Ordering of Sentences - Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and Answers

Directions (Q-Nos. 1-20) :
In the following questions, each passage consists of six sentences. The first and sixth sentence are given in the beginning as S1 and S6. The middle four sentences in each have been jumbled up. These are labelled P, Q, R and S. You are required to find out the proper sequence of the four sentences and indicate your answer accordingly on the answer sheet.

1. S1 : If you want to film a scene in slow motion you run the camera twice as fast as usual, which sounds ridiculous but isn’t
S6 : on the screen, everything appears at half the speed at which the camera recorded it when it was filmed.
P : if you are filming in slow motion, however, the camera runs at twice the normal speed, yet, in spite of this, the projector which shows the film will be run at the normal speed, and this means that the projector will show the film at half the speed at which it was photographed
Q : this is because the camera which took the pictures and the projector which shows them run at the same speed
R : when a film camera is running at normal speed it takes twenty-four pictures a second
S : when the film is run through the film-projector the camera twenty-four pictures a second appear on the screen
The proper sequence should be–
(A) PSRQ (B) PSQR (C) SRQP (D) RSQP (Ans : A)

2. S1 : A stag was drinking water at a pool
S6 : he was thus caught by the hunters.
P : he was admiring his shadow in the water
Q : all of a sudden some hunters came to the pool
R : from what he saw, he liked his horns, but he was rather unhappy about his legs
S : His legs helped him in getting ‘away from the hunters, but his horns were caught in a bush
The proper sequence should be–
(A) QPRS (B) PQRS (C) PRQS (D) RPQS (Ans : C)

3. S1 : Rivers have played a great role in their lives
S6 : that was how Sindhu was pronounced by some foreigners.
P : it is famous as the Indus Valley Civili-sation
Q : communication and trade depended on the rivers for centuries
R : who does not know that the very term ‘India’ originated from Indus
S : one of the earliest civilisations of the world flourished on the river Sindhu
The proper sequence should be–
(A) SRQP (B) PRSQ (C) QSPR (D) RSPQ (Ans : C)

4. S1 : James Watt used the power of steam to drive machines
S6 : the jet engine is relatively more recent.
P : with petrol engines people were able to build motor cars and aeroplanes
Q : then, many years later, the petrol engine was invented
R : these provided quicker means of travelling
S : his invention was used later by other clever men to give us the railway engine
The correct sequence should be–
(A) SQPR (B) PQRS (C) PSRQ (D) QSRP (Ans : A)

5. S1 : Your resources, like money are limited
S6 : for that matter the need for a leader arises only in relation to other people.
P : you must invest them wisely
Q : everything cannot be directly attended to by yourself
R : sooner or later you should learn to delegate your authority to others
S : you have to depend on others
The correct sequence should be–
(A) SRPQ (B) QRSP (C) PRQS (D) SQRP (Ans : C)

6. S1 : Man, when first came, must have been surrounded by great animals and he must have lived in fear of them
S6 : gradually, however, man raised himself and became more and more powerful till he became stronger than any animal.
P : he makes the animals do what he likes
Q : but in those days he was not the master but a poor hunted creature himself trying to keep away from the great animals
R : today man is the master of the world
S : same he tames, same he eats and same he shoots for pleasure
The correct sequence should be–
(A) RQPS (B) RSPQ (C) RPSQ (D) PQSR (Ans : C)

7. S1 : It was a bitterly-cold night and even at the far end of the bus the wind cut like a knife
S6 : I saw trouble brewing.
P : the conductor came in and took the fares
Q : the younger of the two women was dressed in sealskin and carried one of those little Pekinese dogs that women like to carry in their laps
R : the bus stopped, and two women and a man got in together and filled the vacant places
S : then his eyes tested with cold malice on the beady-eyed little dog
The correct sequence should be–
(A) RQPS (B) RSQP (C) RPQS (D) PSRQ (Ans : C)

8. S1 : It is perhaps coincidental that the final Booker Prize of the 20th century should go to South African writer
S6 : the formal structures of a modern democracy have been put in place.
P : in political terms, there has been, if not a revolution, but a partial overturning of the old order
Q : apartheid, the dominant reality of South Africa’s 20th century, has been dis-mantled
R : it is not so much that South Africa is poised to enter the new millennium weighed down by its grim oppressed past
S : but as you read ‘Disgrace’, J M Coetzee’s eighth novel, you become aware of a certain bleak appropriateness
The correct sequence should be–
(A) SPRQ (B) QRPS (C) SRPQ (D) QPRS (Ans : C)

9. S1 : What Martin Luther King, the peaceful warrior and his followers suffered, it is very difficult to describe
S6 : for they had taken an oath to ‘refrain from the violence of the fist, tongue or heart’.
P : the police used fire ferocious dogs to rout them
Q : the law courts sent them to solitary confinement where not a ray of the Sun entered
R : they were abused and stoned by the mob, slapped and kicked by the police
S : they suffered and tolerated all this without ever lifting a hand in self defence
The proper sequence should be–
(A) SRPQ (B) RPQS (C) PRSQ (D) QRSP (Ans : B)

