Top MP (Madhya Pradesh) GK Questions with Answers

MP GK Multiple Choice Objective Questions 2016 for Madhya Pradesh PSC (MPPSC) and other state examinations of 2016. on Madhya Pradesh History, Geography, Economy, Culture, Districts and Polity questions.

1. Harshod (Gypsum) is found in which of the following districts?
(A) Jabalpur (B) Rewa (C) Sagar (D) Gwalior (Ans : C)

2. To which the Cabinet of Madhya Pradesh is responsible?
(A) To the Governor (B) To the Chief Minister (C) To the Vidhan Sabha (D) None of the above (Ans : C)

3. For the development of minerals in Madhya Pradesh in which of the following year Madhya Pradesh minerals development corporation has been established?
(A) 1952 (B) 1962 (C) 1956 (D) 1968 (Ans : C)

4. Which among the following places are famous for white lion ?
(A) Malwa (B) Chhattisgarh (C) Baghelkhand (D) None of these (Ans : C)

5. From where river Narmada orginates ?
(A) Bheraghat (B) Shahdol (C) Hoshangabad (D) Amarkantak (Ans : D)

6. Where Intima religious convention is held in Madhya Pradesh ?
(A) Jawara (B) Indore (C) Gwalior (D) Bhopal (Ans : D)

7. As per population of 2011. What is the sex-ratio in Madhya Pradesh ?
(A) 929 female per 1000 male (B) 941 female per 1000 male
(C) 934 female per 1000 male (D) 931 female per 1000 male (Ans : D)

8. Where is Ravindra Bhawan situated in distt. Bhopal?
(A) A Huge Museum (B) A Huge Building (C) A big assembly Hall (D) None of the above (Ans : C)

9. As per Census 2011, density of population in Madhya Pradesh is–
(A) 155 persons per km2 (B) 188 persons per km2 (C) 236 persons per km2 (D) 172 persons per km2 (Ans : C)

10. As per 2011 Census of Madhya Pradesh what is the percentage of literacy among female as well as male?
(A) Male 78.7% female 59.2% (B) Male 48.4% female 18.9%
(C) Male 48.41 % female 28.39% (D) Male 57.43% female 18.99% (Ans : A)

11. When state of Madhya Pradesh was formed?
(A) 15 Aug., 1947 (B) 26 Jan., 1950 (C) 1 Nov., 1956 (D) 1 Jan., 1960 (Ans : C)

12. As per 2011 census of Madhya Pradesh the total Rural population is–
(A) 37,612,920 (B) 52,537,899 (C) 20,059,666 (D) 34,984,645 (Ans : B)

13. Which district of Madhya Pradesh is known as Gibralter of India ?
(A) Bandhavgarh (B) Assergarh (C) Raigarh (D) Gwalior (Ans : D)

14. How Many districts are in Madhya Pradesh?
(A) 30 (B) 35 (C) 51 (D) 52 (Ans : C)

15. Where the news print paper factory is situated in Madhya Pradesh ?
(A) Nepa Nagar (B) Punasa (C) Hoshangabad (D) None of these (Ans : A)

16. At present who is the Governor of Madhya Pradesh State?
(A) Kunwar Mahmood Ali (B) Ram Naresh Yadav (C) Ramesh Bhandari (D) P. C. Alexender (Ans : B)

17. From where river Tapti Originates, and where it merges into the sea ?
(A) Near Multai in district Betul and in Gulf of Cambey (B) Amarkantak and Arabian Sea
(C) Near Man in district Indore and Bay of Bengal (D) None of the above (Ans : A)

18. Which of the following statements is not correct?
(A) Omkareshwar is situated at Narmada (B) Ornkareshwar is not a railway station
(C) Ornkareshwar is one of the 12 Jyoti Lingas
(D) Onkareshwar a pilgrim place is at the confluence of Narmada and Tapti (Ans : D)

19. Which type of tree is maximum found in Madhya Pradesh ?
(A) Sal (B) Shisham (C) Sagon (D) Mango (Ans : C)

20. Which one of the following city is situated in Chambal Valley?
(A) Mau (B) Morena (C) Bhind (D) Ratlarn (Ans : A)

21. Main Cotton producing zone of Madhya Pradesh is–
(A) Western Madhya Pradesh (B) Northern Madhya Pradesh
(C) Eastern Madhya Pradesh (D) None of the above (Ans : A)

22. Which one of the following city is not situated at the bank of river Narmada?
(A) Hoshangabad (B) Narsinghpur (C) Mandla (D) Burhanpur (Ans : D)

23. In which of the following areas Chitrakoot waterfall is situated ?
(A) In Dandkarya Plateau (B) Baghelkhand Plateau (C) Malwa Plateau (D) Satpura-Maikal-Range (Ans : A)

24. What is in Kanha Kisali, and in which district is it situated ?
(A) National Park Mandla (B) Waterfall Jabalpur
(C) National Park Jabalpur (D) A Cultural Centre, Mandla (Ans : A)

25. Which among the following river flows in Madhya Pradesh?
(A) Chambal (B) Tapti (C) Betwa (D) Mahanadi (Ans : D)

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