UPSC CDS 2016 Previous Year Solved Questions Paper Download

UPSC CDS exam of the year 2016 held on dated 23 October, 2016. We are giving 25 questions of General English Section - B of this exam with answers. These questions not only better prepared for exam but will useful for upcoming CDS exams also.

Ordering of Words in a Sentence Solved Questions

Directions (Q. Nos. 26-36) : Each of the following items in this section consists of a sentence, the parts of which have been jumbled. These parts have been labelled P, Q, Rand S. Given below each sentence are four sequences namely (a), (b), (c) and (d). You are required to rearrange the jumbled parts of the sentence and mark your response accordingly.

26. Georgian loyalists and rebel forces after a week of fighting (P) agreed to (Q) a ceasefire today (R) in which 51 people were killed (S)
The correct sequence should be–
(a) PQRS (b) QRSP (c) QPSR (d) QRPS (Ans : d)

27. The ultimate hope will force the nations (P) that the destructive nature of weapons (Q) to give up war (R) has not been fulfilled (S)
The correct sequence should be–
(a) PSQR (b) PQRS (c) QPRS (d) PRQS (Ans : c)

28. The leader of the opposition, in the manner he had planned to convince them, (P) on realising that he had failed to convince the assembly, (Q) who had a reputation for speech making, (R) was very much disappointed (S)
The correct sequence should be–
(a) PSRQ (b) QSRP (c) RSQP (d) SPRQ (Ans : c)

29. We can think of often confused in the public mind (P) which suggest the need for (Q) two factors (R) an international language (S)
The correct sequence should be–
(a) PRQS (b) RPQS (c) RQSP (d) SQRP (Ans : c)

30. The man is generally the one (P) who can work very hard (Q) when he must work (R) who can play most heartily when he has the chance of playing (S)
The correct sequence should be–
(a) QRSP (b) PSQR (c) SPQR (d) QRPS (Ans : c)

31. Dear Lodger, I agree, the roof is leaking; but there would be no need (P) while it raining (Q) and when the Sun shines, (R) can't get it repaired (S)
The correct sequence should be–
(a) QRSP (b) SQRP (c) RSPQ (d) PRQS (Ans : b)

32. There is no reason that life may exist (P) in great profusion (Q) why we should not (R) be willing to think in other worlds (S)
The correct sequence should be–
(a) RSPQ (b) PQSR (c) RPQS (d) RQSP (Ans : c)

33. The Regent released (P) Voltaire having discovered that (Q) he had imprisoned an innocent man (R) and gave him a pension (S)
The correct sequence should be–
(a) PQRS (b) PRSQ (c) QRSP (d) QRPS (Ans : d)

34. which is sold (P) for its horn (Q) the Rhinoceros is hunted by poachers (R) at high prices (S)
The correct sequence should be–
(a) SQPR (b) QRSP (c) RQPS (d) QPSR (Ans : c)

35. as environmental tools (P) for military purposes (Q) are finding various new uses (R) the world's fastest computers initially conceived (S)
The correct sequence should be–
(a) SQRP (b) PQRS (c) RPSQ (d) QPSR (Ans : a)

36. is a painful feeling (P) without this indirect appeal to our self love, (Q) the sense of inferiority in others, (R) and not an exalting one (S)
The correct sequence should be–
(a) PRSQ (b) RSPQ (c) SRQP (d) RQSP (Ans : b)

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