IBPS IT Specialist Officer Professional Knowledge Questions Answers

IBPS Bank Specialist Officer (I.T.) exam of the year 2015 held on dated 14 February, 2016. We are giving 50 questions of Professional Knowledge of this exam with answers.

1. What are documentation generators?
(A) CASE tools that enable the automatic generation of program and database definition code directly from the design documents diagrams, forms and reports stored in the repository
(B) CASE tools that support the circulation of graphical representations of various system elements such as process flow, data relationships, and program structures
(C) CASE tools that enable the easy production of user documentation in standard formats
(D) CASE tools that enable the easy production of both technical and user documentation in standard formats
(E) CASE tools that support the production of systems forms and reports in order to prototype how systems will 'look and feel' to users (Ans : D)

2. The Web Layout View is avail-able in which Office 2013 application?
(A) Excel (B) Word (C) Access (D) PowerPoint (E) Webmaker (Ans : B)

3. ………. produces printout of a data in user-defined manner.
(A) Query Language (B) DML (C) Report Generator (D) DCL (E) Metadata (Ans : C)

4. Which security model is used in a peer-to-peer network?
(A) Password-protected Shares (B) Access Control Lists (ACLs) (C) Share-level Security
(D) User-level Security (E) Access Control Entries (ACEs) (Ans : C)

5. A hierarchical data model combines records and fields that are–
(A) Cross structure and Relational structure (B) Logical Tree structure (C) Logical manner
(D) Cross structure (E) Relational structure (Ans : B)

6. Which protocol is used for transferring data and information from one network to the other network?
(A) Internet Protocol (B) Transmission Control Protocol (C) File Transfer Protocol
(D) Hyper-Text Transfer Protocol (E) Ethernet Protocol (Ans : B)

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7. What does ios : : ate mean as an argument in of stream in C++ ?
(A) Open file for read access only (B) Open file, create (C) Open file, but do not create
(D) Open file, set the position to the end (E) Open file, for write access only (Ans : D)

8. An object-oriented database does not depend upon ………. for interactions.
(A) Data dictionary (B) Oracle (C) SQL (D) Index (E) DBMS (Ans : C)

9. What is a brownout in an electrical supply system?
(A) A slightly elevated voltage lasting from seconds to minute (B) Alternating power out, power on lasting a few minutes
(C) Has nothing to do with electricity (D) Complete power out lasting a few minutes
(E) A slightly decreased voltage lasting from seconds to minutes or more (Ans : E)

10. Which common backstage view task creates a PDF file from an existing file ?
(A) Export (B) Account (C) Create (D) Options (E) Info (Ans : A)

11. Which device operates at the internet layer of the TCP/ IPmodel?
(A) Switch and Hub (B) Router (C) Switch (D) PBX (E) Firewall (Ans : B)

12. A coding scheme recognized by system software for representing organizational date best defines a–
(A) Data type (B) Data size (C) Tuple (D) Hyperlink (E) Hashing algorithms (Ans : A)

13. Which phase of the SDLC involves converting to the new system?
(A) Systems design (B) Systems implementation (C) Systems analysis
(D) Systems development (E) Other than those mentioned as options (Ans : B)

14. What is the purpose of ARP ?
(A) To resolve known IP addresses to unknown physical addresses
(B) To resolve domain names to unknown IP addresses
(C) To resolve MAC addresses and NetBIOS names to IP addresses
(D) To resolve known MAC addresses to unknown to IP addresses
(E) To resolve NetBIOS names to IP addresses (Ans : D)

15. In Java, communication between objects is done by–
(A) calling a method (B) creating a class hierarchy (C) defining a Java class
(D) creating a class (E) running a program (Ans : A)

16. Which of the following CASE tools generate reports that help you identify possible inconsistencies, redundancies and omissions in diagrams, forms and reports?
(A) Form generators (B) Report generators (C) Diagramming tools
(D) Analysis tools (E) Documentation generators (Ans : B)

17. An attribute whose value is unique across all occurrences–
(A) Primary key (B) Recursive key (C) JOID attribute (D) Data marker (E) Single-valued key (Ans : A)

18. An IP protocol field of 0 × 06 indicates that IP is carrying what as its payload?
(A) UDP or IGRP (B) UDP (C) ICMP (D) TCP (E) IGRP (Ans : D)

19. A named set of table rows stored in a contiguous section of secondary memory best describes a–
(A) Entity (B) Collection (C) Physical file (D) Pointer (E) Relation (Ans : C)

20. Which of the following attributes makes TCP reliable?
(A) Connectionless establishment (B) Low overhead and Null sessions (C) Null sessions
(D) Connection establishment (E) Low overhead (Ans : D)

21. Which shortcut will create a new folder in a Windows folder?
(A) Ctrl + C (B) Ctrl + Shift + N (C) Ctrl + V (D) Ctrl + Alt (E) Ctrl + O (Ans : B)

22. Which of the following is not a benefit of networks ?
(A) Increased data integrity (B) Sharing of peripheral devices (C) Sharing of programs and data
(D) Access to databases (E) Better communications (Ans : A)

23. Which type of software is best used with specific questions to verify hypotheses ?
(A) Data fusion tools (B) Intelligent agents (C) Data cleansing tools
(D) Query-and-reporting tools (E) Multidimensional-analysis tools (Ans : D)

