Trade and Industry Quiz Questions and Answers for All Exams

Trade and Industry Quiz questions will help you to grab confidence on questions asked on Banking awareness in various competitive examinations like IBPS PO, Clerk, RBI, Associate Banks of SBI and other bank exam.

1. Which of the following is not a borrowing from overseas?
(a) External commercial borrowings (b) Indian depository receipts (c) Term loans from banks (d) None of the above
Answer :

2. Self help groups are an important borrower class of which of the following institutions?
(a) Banks (b) Micro finance institutions (c) SIDBI (d) All of the above
Answer :

3. The insurance sector in India is regulated by–
(a) RBI (b) IRDA (c) SEBI (d) AMFI
Answer :

4. Life insurance penetration in India is not satisfactory. What is the percentage of population who are covered by life insurance?
(a) Twenty per cent (b) Six per cent (c) Ten per cent (d) None of the above
Answer :

5. There are many indigenous bankers operating in the country. Who are they?
(a) Cooperative banks (b) Regional rural banks (c) micro finance institution (d) Moneylenders, shroffs etc
Answer :

6. Bouncing of cheques or cheques returned unpaid for insufficient funds is considered illegal. It is treated as–
(a) a criminal offence (b) a civil offence
(c) an offence under RBI rules (d) an offence under the Banking Regulation Act
Answer :

7. What is the official currency of China?
(a) Peso (b) Dinar (c) Baht (d) Renminbi
Answer :

8. How many countries are there in the Eurozone which have euro as their common currency ?
(a) 10 (b) 12 (c) 15 (d) 16
Answer :

9. Which body/official determines the risk coverage for calculation of premium for life insurance policies?
(a) Actuary of the life insurance company (b) IRDA
(c) The chief executive of the life insurance company (d) The board of directors of the life insurance company
Answer :

10. Which is the accepted document for establishing proof of identity of an individual for opening of bank accounts?
(a) PAN card (b) Electricity bill (c) School leaving certificate (d) LIC policy
Answer :

11. Which of the following is not a Chamber of commerce and industry?
Answer :

12. If the company is reporting loss for a financial year at what rate should it declare dividends for that year?
(a) 5% (b) 7% (c) 0% (d) 10%
Answer :

13. RBI has increased CRR by 0.25%. How is the increase expressed in terms of basis points?
(a) 25 basis points (b) 2.5 basis points (c) 40 basis points (d) None of these
Answer :

14. SEBI has recently reduced the time lag from closure of an issue and its listing from 22 days. What is the revised time period?
(a) 12 days (b) 7 days (c) 15 days (d) 10 days
Answer :

15. The Unique Identity project or UID has been given a brand name for ready identification. Which is the name approved?
(a) Abhigyan (b) Asmita (c) Aasha (d) Aadhaar
Answer :

16. SEBI allows retail investors to apply for shares of Initial Public Offerings without actual transfer of their funds from their accounts. What is this facility known as?
(a) Systematic transfer plans (b) Systematic investment plans (c) Hedge fund accounts (d) ASBA
Answer :

17. Which of the following is not plastic money?
(a) Credit cards (b) Debit cards (c) Gift cards (d) Recharge cards
Answer :

18. Service tax is collected by which government department?
(a) Customs and central excise (b) Income tax (c) Local corporation (d) RBI
Answer :

19. Out of the four entities mentioned below which is not a credit rating agency?
Answer :

20. Which apex body regulates insurance companies in India?
(a) RBI (b) IRDA (c) PFRDA (d) SEBI
Answer :

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