Professional Knowledge Questions asked in IBPS Bank Exams 2016

IBPS SO (I.T. Officer) Exam of the year 2015 held on dated 14 February, 2016. We are giving 50 questions of Professional Knowledge of this exam with answers.

1. In ………. all records contain the same data items with the same amount of space assigned to each data item.
(A) Finite records (B) Fixed length records (C) Indexed records (D) Variable length records (E) Uniform records (Ans : B)

2. Databases are managed with–
(A) Roles (B) Hardware (C) Hardware and Roles (D) Programming (E) Software (Ans : E)

3. Which action is used to display the context menu and the mini toolbar ?
(A) Double-click (B) Move pointer (C) Scroll (D) Left-click (E) Right-click (Ans : E)

4. The file extension for an office 2013 Word Template is–
(A) .doc (B) .docx (C) .dotx (D) .nf (E) .temp (Ans : B)

5. TCP and UDP reside at which layer of the OSI model ?
(A) Data link (B) Session (C) Network (D) Transport (E) Presentation (Ans : D)

6. A computer containing programs that collectively serve the needs of a large group rather than that of a single user or specialized application is termed ……….
(A) Complex instruction set computer (B) Terminal server (C) Web server
(D) Central Processing Unit (E) Enterprise server (Ans : E)

7. The virus that attaches itself to macros is called–
(A) Email virus (B) Micro virus (C) Trojan horse (D) Time bomb (E) Macro virus (Ans : E)

8. Which of the following is considered a connection- oriented protocol ?
(A) ARP (B) ICMP (C) UDP (D) UDP and ARP (E) TCP (Ans : E)

9. ………. settings for each user of the database are held within the data dictionary.
(A) View (B) Language (C) Data manipulation (D) Browser (E) Schema object (Ans : A)

10. What is a MAC address in an Ethernet network?
(A) The address assigned by DHCP (B) A TCP/IP address (C) A logical address created by the network administrator
(D) A logical address which is subnet specific (E) The physical address assigned by the NIC manufacturer (Ans : E)

11. Malicious software is known as–
(A) Malware (B) Badware (C) Maliciousware (D) Illegalware (E) Disasterware (Ans : A)

12. Which of the following refers to a group of terminals or workstations attached to a common control unit or server(s) that share work and may be able to back each other up if one server fails ?
(A) Cluster (B) Serverless backup (C) Logical unit (D) Attached resource computer network (E) Channel bank (Ans : A)

13. The network database model allows each data element to have–
(A) Multiple parent and child records (B) Multiple parents records and multiple children records (C) Single parent record
(D) Multiple parents records (E) Multiple children records (Ans : A)

14. What value must a C++ destructor return ?
(A) Destructors do not return a value (B) An object of the class (C) A status code determining whether the class was destructed correctly
(D) A pointer or status code (E) A pointer to the class (Ans : A)

15. When two people collaborate on an online document at the same time, they are collaborating–
(A) Synchronously (B) By Tracking (C) In Cloud Edit (D) Asynchronously (E) Independently (Ans : C)

16. A ………. is a field that links all the data within a record to a unique value.
(A) Cell (B) Attribute (C) Primary key (D) Tuple (E) Foreign key (Ans : C)

17. The term internetworking is related to which layer . of the OSI model?
(A) Presentation layer (B) Network layer (C) Session layer (D) Data link layer (E) Application layer (Ans : B)

18. ………. provides a formal method of representing data in a conceptual form and provides the necessary means of manipulatin the data held within the database.
(A) Domain main server (B) Web base model (C) Operating system (D) Database model (E) Client server model (Ans : D)

19. Which among the following is used to write small programs to control Unix functionalities ?
(A) Shell Commands (B) C Language (C) Shell script (D) Filters (E) Special script (Ans : B)

20. What is PPP used for?
(A) It is used to provided communication between two computers. (B) It is used to assign IP address.
(C) It is used to send packets of data from one. "computer system to the other.
(D) It is used to provide communication between two computers over a serial cable.
(E) It is used to join two networks over a serial port. (Ans : E)

21. Which class IP addresses were designed for large networks ?
(A) B (B) A (C) D (D) C (E) E (Ans : B)

22. A round button that you click to select one option from a list of options is called–
(A) A submit button (B) A radio button (C) A tab (D) A hyperlink (E) A checkpoint (Ans : B)

23. Hierarchical databases are useful for mapping–
(A) Other than those given as options (B) One to one (C) Many to many
(D) One to one and many to many (E) One to many (Ans : E)

24. Which of the following protocols is an example of TCP/IP data link layer protocols?
(A) IP (B) HTTP (C) SMTP (D) Ethernet (E) UDP (Ans : D)

25. In Java, when overriding a predefined method, both the original method and the new method must have the same–
(A) method inheritance (B) method body (C) method signature
(D) parameter names (E) method signature and inheritance (Ans : C)

