List of Nobel Prize Winners in Economics (1969-2018)

Nobel Prizes : This award was set up in 1900 under the will of Alfred Bernhard Nobel. Alfred Nobel was an unmarried Swedish scientist and chemical engineer who discovered Nitroglycerine and its use in the manufacture of dynamics in 1866. This award was instituted in 1901 and is given annually to those persons who have made outstanding contribution in literature, physics, chemistry, medicine, peace and economics. Nobel Prize For Economic Science has been instituted from 1969.

The Nobel Prize in Economics  is awarded annually by the Swedish Academy to authors for outstanding contributions in the field of economics .

Here is the full list of the Nobel laureates in Economics  —2017 : 

2016 : Oliver Hart (UK) and Bengt R. Holmstrom (Finland)
2015 : Angus Deaton (UK)
2014 : Jean Tirole (France)
2013 : Eugene F. Fama (US), Lars Peter Hansen (US) and Robert J. Shiller (US)
2012 : Alvin E. Roth (US) and Lloyd S. Shapley (US)
2011 : Thomas J. Sargent (US) and Christopher A. Sims (US)
2010 : Peter A. Diamond (US), Dale T. Mortensen (US) and Christopher A. Pissarides (Cyprus)
2009 : Elinor Ostrom (US) and Oliver E. Williamson (US)
2008 : Paul Krugman (US)
2007 : Leonid Hurwicz (US), Eric S. Maskin (US) and Roger B. Myerson (US)
2006 : Edmund S. Phelps (US)
2005 : Robert J. Aumann (Israel-US) and Thomas C. Schelling (US)
2004 : Finn E. Kydland (Norway) and Edward C. Prescott (US)
2003 : Robert F. Engle III (US) and Clive W.J. Granger (United Kingdom)
2002 : Daniel Kahneman (US-Israel) and Vernon L. Smith (US)
2001 : George A. Akerlof (US), A. Michael Spence (US) and Joseph E. Stiglitz (US)
2000 : James J. Heckman (US) and Daniel L. McFadden (US)
1999 : Robert A. Mundell (Canada)
1998 : Amartya Sen (India)

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1997 : Robert C. Merton (US) and Myron S. Scholes (Canada-US)
1996 : James A. Mirrlees (UK) and William Vickrey (Canada-US)
1995 : Robert E. Lucas, Jr. (US)
1994 : John C. Harsanyi (US), John F. Nash (US) and Reinhard Selten (Germany)
1993 : Robert W. Fogel (US) and Douglass C. North (US)
1992 : Gary S. Becker (US)
1991 : Ronald H. Coase (UK-US)
1990 : Harry M. Markowitz (US), William F. Sharpe (US) and Merton H. Miller (US)
1989 : Trygve Haavelmo (Norway)
1988 : Maurice Allais (France)
1987 : Robert M. Solow (US)
1986 : James M. Buchanan (US)
1985 : Franco Modigliani (Italy-US)
1984 : Richard Stone (UK)
1983 : Gerard Debreu (France-US)
1982 : George J. Stigler (US)
1981 : James Tobin (US)
1980 : Lawrence R. Klein (US)
1979 : Theodore W. Schultz (US) and Sir Arthur Lewis (UK)
1978 : Herbert A. Simon (US)
1977 : Bertil Ohlin (Sweden) and James E. Meade (UK)
1976 : Milton Friedman (US)
1975 : Tjalling Koopmans (Netherlands-US) and Leonid Kantorovich (Soviet Union)
1974 : Gunnar Myrdal (Sweden) and Friedrich A. von Hayek (Austria)
1973 : Wassily Leontief (US)
1972 : Kenneth J. Arrow (US) and John R. Hicks (UK)
1971 : Simon Kuznets (US)
1970 : Paul A. Samuelson (US)
1969 : Ragnar Frisch (Norway) and Jan Tinbergen (Netherlands)