SSC Multitasking MTS (Non Technical) Exam Model Paper with Answers

General Intelligence & Reasoning Questions

1. A series is given, with one term alternative from the given ones.
(a) QRVU (b) QRUV (c) QRVW (d) QSVU (Ans : b)

2. N is more intelligent than M. M is not as intelligent as Y. X is more intelligent that V but not as good as N. Who is the most intelligent of all?
(a) M (b) Y (c) N (d) X (Ans : c)

3. Which one set of letters when sequentially placed at the gaps in the given letter series shall complete it?
a _ b a _ b b _ a b _ a
(a) b a a b (b) a a b a (c) a b a b (d) b a a a (Ans : a)

4. From the given alternatives select the word which cannot be formed using the letters of the given word.
(a) GATE (b) RATE (c) HATE (d) GRUNT (Ans : d)

5. If PALE is written as RCNG, How can LEAP be written in that code?
(a) NGCR (b) RCGN (c) CRNG (d) NCRG (Ans : a)

6. If SPANK is coded as PSNAK then how will THROW be coded?
(a) HTORW (b) HTWOR (c) HTWRO (d) HTROW (Ans : a)

7. A man walks 15 metres south. Then turning to his right he walks 15 meters. Then turning to his left, he walks 10 metres. Again turns to his left and walks 15 metres. How far is he from his initial Position?
(a) 10 m (b) 25 m (c) 15 m (d) 60 m (Ans : b)

8. If the 5th date of a month is Tuesday, what date will be 3 days after the 3rd Friday in the month?
(a) 22 (b) 19 (c) 18 (d) 17 (Ans : c)

9. Arun travels 8 km towards the North, turns left and travels 3 km and then again turns right and covers another 4 km and then turns right and travels another 3 km. How far is he from the starting point?
(a) 18 km (b) 11 km (c) 12 km (d) 15 km (Ans : c)

10. Find the wrong number in the given series.
8, 16, 24, 40, 62, 104, 168
(a) 24 (b) 40 (c) 62 (d) 104 (Ans : c)

Numerical Aptitude Questions
11. The discount series 10%, 20%, 40% is equivalent to a single discount of–
(a) 50% (b) 56.8% (c) 60% (d) 62.28% (Ans : b)

12. In order to make a profit of 10%, what should have been the gross traffic receipts (in Rs. crores) in 2005-06, total expenditure remaining the same?
(a) 5,667 (b) 5,876 (c) 6,444 (d) 7,667 (Ans : c)

13. At what percent per annum will Rs 3000 amount to Rs. 3993 in 3 years if the interest is compounded annually?
(a) 9% (b) 10% (c) 11% (d) 13% (Ans : b)

14. In the following number series one term is wrong. Find out the wrong term.
(a) 484 (b) 360 (c) 400 (d) 441 (Ans : b)

15. The base of a triangle is 15 cm and height is 12 cm. The height of another triangle of double the area having the base 20 cm is–
(a) 9 cm (b) 18 cm (c) 8 cm (d) 12.5 cm (Ans : b)

16. A sum of money is put at 20% compound interest. The least number of complete years in which sum will be more than doubled is–
(a) 3 years (b) 4 years (c) 5 years (d) 6 years (Ans : b)

17. Which number when added to each of the numbers 6, 7, 15, 17 will make the resulting numbers proportional?
(a) 6 (b) 5 (c) 4 (d) 3 (Ans : d)

18. The least multiple of 13, which on dividing by 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 leaves remainder 2 in each case, is–
(a) 2520 (b) 842 (c) 2522 (d) 840 (Ans : c)

19. A train 300 meters long is running at a speed of 25 metres per second. It will cross a bridge of 200 meters in–
(a) 5 seconds (b) 10 seconds (c) 20 seconds (d) 25 seconds (Ans : c)

20. The LCM of two numbers is 30 and their HCF is 5. One of the numbers is 10. The other is–
(a) 20 (b) 25 (c) 15 (d) 5 (Ans : c)

General English Questions
Directions (21-25) :
In the following questions, out of the four alternatives, choose the one which can be substituted for the given word/sentence.

