Famous Geographical Discoveries around the World - Complete List

A list of selected Famous Geographical Discoveries around the World is given below, in which fully information of Discovery and Discoverer is given. If you are preparing such exams in which General Knowledge is main, then study the Geographical Discoveries around the World study materials. For better reading it easily, Print it.

Discovery Discoverer
America Christopher Columbus
Australia James Cook
Brazil Pedro Alvarez Cabral
Cape of Good Hope Bartholomeu Dias
Marco Polo
First person to set foot on Moon Neil Armstrong
Greenland Norseman Eric
Hawaiian Island Captain James Cook
Hudson Bay
Henry Hudson
Lake Tanganyika Richard Francis Burton
Mount Everest Edmund Hillary
New Foundland John Cabot
Niger river Mungo Park
North America Leif Erricsson
North Pole Robert Peary
Planets Kepler
Sailed around The world Magellan
Sea route to India via Cape of Good Hope Vasco-da-Gama
Solar System Copernicus
South Pole Amondsen
Suez Canal Ferdinand De Lesseps
Tasmania island Abel Tasman
Victoria Falls David Livingston

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