List of Nobel Prizes Physiology or Medicine Winners (1901-2018)

Nobel Prizes :
This award was set up in 1900 under the will of Alfred Bernhard Nobel. Alfred Nobel was an unmarried Swedish scientist and chemical engineer who discovered Nitroglycerine and its use in the manufacture of dynamics in 1866. This award was instituted in 1901 and is given annually to those persons who have made outstanding contribution in literature, physics, chemistry, medicine, peace and economics. Nobel Prize For Economic Science has been instituted from 1969.

The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine, administered by the Nobel Foundation, is awarded once a year for outstanding discoveries in the fields of life sciences and medicine. There have been nine years in which the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine was not awarded (1915–1918, 1921, 1925, 1940–1942).

Full list of Nobel Prizes Physiology or Medicine Winners–

2017 : Jeffrey C. Hall (USA), Michael Rosbash (USA) and Michael W. Young (USA)
2016 : Yoshinori Ohsumi (Japan)
2015 : William C. Campbell (Ireland), Satoshi Ōmura (Japan) and Youyou Tu (China)
2014 : John O'Keefe (USA), May-Britt Moser (Norway) and Edvard I. Moser (Norway)
2013 : James E. Rothman (USA), Randy W. Schekman ( USA) and Thomas C. Südhof (Germany)
2012 : Sir John B. Gurdon (United Kingdom) and Shinya Yamanaka (Japan)
2011 : Bruce A. Beutler ( USA), Jules A. Hoffmann (Luxembourg) and Ralph M. Steinman (Canada)
2010 : Robert G. Edwards (United Kingdom)
2009 : Elizabeth H. Blackburn (Australia), Carol W. Greider (USA) and Jack W. Szostak (United Kingdom)
2008 : Harald zur Hausen (Germany), Françoise Barré-Sinoussi (France) and Luc Montagnier (France)
2007 : Mario R. Capecchi (Italy), Sir Martin J. Evans (United Kingdom) and Oliver Smithies (United Kingdom)
2006 : Andrew Z. Fire (USA) and Craig C. Mello (USA)
2005 : Barry J. Marshall (Australia) and J. Robin Warren (Australia)
2004 : Richard Axel (USA) and Linda B. Buck (USA)
2003 : Paul C. Lauterbur (USA) and Sir Peter Mansfield (United Kingdom)
2002 : Sydney Brenner (South Africa), H. Robert Horvitz (USA) and John E. Sulston (United Kingdom)
2001 : Leland Hartwell (USA), Tim Hunt (United Kingdom) and Sir Paul Nurse (United Kingdom)
2000 : Arvid Carlsson (Sweden), Paul Greengard (USA) and Eric Kandel (Austria)

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1999 :
Günter Blobel (Germany [now Poland])

