Famous Singers and Musicians of India - Complete List

A list of selected Famous Singers and Musicians of India is given below, in which fully information of Site, Singers & Musicians is given. If you are preparing such exams in which General Knowledge is main, then study the Famous Singers and Musicians of India study materials. For better reading it easily, Print it.

Abdul Karim Khan Hindustani (Khayal) Singer
Abdul Walid Khan Hindustani (Khayal) Singer
Alladin Khan Hindustani (Khayal) Singer
Amir Khusro Hindustani (Khayal) Singer
Antsher Lobo Hindustani Singer
Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar Carnatic Singer
Arunagiri Nadhar Carnatic Singer
Bade Ghulam Ali Khan Musician
Balakrishna Bua Hindustani (Khayal) Singer
Bhaskara Bua Hindustani (Khayal) Singer
Bhatkhande Hindustani (Khayal) Singer
Chembai Vaiyanatha Bhagavatar Carnatic Singer
Dakshinamurthy Pillai Carnatic Singer
Faiyaz Khan Hindustani (Khayal) Singer
Faizuddin Dagar Musician (Dhrupad) Singer
Baridas Hindustani (Dhrupad) Singer
Iryakdi Ramanuja Iyengar Classical Singer
Krishna Rao Shankar Pandit Musician
M. Viswanathan Iyer Carnatic Singer
Madurai Mani Iyer Carnatic Singer
Manikavachanagar Carnatic Singer
Muhammad Raza Hindustani Singer
Muthu Thandavar Carnatic Singer
Muthuswami Dikshitar Carnatic (Dhrupad) Singer
Natthem Khan Hindustani (Khayal) Singer
Omkarnath Thakur Musician
Palaghat Mani Iyer Carnatic Singer
Palaghat Rama Bhagavatar Carnatic Singer
Palani Sibbudu Carnatic Singer
Rahmat Khan Hindustani (Khayal) Singer
Rama Rao Naik Hindustani (Singer)
Shyama Shastri Carnatic Singer
Siddheswari Devi Musician
Sumitra Charatram Classical Singer
Swati Tirunal Rama Varma Carnatic Singer
Tansen Musicain, Hindustani (Dhrupad)
Thalapakkam Annamacharya Carnatic Singer
Thyumanavar Caranatic Singer
Thyagaraja Carnatic Singer
V. Balsara Musician (Carnatic) Singer
Vinayachandra Maudgalaya Classical Singer
Zahiruddin Dagar Musician (Dhurpad) Singer