shining
85. Munificent liberal, hospitable frugal, penurious
86. Monotonous irksome, tedious varied, pleasant
87. Momentous notable, eventful trivial, insignificant
88. Nonchalant indifferent, negligent attentive, considerate
89. Nimble prompt, brisk sluggish, languid
90. Niggardly miser, covetous generous, profuse
91. Negligent inattentive, careless vigilant, careful
92. Overwhelm triumph, subjugate flounder, falter
93. Outrage offence, maltreatment praise, favour
94. Outbreak eruption, insurrection compliance, subjection
95. Ornamental decorative, adorned unseemly, plain
96. Ordain order, impose revoke, abolish
97. Oracular cryptic, vague lucid, distinct
98. Opaque obscure, shady transparent, bright
99. Prudent cautious, discreet impetuous, unwise
100. Provoke inflame, incite pacify, comfort
101. Protract prolong, delay abbreviate curtail
102. Proscribe prohibit, exclude solicit, include
103. Profuse lavish, abundant scarce, scantly
104. Profligate dissolute, degenerate virtuous, upright
105. Prodigy miracle, marvel normal, average
106. Prodigious vast, enormous unimpressive, diminutive
107. Premature precocious, untimely belated, opportune
108. Quell subdue, reduce exacerbate, agitate
109. Quaint queer, strange familiar, usual
110. Quack impostor, deceiver upright, unfeigned
111. Reverence respect, esteem disrespect, affront
112. Ratify consent, approve deny, dissent
113. Ravage destroy, ruin reconstruct, renovate
114. Redeem recover, liberate conserve, lose
115. Ruthless remorseless, inhumane compassionate, lenient
116. Rustic rural, uncivilised cultured, refined 
117. Rout vanquish, overthrow succumb, withdraw
118. Rescind annul, abrogate delegate, permit
119. Remonstrate censure, protest  agree, laud
120. Sycophant parasite, flatterer devoted, loyal
121. Superficial partial shallow profound, discerning
122. Subvert demolish, sabotage generate, organise
123. Substantial considerable, solid tenuous, fragile
124. Subsequent consequent, following preceding, previous
125. Stain blemish, tarnish honour, purify
126. Scanty scarce, insufficient lavish, multitude
127. Sarcastic ironical, derisive courteous, gracious
128. Tyro beginner, learner proficient, veteran
129. Trivial trifling, insignificant significant, important
130. Trenchant assertive, forceful feeble, ambiguous
131. Transient temporal, transitory lasting, enduring
132. Tranquil peaceful, composed violent, furious
133. Timid diffident, coward bold, intrepid
134. Utterly completely, entirely deficiently, incompletely
135. Usurp seize, wrest restore, compensate
136. Vulgar inelegant, offensive elegant, civil
137. Vouch confirm, consent repudiate, prohibit
138. Volatile light, changing heavy, ponderous
139. Vicious corrupt, obnoxious noble, virtuous
140. Venerable esteemed, honoured unworthy, immature
141. Vanity conceit pretension modesty, humility
142. Waive relinquish, remove impose, clamp
143. Wary cautious, circumspect heedless, negligent
144. Wane decline dwindle ameliorate, rise
145. Wilt wither, perish revive, bloom
146. Yoke connect, harness liberate, release
147. Yield surrender, abdicate resist, protest
148. Zest delight, enthusiasm disgust, passive
149. Zenith summit, apex nadir, passive
150. Zig-zag oblique, wayward straight, unbent