List of All Olympic Mascots (1972-2016)

Rio Olympics 2016 Mascots : Vinicius & Tom 

Vinicius is the official mascot of Rio Olympics 2016 and he was named after the famous Brazilian musician Vinicius de Moraes who is renowned for composing his own bossa nova music. The Olympic mascot is a mixture of all the famous Brazilian animals.

Year Venue
1972 Munich Waldi (A Dachshund)
1976 Montreal Amik (A Beaver)
1980 Moscow Misa (A Bear)
1984 Los Angeles Sam (An Eagle)
1888 Seoul Hodori (A Tiger)
1992 Barcelona Cobi (A Dog)
1996 Atlanta lzzy (A computer generated blue cartoon character)
2000 Sydney Syd (A Platypus), Millie (An Echidna), Olly (A Kookaburra)
2004 Athens Phevos & Athena (Greek God and Goddess)
2008 Beijing Fuwa, a collective name for five personified dolls - "Beibei" (carp), "Jingjing (panda), "Huanhuan" (Child of Fire), "Yingying" (Tibetan antelope), and "Nini" (swallow).
2012 London Wenlock & Mandeville (City names of England)
2016 Rio de Janeiro

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