15 Most Famous Monuments of different Countries

A list of selected most famous Monuments of different countries is given below, in which fully information of monuments and countries is given. If you are preparing such exams in which General Knowledge is main, then study the Monuments of Different Countries study materials. For better reading it easily, Print it.

Monuments Countries
Kinder Disk Denmark
Christ the Redeemer Brazil
Machu Picchu Peru
Taj Mahal (Agra) India
Tugu Negara (Kuala Lumpar) Malaysia
The Great Sphinx (Giza) Egypt
Pyramid (Giza) Egypt
Statue of Liberty (New York) USA
Kremlin (Moscow) Russia
Great Wall of China China
Imperial Palace (Tokyo) Japan
Eiffel Tower (Paris) France
Leaning Tower of Pisa Italy
Opera House (Sydney) Australia

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