General Awareness Questions asked in Bank of Baroda PO Exam 2016

Bank of Baroda (BOB) Probationary Officers (PO) exam of the year 2016 held on dated 25 September, 2016. We are giving 50 questions of GGeneral Awareness  of this exam with answers. These questions not only develop of your I.Q. but will useful for upcoming banks exams also.

General Awareness Questions with Answers–

1. What is the current rate of CRR ?
(A) 4% (B) 5% (C) 3% (D) 4.5% (E) Other than those given as option (Ans : A)

2. A leading bank in India has recently (July 2016) launched a social media banking platform for its facebook and twitter users which goes by the name of 'Mingle'. Name the Bank–
(A) Punjab National Bank (B) YES Bank (C) State Bank of India (D) Bank of Baroda (E) ICICI Bank (Ans : C)

3. .......... has launched India's first internationally-listed certified green bond to finance climate change solutions around the world at London Stock Exchange.
(A) Kotak Mahindra Bank (B) ICICI Bank (C) AXIS Bank (D) HDFC Bank (E) YES Bank (Ans : C)

4. Who is the present Governor of Meghalaya?
(A) Tathagata Roy (B) Padmanabha Acharya (C) Balram Das Tandon
(D) Mridula Sinha (E) V. Shanmuganathan (Ans : E)

5. As per recent newspaper reports (August 2016), hailed as the world's first 'self-driving' taxi service has been launched in which of the following countries?
(A) China (B) Singapore (C) Japan (D) USA (E) Russia (Ans : B)

6. How many companies have made it to the latest of fortune 500 companies?
(A) Five (B) Seventeen (C) Seven (D) Two (E) Nine (Ans : C)

7. Which Indian scientist was bestowed with the 2016 Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam award by the Government of Tamil Nadu ?
(A) D.K. Radhaswami (B) Rajesh Gopa Kumar (C) C.N.R. Rao
(D) P. Shanmugam (E) Ashoka Sen (Ans : D)

8. Who has become the first Indian state to ratify Constitution Amendment Bill on the Goods and Service Tax (GST) ?
(A) West Bengal (B) Haryana (C) Maharashtra (D) Assam (E) Punjab (Ans : D)

9. Reserve Bank of India has recently (August 2016) launched a portal to curb illegal and unauthorised pooling of funds by unscrupulous firms. What is it called?
(A) Savdhaan (B) Sanchetna (C) Sachetna (D) Sanchet (E) Sachet (Ans : E)

10. IPPBL has received the Certificate of Incorporation from the Registrar of Companies and has become the first PSU under the Department of posts. What is the full form of IPPBL ?
(A) India Post Paying Bank Limited (B) India Post Payments Bank Limited (C) India Post-Office Payments Bank Limited
(D) International Post Payments Bank Limited (E) India Post Payments Banking Limited (Ans : B)

11. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has asked banks to provide loans up to Rs. 3 lakh to Women Self-Help Group (SHG) at a discounted rate of .......... per annum.
(A) 4% (B) 6% (C) 7% (D) 9% (E) 5% (Ans : C)

12. Which neighbouring country of India passed a resolution recently (March 2016) 'to convert its Parliament into Constitutional Assembly?
(A) Myanmar (B) Nepal (C) Bhutan (D) Bangladesh (E) Sri Lanka (Ans : E)

13. Urjit Patel recently (September 2016) assumed charge as the Governor of Reserve Bank of India. He is the .......... Governor of Reserve Bank of India.
(A) 25th (B) 23rd (C) 21st (D) 20th (E) 24th (Ans : E)

14. Domestic Systematically Important Banks (D-SIBs) is announced with the term–
(A) Too big to fail (B) Too big to fall (C) Too big to pass
(D) Too big to die (E) Too big to stop working (Ans : A)

15. Rupee denominated bonds issues by Indian companies in order to raise funds offshore are called–
(A) Convertible Bonds (B) Global development Bonds (C) Callable Bonds
(D) Masala Bonds (E) Asian Development Bond (Ans : D)

16. Reliance Industries Limited has entered into an agreement with State Bank of India to form a Payment Banks in India. What will be the respective ratio of their share in this Payments Bank ?
(A) 80 : 20 (B) 50 : 50 (C) 90 : 10 (D) 60 : 40 (E) 70 : 30 (Ans : E)