10. S1 : When Galileo was young, people believed that the Earth was the centre of the Universe
S6 : but time has proved that Galileo’s view was right.
P : but Galileo began to argue that it was not so
Q : this belief was supported by the state and the Church
R : he said that the Earth and other planets moved round the Sun
S : he was imprisoned for voicing this unorthodox view
The proper sequence should be–
(A) PQRS (B) QPRS (C) QPSR (D) PSRQ (Ans : B)

11. S1 : A water tap is a device for turning on and off a flow of water
S6 : the washer is made of a flexible material such as rubber or plastic.
P : the metal parts of a water tap are usually made of brass because brass resists corrosion
Q : the other part is a washer which is fixed to the bottom of the rod
R : one is a rod with a handle on the top
S : it has two important parts
The proper sequence should be–
(A) PQRS (B) SRQP (C) PQSR (D) PRSQ (Ans : B)

12. S1 : Man’s growth from barbarism to civilisation is supposed to be the theme of history
S6 : in many ways, therefore, man has not made very great progress.
P : strong countries attack and oppress weaker ones
Q : but it is difficult to believe this ideal has been reached
R : there is ample evidence of barbarism even today
S : individuals too exploit their fellows
The correct sequence should be–
(A) QRPS (B) RQSP (C) QRSP (D) RPSQ (Ans : A)

13. S1 : William Cowper was born in 1731 at the rectory of Berkhamstead
S6 : he left Westminster in 1748.
P : from both sides (mother and father) he was well-connected
Q : he was the son of a country rector
R : Cowper was sent to a boarding house at the nearby village where the bullying brought on a nervous inflammation of the eyes
S : he then moved to Westminster School, where he was reasonably happy
The correct sequence-should be–
(A) PQRS (B) PRQS (C) RSQP (D) QPRS (Ans : D)

14. S1 : Everybody thinks that this is the Age of Reason
S6 : obviously we must reexamine the view that this is the age of reason.
P : reason takes a backseat at such times
Q : the ordinary events of life seem to support this view
R : we must therefore avoid the develop-ment of such situation
S : but the behaviour of people in crises makes us doubt this
The correct sequence should be–
(A) RQPS (B) SRQP (C) PSRQ (D) QSRP (Ans : D)

15. S1 : One day I went into the water off the coast of Africa
S6 : I hurled at him the rubber fins.
P : I sighted a shark at short distance from me
Q : he launched towards me as hard and swift as a missile
R : I was floating at a shallow depth, without making a movement
S : every muscle of my body tensed
The correct sequence should be–
(A) PSQR (B) SQRP (C) RPSQ (D) PQSR (Ans : C)

16. S1 : There were two poignant farewell last week to two great sports personalities
S6 : this showed how a great player should be recognised by sports authorities.
P : the great West Indian fast bowler Malcolm Marshall passed away prematurely
Q : this was Steffi Grafs farewell in New York
R : the other was a player who dominated her sport likle no one else had done before
S : this is an age when most sportspersons enjoy the rewards and recognition of their efforts over the years
The correct sequence should be–
(A) QSRP (B) PRSQ (C) QRSP (D) PSRQ (Ans : D)

17. S1 : The distance between theatre and reality has stretched so far that when we come across a truly contemporary play, it is a cause for rejoicing
S6 : but the question is, have we forgotten his legacy in modern India?
P : it searches our collective psyche like an unrelenting laser beam
Q : most importantly, the play questions whether religion and politics can fuse together in modern India
R : Gandhiji had both the spiritual and political dimensions that we so lack today
S : Prasanna’s ‘Gandhiji’ staged recently by the National School of Drama is one such play
The proper sequence should be–
(A) SRPQ (B) RSPQ (C) SPQR (D) RQPS (Ans : C)

18. S1 : Last night I was very tired and dropped off to sleep
S6 : a goat was chewing up my rose plants.
P : I thought I heard somebody move outside
Q : all of a sudden, a slight noise disturbed my sleep
R : I got out of bed quietly and peeped out of the window
S : I was frightened
The proper sequence should be–
(A) QPRS (B) QSPR (C) SPQR (D) RSPQ (Ans : B)

19. S1 : Though hard to please and easily offended, Johnson had a most human and benevolent heart
S6 : he got her a job and put her into a virtuous way of living.
P : there he discovered, she was one of those wretched persons who had fallen into the lowest state of vice, poverty and disease
Q : going home one evening, he found a poor woman lying in the street and took her upon his back and carried her to his house
R : soon, she was restored to health
S : instead of harshly scolding her he had her taken care of with all tenderness
The proper sequence should be–
(A) PQRS (B) SRQP (C) PRQS (D) QPSR (Ans : D)

20. S1 : Einstein was very simple in his ways of life and indifferent to his astounding fame
S6 : so they went back to the Queen and informed her that he had not come by the train.
P : they could never imagine that this shabby man would be Einstein himself
Q : once the queen of Belgium invited him to Brussels
R : the officials also expected to see somebody who would appear to be rich and aristocratic before them
S : when he got down from the train at Brussels, he could not think that there were actually many gorgeously dressed officials to receive him at the station
The correct sequence should be–
(A) PRSQ (B) RQPS (C) QSRP (D) SPRQ (Ans : C)

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