24. Which method of database recovery involves undoing unwanted changes to the database, such as undoing a partially completed transaction interrupted by a power failure?
(A) Rollforward (B) Mirroring (C) Reprocessing (D) Rollback (E) Other than those given as options (Ans : D)

25. What is the default maximum number of processes that can exist in Linux (with a 32-bit platform) ?
(A) 1024 (B) 32768 (C) Unlimited (D) 4096 (E) 99999 (Ans : B)

26. The network database model uses–
(A) Rows and fields (B) Data elements (C) Keys (D) Records and sets (E) Data dictionary (Ans : E)

27. ………. is a communication medium where data are transformed into light pulses.
(A) Twisted-pair cable (B) Optical fibre (C) Coaxial cable (D) Copper cable (E) Satellite (Ans : B)

28. ………. is a computer with a Web server that serves the pages for one or more websites.
(A) Portal (B) Backbone (C) Business Service Provider (D) Host (E) Gateway (Ans : D)

29. The database management software creates and reads the data dictionary to ascertain what ………. exist checks to see if specific users have the proper access rights to view them.
(A) Data element definitions (B) Schema objects (C) Meta data
(D) Reference keys (E) Metadata and data element definitions (Ans : B)

30. The foreign key is not necessarily the ………. in its current table.
(A) Report generator (B) Foreign key (C) Primary key (D) Data dictionary (E) Schema objects (Ans : C)

31. Hierarchical databases do not use ………. as relational databases do for searching procedures.
(A) Indexes (B) Primary key (C) Database dictionary (D) Rows and Columns (E) Foreign Key (Ans : A)

32. A/an ………. can shield electronic equipment from power spikes.
(A) UPS (B) surge protector (C) Firewall (D) Encryption program (E) Antivirus (Ans : B)

33. If there are no functional dependencies between two (or more) non-primary key attributes, this describes–
(A) Third normal form (B) Fifth normal form (C) Second normal form
(D) First normal form (E) Fourth normal form (Ans : A)

34. ………. is a special field value, distinct from 0, blank or any other value, that indicates that the value for field is missing or otherwise unknown.
(A) BLOB value (B) Designated value (C) Null value (D) Hashed value (E) Nonspecific value (Ans : C)

35. The concept of 'zero administration' is associated with–
(A) Desktop computers (B) Mini computers (C) PDAs and organizers
(D) Portable computers (E) Network computers (Ans : E)

36. Collecting personal information and effectively posing as another individual is a crime known as–
(A) Spoofing (B) Identity theft (C) Hacking (D) Personality theft (E) Spooling (Ans : B)

37. A relational database model uses ………. to contain and organize information.
(A) Records and fields (B) Image, audio, documents (C) Columns and rows
(D) Foreign key (E) Data dictionary (Ans : C)

38. Which of the following terms is used specifically to identify the entity created when encapsulating data inside data link layer headers and trailers ?
(A) Packet (B) Segment (C) Data (D) Chunk (E) Frame (Ans : E)

39. Which of the following is a valid class declaration in C++?
(A) class B { } (B) pubic class A { } (C) Class B { } and public class A{}
(D) Class A {int x:}; (E) Object A {int x:}; (Ans : D)

40. ………. is a device that has been customized to perform few specialized computing tasks well with minimal effort.
(A) Dedicate appliance (B) Information appliance (C) Shopping bot
(D) Server appliance (E) Substandard device (Ans : B)

41. A good example of an operating system that makes your computer function and controls the working environment is–
(A) Microsoft Account (B) File Explorer (C) Microsoft Office 2013
(D) Windows 8 (E) Task Manager (Ans : D)

42. ………. are used to refer to Java methods or variables that belongs to other classes.
(A) Simple names (B) Keywords (C) External names (D) Qualified names (E) Method calls (Ans : E)

43. Which connectionless protocol is used for its low overhead and speed?
(A) ARP (B) TCP and ARP (C) ICMP (D) UDP (E) TCP (Ans : D)

44. Which spread spectrum techno- logy does the 802 11b standard define for operation ?
(A) IR, FHSS and DSSS (B) DSSS (C) DSSS and FHSS (D) FHSS (E) IR (Ans : B)

45. Which of the following ensures that only authorized users can use or apply specific software applications ?
(A) Service level agreement (B) Access log (C) Dongle
(D) Private key (E) Authorized program analysis report (Ans : C)

46. ………. is an attempt to make a machine or network resource unavailable to its intended users, such as temporarily or indefinitely interrupt or suspend services of a host connected to the internet due to bombardment fake traffic.
(A) Cracking (B) A Trojan horse (C) A virus (D) A denial of service attack (E) A worm (Ans : D)

47. Which of the following best supports communication availability, acting as a countermeasure to the vulnerability component failure?
(A) Integrated corrective network controls (B) Simple component redundancy (C) High network throughput rate
(D) Careful network monitoring with a dynamic real-time alerting system (E) Other than those given as options (Ans : B)

48. Data transmission technologies vary. Which one does Ethernet use?

49. Applications communicate with kernel by using–
(A) Unit calls (B) Shell script (C) System calls (D) Shell (E) C Programs (Ans : C)

50. In which of the following office applications, can you name a file at the same time you create it ?
(A) Access (B) PowerPoint (C) Paint (D) Word (E) Excel (Ans : A)

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