1998 : Robert F. Furchgot (USA), Louis J. Ignarro (USA) and Ferid Murad (USA)
1997 : Stanley B. Prusiner (USA)
1996 : Peter C. Doherty (Australia) and Rolf M. Zinkernagel (Switzerland)
1995 : Edward B. Lewis (USA), Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard (Germany) and Eric F. Wieschaus (USA)
1994 : Alfred G. Gilman (USA) and Martin Rodbell (USA)
1993 : Richard J. Roberts (United Kingdom) and Phillip A. Sharp (USA)
1992 : Edmond H. Fischer (China) and Edwin G. Krebs (USA)
1991 : Erwin Neher (Germany) and Bert Sakmann (Germany)
1990 : Joseph E. Murray (United States) and E. Donnall Thomas (United States)
1989 : J. Michael Bishop (United States) and Harold E. Varmus (United States)
1988 : Sir James W. Black, (United Kingdom) Gertrude B. Elion (United States) and George H. Hitchings (United States)
1987 : Susumu Tonegawa (Japan)
1986 : Stanley Cohen (United States) and Rita Levi-Montalcini (Italy)
1985 : Michael S. Brown (United States) and Joseph L. Goldstein (United States)
1984 : Niels K. Jerne, (Denmark) Georges J.F. Köhler (West Germany) and César Milstein (United Kingdom)
1983 : Barbara McClintock (United States)
1982 : Sune K. Bergström, (Sweden) Bengt I. Samuelsson (Sweden) and John R. Vane (United Kingdom)
1981 : Roger W. Sperry (United States), David H. Hubel (Canada) and Torsten N. Wiesel (Sweden)
1980 : Baruj Benacerraf, (Venezuela) Jean Dausset (France) and George D. Snell (United States)
1979 : Allan M. Cormack (South Africa) and Godfrey N. Hounsfield (United Kingdom)
1978 : Werner Arber, (Switzerland) Daniel Nathans (United States) and Hamilton O. Smith (United States)
1977 : Roger Guillemin (United States), Andrew V. Schally (United States) and Rosalyn Yalow (United States)
1976 : Baruch S. Blumberg (United States) and D. Carleton Gajdusek (United States)
1975 : David Baltimore, (United States) Renato Dulbecco (Italy) and Howard Martin Temin (United States)
1974 : Albert Claude, (Belgium) Christian de Duve (Belgium) and George E. Palade (Romania)
1973 : Karl von Frisch, (West Germany) Konrad Lorenz (Austria) and Nikolaas Tinbergen (Netherlands)
1972 : Gerald M. Edelman (United States) and Rodney R. Porter (United Kingdom)
1971 : Earl W. Sutherland, Jr. (United States)
1970 : Sir Bernard Katz, (United Kingdom) Ulf von Euler (Sweden) and Julius Axelrod (United States)
1969 : Max Delbrück, (United States) Alfred D. Hershey (United States) and Salvador E. Luria (United States)
1968 : Robert W. Holley, (United States) Har Gobind Khorana (United States) and Marshall W. Nirenberg (United States)
1967 : Ragnar Granit, (Sweden) Haldan Keffer Hartline (United States) and George Wald (United States)
1966 : Peyton Rous (United States) and Charles Brenton Huggins (United States)
1965 : François Jacob, (France) André Lwoff (France) and Jacques Monod (France)
1964 : Konrad Bloch (United States) and Feodor Lynen (West Germany)
1963 : Sir John Carew Eccles, (Australia) Alan Lloyd Hodgkin ( United Kingdom) and Andrew Fielding Huxley ( United Kingdom)
1962 : Francis Harry Compton Crick, (United Kingdom) James Dewey Watson (United States) and Maurice Hugh Frederick Wilkins (United Kingdom)
1961 : Georg von Békésy (United States)
1960 : Sir Frank Macfarlane Burnet (Australia) and Peter Brian Medawar (United Kingdom)
1959 : Severo Ochoa (United States) and Arthur Kornberg (United States)
1958 : George Wells Beadle (United States), Edward Lawrie Tatum (United States) and Joshua Lederberg (United States)
1957 : Daniel Bovet (Italy)
1956 : André Frédéric Cournand, (United States) Werner Forssmann (West Germany) and Dickinson W. Richards (United States)
1955 : Axel Hugo Theodor Theorell (Sweden)
1954 : John Franklin Enders, (United States) Thomas Huckle Weller (United States) and Frederick Chapman Robbins (United States)
1953 : Hans Adolf Krebs (United Kingdom) and Fritz Albert Lipmann (United States)
1952 : Selman Abraham Waksman (United States)
1951 : Max Theiler (South Africa)
1950 : Edward Calvin Kendall, (United States) Tadeus Reichstein (Switzerland) and Philip Showalter Hench (United States)
1949 : Walter Rudolf Hess (Switzerland) and Antonio Caetano de Abreu Freire Egas Moniz (Portugal)
1948 : Paul Hermann Müller (Switzerland)
1947 : Carl Ferdinand Cori (United States) Gerty Theresa Cori, née Radnitz (United States) and Bernardo Alberto Houssay (Argentina)
1946 : Hermann Joseph Muller (United States)
1945 : Sir Alexander Fleming, (United Kingdom) Ernst Boris Chain (United Kingdom) and Sir Howard Walter Florey (Australia)
1944 : Joseph Erlanger (United States) and Herbert Spencer Gasser (United States)
1943 : Henrik Carl Peter Dam (Denmark) and Edward Adelbert Doisy (United States)
1942 : Not awarded
1941 : Not awarded
1940 : Not awarded
1939 : Gerhard Domagk (Germany)
1938 : Corneille Jean François Heymans (Belgium)
1937 : Albert von Szent-Györgyi Nagyrápolt (Hungary)
1936 : Sir Henry Hallett Dale (United Kingdom) and Otto Loewi (Austria)
1935 : Hans Spemann (Germany)
1934 : George Hoyt Whipple, (United States) George Richards Minot (United States) and William Parry Murphy (United States)
1933 : Thomas Hunt Morgan (United States)
1932 : Sir Charles Scott Sherrington (United Kingdom) and Edgar Douglas Adrian (United Kingdom)
1931 : Otto Heinrich Warburg (Germany)
1930 : Karl Landsteiner (Austria)
1929 : Christiaan Eijkman (Netherlands) and Sir Frederick Gowland Hopkins (United Kingdom)
1928 : Charles Jules Henri Nicolle (France)
1927 : Julius Wagner-Jauregg (Austria)
1926 : Johannes Andreas Grib Fibiger (Denmark)
1925 : Not awarded
1924 : Willem Einthoven (Netherlands)
1923 : Frederick Grant Banting (Canada) and John James Rickard Macleod (United Kingdom)
1922 : Archibald Vivian Hill (United Kingdom) and Otto Fritz Meyerhof (Germany)
1921 : Not awarded
1920 : Schack August Steenberg Krogh (Denmark)
1919 : Jules Bordet (Belgium)
1918 : Not awarded
1917 : Not awarded
1916 : Not awarded
1915 : Not awarded
1914 : Robert Bárány (Austria-Hungary)
1913 : Charles Robert Richet (France)
1912 : Alexis Carrel (France)
1911 : Allvar Gullstrand (Sweden)
1910 : Albrecht Kossel (Germany)
1909 : Emil Theodor Kocher (Switzerland)
1908 : Ilya Ilyich Mechnikov (Russia) and Paul Ehrlich (Germany)
1907 : Charles Louis Alphonse Laveran (France)
1906 : Camillo Golgi (Italy) and Santiago Ramón y Cajal (Spain)
1905 : Robert Koch (Germany)
1904 : Ivan Petrovich Pavlov (Russia)
1903 : Niels Ryberg Finsen (Denmark)
1902 : Ronald Ross (United Kingdom)
1901 : Emil Adolf von Behring (Germany)