17. How many 'Basic Savings Bank Deposit Account' can an individual have in one bank ?
(A) Three (B) Two (C) Five (D) Any number (E) One (Ans : E)

18. The author of the book 'The Sleep Revolution' is–
(A) Shawn Stevenson (B) Ananna Huffington (C) Katy West
(D) Sherry Tunde (E) Sheryl Sandberg (Ans : B)

19. Who has become India's first woman to join the International Olympic Committee ?
(A) P. T. Usha (B) Preity Zinta (C) Nita Ambani (D) Deepika Arora (E) Mary Kom (Ans : C)

20. Three giants have come together for setting up a technology-enabled microfinance entity. Avanti Finance, which will focus on delivering affordable and timely credit to under-served and unserved segments in India. Who are these?
(A) Ratan Tata, Narayana Murthy and Vijay Kelkar (B) Cyrus P. Mistry, Nandan Nilekani and Vijay Kelkar
(C) Ratan Tata, N.S. Raghavan and Vijay Kelkar (D) Ratan Tata, Nandan Nilekani and Vijay Kelkar
(E) Ratan Tata, Nandan Nilekani and Vijay Kelkar (Ans : D)

21. HDFC Bank have launched a complete banking solution for start-ups. What is it called?
(A) Gear Up (B) Smart Up (C) Gett Up (D) Smarting Up (E) Smarty (Ans : B)

22. CARE ratings in August 2016 signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with .......... and Emergency Nepal Ltd. to start a credit rating agency in Nepal to be called CARE Ratings (Nepal) Ltd.
(A) Adani Group (B) Kothan Group Ltd. (C) Vishal Group Ltd.
(D) Reliance India Ltd. (E) Rajesh Exports (Ans : C)

23. The Kawal Tiger Reserve (KTR) is located in which state of India?
(A) Nagaland (B) West Bengal (C) Telangana (D) Manipur (E) Sikkim (Ans : C)

24. The Union Government has approved the scheme for granting of Permanent Residency Status (PRS) to foreign investors. For how many years will the PRS be granted?
(A) 11 years (B) 25 years (C) 10 years (D) 15 years (E) 5 years (Ans : C)

25. Which of the following ancient site of India has recently (July 2016) been declared as the UNESCO World Heritage Site?
(A) Mountain Railways of India (B) Nalanda Maharashtra (C) Churches and Convents of Goa
(D) Churches of Shimla (E) Mahabodhi Temple (Ans : B)

26. Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) has recently (June 2016) approved the first set of loan to four countries. Which are those countries ?
(A) Bangladesh, Pakistan, Indonesia and Tajikistan (B) Pakistan, Bhutan, Indonesia and Tajikistan
(C) Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Tajikistan (D) Pakistan, Bangladesh, Indonesia and Ukraine
(E) Pakistan, Bangladesh, India and Tajikistan (Ans : A)

27. Who is the current Union Minister of Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) ?
(A) Rakesh Singh (B) Santosh Gangwar (C) Jayant Sinha
(D) Prakash Javadekar (E) Arjun Ram Meghwal (Ans : D)

28. Which Indian teenager has recently (July 2016) won the 2016 Google Community Impact Award from Asia?
(A) Riya Sharma (B) Priyanka Singh (C) Meghna Sharma
(D) Aadil Khan (E) Adway Ramesh (Ans : E)

29. For sale of stressed assets value over Rs. 50 crores to Arcs, Reserve Bank of India has mandated .......... different valuation.
(A) Four (B) Two (C) None (D) Three (E) Five (Ans : B)

30. The Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has MoD recently (August 2016) with which technology to offer telecom and IT solutions?
(A) Wipro (B) IBM (C) Google (D) Microsoft (E) Infosys (Ans : D)

31. Prime Minister of which country recently (April 2016) resigned from his post after his name was revealed in the Panama paper leak?
(A) Mexico (B) France (C) Bulgaria (D) Iceland (E) Kenya (Ans : D)

32. The Shanghai-based New Development Bank (NDB), which was founded by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa (BRICS) is headed by–
(A) Chanda Kochhar (B) Indra Nooi (C) K.V. Kamath
(D) M.V. Kamath (E) None of the above (Ans : C)

33. Reserve Bank of India has recently (June 2016) launched a scheme called .......... to put real assets back on track of entities facing genuine difficulties by providing an avenue for renewing financial structure.
(A) S4A (B) S2A (C) A1A (D) S4S(E) S3A (Ans : A)