21. A government in which all religions are honoured–
(a) Communist (b) Socialistic (c) Secular (d) Capitalist (Ans : c)

22. A place where government/public records are kept–
(a) Archive (b) Museum (c) Shelf (d) Cellar (Ans : a)

23. Living together of a man and woman without being married to each other–
(a) Marriage (b) Equipage (c) Lineage (d) Concubinage (Ans : d)

24. Too much official formality–
(a) Bureaucracy (b) Red-Tapism (c) Nepotism (d) Formalism (Ans : b)

25. Dry weather with no rainfall–
(a) Draught (b) Draft (c) Drought (d) Desert (Ans : c)
Direction (26-30) : In the following question, out of the four alternatives, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word.

26. Savour
(a) Taste (b) Protector (c) Sour (d) Flavour (Ans : a)

27. Rivalled
(a) Hatred (b) Revised (c) Competed (d) Contradicted (Ans : c)

28. Trimming
(a) Skimming (b) Arranging (c) Planning (d) Cutting (Ans : d)

29. Pester
(a) Annoy (b) Insect (c) Upset(d) Paste (Ans : a)

30. Disparity
(a) Disseminate (b) Difference (c) Discord (d) Difficulty (Ans : b)

General Awareness Questions
31. Which of the following is the strongest coagulant?
(a) Zinc chloride (b) Aluminium chloride (c) Barium chloride (d) Magnesium sulphate (Ans : b)

32. With the 92nd constitutional amendment, how many new languages were added to the 8th schedule of the constitution–
(a) 2 (b) 5 (c) 4 (d) 3 (Ans : c)

33. Who introduced the concept of “Stored Program”?
(a) John Von Neumann (b) Charles Babbage (c) Blaise Pascal (d) John Mauchly (Ans : a)

34. How many spokes are there in the Dharmachakra of the National Flag?
(a) 14 (b) 18 (c) 22 (d) 24 (Ans : d)

35. If a bacterium cell divides in every 20 minutes, how many bacteria will be formed in two hours?
(a) 16 (b) 8 (c) 64 (d) 4 (Ans : c)

36. Which of the following fuels causes minimum environmental pollution?
(a) Diesel (b) Kerosene (c) Hydrogen (d) Coal (Ans : c)

37. Of the following economists, whom do you consider to be the Master of “Partial Analysis”?
(a) Leon Walras (b) Alfred Marshall (c) J.M. Keynes (d) Lionel Robbins (Ans : b)

38. Who invented ‘Helicopter’?
(a) Cockrell (b) Brequet (c) Otis (d) Frank Whittle (Ans : b)

39. Which one of the following States in India never had a woman Chief Minister?
(a) Andhra Pradesh (b) Bihar (c) Uttar Pradesh (d) West Bengal (Ans : a)

40. Who was the first Indian Governor General after Lord Mountbatten?
(a) Jawaharlal Nehru (b) C. Rajagopalachari (c) Rajendra Prasad (d) Pattabi Sitaramayya (Ans : b)

41. Which of the following is an essential element of the state?
(a) Sovereignty (b) Government (c) Territory (d) All of the above (Ans : d)

42. Who among the following founded the All India Muslim League?
(a) Syed Ahmed Khan (b) Muhammad Ali (c) Aga Khan (d) Hamid Ali Khan (Ans : c)

43. Which river in India flows in a rift-valley?
(a) Cauvery (b) Tapti (c) Narmada (d) Krishna (Ans : c)

44. Who described the Government of India Act, 1935 as a new charter of bondage?
(a) Mahatma Gandhi (b) Rajendra Prasad (c) Pt. Jawaharalal Nehru (d) B.R. Ambedkar (Ans : c)

45. Who appoints Secretary General of the Lok Sabha?
(a) Deputy Speaker (b) Speaker (c) President (d) Leader of Ruling Party (Ans : b)

46. Which one of the following hormone is called “Emergency Hormone”?
(a) Adrenaline (b) Thyroxine (c) Vasopressin (d) Insulin (Ans : a)

47. Which one of the following is the ideal food for newborn babies?
(a) Water (b) Sugar (c) Honey (d) Milk (Ans : d)

48. Which ‘Water Body’ separates Andaman and Nicobar Islands?
(a) Andaman Sea (b) Bay of Bengal (c) Ten Degree Channel (d) Eleventh Degree Channel (Ans : c)

49. Which of the following rivers has its source outside India?
(a) Brahmaputra (b) Beas (c) Ravi (d) Jhclum (Ans : a)

50. Which one of the following is not a Galilean Satellite of Jupiter?
(a) Europa (b) Ganymede (c) Callisto (d) Deimos (Ans : d)

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