Great Jobs after Diploma Degree Holders 2017-18

Paths Secondary area Work titles/fields Work Description
BTech/MSc/MCA, MTech, Ph D
Education Teaching Teaching in schools. At colleges, though MTech is technically required, due to serious shortage BTechs are accepted). Teaching in a university/teaching-cum-research institutions
MTech Ph D Research R&D labs Entry-level positions in both industry and government laboratories. Entry level in multi-national R & D labs but middle to senior positions in all labs
BE/BTech/MCA Industry Software development A very large number of jobs in the industry are categorised as such. The basic profile requires application programming using languages like Java, C++ etc) and environments like (Windows *, Linux etc)
BE + database training/skills Industry Database management The jobs require management of large databases, their interface development etc
BE + network training/skills Industry Network management Here jobs are of two types: software jobs requiring network programming and management and hardware jobs require installation and maintenance of networks and related equipment
BE + VLSI training/skills or MTech Industry VLSI & EDA A related industry which draws talent from both elections and CSE is the EDA and VLSI industry. EDA refers to electronics design automation and the jobs require development and maintenance f large number of VLSI design tools. VLSI design refers to the job of designing new VLSI or electronics devices
BE + embedded training/ skills Industry Embedded Software & Hardware This area is linked to the enormous growth of embedded systems. Hardware and software entering simple consumer home appliances to automotives have triggered its growth
Any graduate + training/aptitude Industry Sales PCs and laptops are seeing a tremendous growth and this has created a demand for sales engineers. Bigger companies employ CSE graduates but smaller outfits employ anyone with an aptitude for mastering the rapidly growing terminology
Any graduate + special vocational training Industry Maintenance The growth in demand has generated a huge demand for those who can install and maintain these machines. Again anyone with some skill training through vocational schools/training schools can find employment in this sector. Person with the right aptitude can grow tremendously as well