34. What is the theme of the 2016 World Humanitarian Day?
(A) One World : One Heart (B) One Humanity (C) Being Human
(D) Inspire the World's Humanity (E) People Helping People (Ans : B)

35. What is the India's rank in terms of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) inflows globally, as per the latest 2016 World Investment Report by UNCTAD ?
(A) 20th (B) 25th (C) 15th (D) 12th (E) 10th (Ans : E)

36. In August 2016, the Union Government set an inflation target of .......... % over a period of next five years.
(A) Five (B) Seven (C) Four (D) Other than those given as options (E) Eight (Ans : C)

37. A medium enterprise is an enterprise where the investment in plant and machinery is more than Rs. 5 crore but does not exceed–
(A) Rs. 25 crore (B) Rs. 8 crore (C) Rs. 12 crore (D) Rs. 15 crore (E) Rs. 10 crore (Ans : E)

38. What is the total amount of credit that can be allowed in a 'small account' in a year?
(A) Rs. 1,50,000 (B) Rs. 1,00,000 (C) Rs. 5,00,000 (D) Rs. 50,000 (E) Rs. 7,50,000 (Ans : B)

39. The State Bank of India's (SBI) Board of Directors has approved merger of its 5 associate banks with itself. Which among the following is not a part of that group?
(A) Bharatiya Mahila Bank (B) State Bank of Saurashtra (C) State Bank of Patiala
(D) State Bank of Mysore (E) State Bank of Travancore (Ans : B)

40. The National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) has announced that Unified Payments Interface (UPI) application has become operational. How many banks has become a part of it in the first phase?
(A) 10 (B) 15 (C) 9 (D) 12 (E) 21 (Ans : E)

41. As per recent newspaper reports (July 2016), which of the following states are the first states in India where the integrated Criminal Justice System (CJS) will be launched?
(A) Punjab and Haryana (B) Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh (C) Telangana and Andhra Pradesh
(D) Gujarat and Maharashtra (E) Bihar and Jharkhand (Ans : C)

42. A committee formed by the Union Government to strengthen Border Protection, submitted its report recently (August 2016). The committee is headed by–
(A) N.K. Singh (B) H.R. Nagendra (C) Madhukar Gupta
(D) Shailesh Gandhi (E) Shailesh Nayak (Ans : C)

43. Who determines the rate of interest on the Medium and Long Term Government Deposits under the–
(A) State Bank of India (B) RBI (C) State Government
(D) Central Government (E) Other than those given as options (Ans : B)

44. Saudi Arabia's Islamic Development Bank (IDB) has decided to open its first branch in India. Where is it stated to be opened?
(A) Ahmedabad (B) Gandhinagar (C) Ahmednagar (D) Jamnagar (E) Kochi (Ans : A)

45. Who among the following recently (June 2016) became the Chairman of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) ?
(A) Sunil Bharti Mittal (B) Mukesh Ambani (C) Anil Ambani
(D) Ratan Tata (E) Gautam Adani (Ans : A)

46. Who among the following won a bronze medal for India in Wrestling (freestyle) at the 2016 Rio Olympics?
(A) Sandeep Tomar (B) Sakshi Malik (C) Vinesh Phogat
(D) Narsingh Yadav (E) Babita Kumari (Ans : B)

47. Who won the Monaco Grand Prix in 2016 ?
(A) Fernando Alonso (B) Nico Hulkenberg (C) Kimi Rakkonen
(D) Lewis Hamilton (E) Nico Rosberg (Ans : D)

48. Who among the following is the current Managing Director of State Bank of India?
(A) Dinesh Kant (B) Arundhati Bhattacharya (C) Sidhartha Sen
(D) Ravi Kumar Khare (E) Dinesh Kumar Khara (Ans : E)

49. The Government will issue the fifth tranche of sovereign gold bonds in September 2016. Which among the following will not be selling these bonds ?
(A) Insurance Companies (B) Recognised Stock Exchanges (C) Stock Holding Corporation of India Ltd.
(D) Designated Post Offices (E) Banks (Ans : C)

50. The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has constituted a committed to study various facets of household finance in India. The committee will be chaired by–
(A) Raghuram Rajan (B) Tarun Tahilani (C) Tarun Ramadorai
(D) Chandrashekhar Ghosh (E) Sidharth Sen (Ans : C)

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