Idioms and Phrases - Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ) and Answers

Directions (Q. Nos. 1-8) : Look at the under-lined part of each sentence. Below each sentence, four alternative meanings to each of the following underlined part (idioms/phrases) are given. Choose the most appropriate one.

1. He gave an evocative rendering of his recent poems.
(A) thrilling (B) enchanting (C) emotional (D) incantatory (Ans : C)

2. Why did you make that flippant remark?
(A) highly critical (B) not showing deserved respect (C) casual (D) indifferent (Ans : C)

3. The weavers have to do monotonous work.
(A) autonomous (B) hksome (C) exhausting (D) repetitive (Ans : D)

4. The country’s economy is beginning to look up now.
(A) look clear (B) go down (C) remain static (D) improve (Ans : D)

5. It needs an expert to decipher the secret message sent to the Army Officers during war time.
(A) swindle (B) decode (C) make up (D) defy (Ans : B)

6. My brother’s zest for the new project was infectious.
(A) greed (B) enthusiasm (C) attraction (D) fascination (Ans : B)

7. His forthright behaviour shows that he is honest but he seems rude to some people.
(A) courteous (B) straightforward (C) tactful (D) correct (Ans : B)

8. The minister’s speech was comprehensive and was greatly appreciated.
(A) praiseworthy (B) full of fine words (C) covering all aspects (D) understandable (Ans : C)

Directions (Q. Nos. 9-20) : You are given four alternative meanings to each of the following idioms/phrases. Choose the most appropriate one.

9. By hook or by crook
(A) In a completely insane manner (B) In whatever way one can
(C) Being very evil and destructive (D) To be very tenacious (Ans : B)

10. Under duress
(A) With superstition (B) According to merit (C) Under compulsion (D) In good faith  (Ans : C)

11. Cloak and dagger
(A) Involving intrigue (B) To become very weak (C) Family feud (D) Fond of hunting (Ans : A)

12. Chock-a-block
(A) Filled to capacity (B) Not being able to fulfill one’s desires
(C) Blocking somebody’s path to progress (D) Suffocation caused due to living in a congested area (Ans : A)

13. Threw down the gauntlet
(A) Challenged (B) Protested (C) Defeated (D) Surpassed (Ans : A)

14. A fair crack of the whip
(A) To go out for morning walk (B) To get a fair chance (C) To get unexpected success (D) To be routed (Ans : B)

15. A feather in one’s cap
(A) Accumulating more money or property (B) Taking more burden on oneself
(C) Being felicitated for one’s artistic merits (D) Something achieved that constitutes a victory (Ans : D)

16. In the guise of
(A) In the cloak of (B) In the colour of (C) In the semblance of (D) In the pretence of  (Ans : D)

17. The worse for wear
(A) Worn out (B) Improbable (C) Far off (D) Frightening (Ans : A)

18. For good
(A) For a good cause (B) Temporarily (C) Permanently (D) Seriously (Ans : C)

19. Caught up with
(A) Conversed (B) Tackled (C) Arrested (D) Overlook (Ans : C)

20. In the clear
(A) Without any money (B) Without any knowledge of traditions (C) Very friendly (D) No longer in danger (Ans : D)

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