26. The feature that opens a window on your desktop where you can browse for file stored on your computer is called–
(A) The Display Option (B) The Start page (C) The Control Panel (D) The Desktop Portal (E) The File Explorer (Ans : E)

27. A value a field will assume unless an explicit value is entered for that field best defines–
(A) designated value (B) normalized value (C) default value (D) replicated value (E) assigned value (Ans : C)

28. A computer host or small network inserted as a 'neutral zone' between a company's private network and the outside public network is called–
(A) sheep dip computer (B) VPN (C) firewall (D) man in the middle (E) DMZ (Ans : E)

29. In object-oriented databases, when your application queries for some data, what is returned is–
(A) data only (B) codes (C) output (D) data and code (E) objects and classes (Ans : D)

30. Data dictionary is a tool used to centrally manage parts of a database by controlling ………. within the database.
(A) Portion of data (B) Programming (C) Keys (D) Metadata (E) Figures (Ans : D)

31. Which of the following is the least secure communications protocol?
(A) EAP and PAP (B) CHAP (C) EAP (D) IPsec (E) PAP (Ans : E)

32. Which among the following interacts directly with system hardware?
(A) Applications (B) Kernel (C) Shell (D) Commands (E) Core space (Ans : B)

33. Partition defined by non-overlapping ranges of values for a specified attribute best describes–
(A) continuous partitioning (B) composite partitioning (C) hash partitioning
(D) range partitioning (E) transitive partitioning (Ans : D)

34. Which method of conversion to a new system is, the highest risk and the lowest cost (assuming all goes well) ?
(A) Phased (B) Direct (C) Parallel (D) Focused (E) Pilot (Ans : B)

35. To select multiple non-contiguous folders or files to copy or move them, which key is used in Windows?
(A) Ctrl (B) Alt (C) Scroll Lock (D) Tab (E) Shift (Ans : A)

36. One way to open the Help menu quickly is to press ………. shortcut key.
(A) F2 (B) F12 (C) Windows (D) F6 (E) F1 (Ans : E)

37. Java software was designed–
(A) to make writing Web pages easy for the new user. (B) to run on any computer or computing device regardless of its operating system.
(C) to make software development appear complex. (D) as a new platform for the Internet.
(E) to be downloaded from the Internet as required. (Ans : B)

38. Which of the following is not one of the four types of database access?
(A) Compressed (B) Public (C) Distributed (D) Shared (E) Individual (Ans : A)

39. Which of the following statements is false?
(A) Unix supports multiple users. (B) Shell takes care of inter process communication. (C) Unix and Linux are operating systems.
(D) Linux is an open-source operating system and the source code is shared (E) Shell provides the feature of I/O redirection. (Ans : B)

40. Which of the following enables multi-tasking in UNIX ?
(A) Multi programming (B) Time sharing (C) Modularity (D) Multi-utility (E) Multi-user (Ans : B)

41. Which is the core of the operating system?
(A) Script (B) Commands (C) Shell (D) Core space (E) Kernel (Ans : E)

42. If every non-primary key attribute is functionally dependent on the whole primary key, then the relation is in at least–
(A) first normal form (B) third normal form (C) second normal form (D) fourth normal form (E) fifth normal form (Ans : C)

43. A virtual relation defined by the database administrator in order to keep subjects from viewing certain data is known as–
(A) Attribute (B) Cell (C) View (D) Primary key (E) Data dictionary (Ans : C)

44. Which of the following is the phase when everyone involves attempt to understand why the project is needed and what the scope of the project entails?
(A) Project development (B) Project documentation and standards (C) Project initiation
(D) Project completion (E) Project proposal (Ans : C)

45. What is the name for the system of hardware and software that blocks unauthorised users inside and outside the organization from entering?
(A) Firewall (B) Backbone (C) Register (D) Gate (E) Choke (Ans : A)

46. Which feature provides a cloud storage' area where you can store files in a private and secure online location that you can access from any computer?
(A) Sky Drive (B) Wireless Drop (C) Network (D) Over Drive (E) Cloud Connect (Ans : A)

47. The scrambling of code is known as–
(A) Firewalling (B) Deception (C) Password-proofing (D) Encryption (E) Permuting (Ans : D)

48. Which phase of the SDLC involves acquiring any new hardware that might be required?
(A) Systems design (B) Systems development (C) Systems implementation (D) Systems analysis (E) Systems maintenance (Ans : B)

49. Software programs that close potential security breaches in an operating system are known as–
(A) refresh patches (B) security breach fixes (C) security patches (D) security repairs (E) fresh patches (Ans : C)

50. ………. sets a relationship between two tables that has a matching or same attribute.
(A) Foreign key (B) Primary key (C) Schema objects (D) Data dictionary (E) Report generator (Ans : B)

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