UKPSC Uttarakhand Review Officer RO/ARO Solved Question Paper 2016

Uttarakhand Public Services Commission (UKPSC) 

Review Officer (RO)/ Assistant Review Officer (ARO) Recruitment Exam 2016

UKPSC Review Officer (RO)/ Assistant Review Officer (ARO) Recruitment Exam of the year 2016 held on dated 26 June, 2016. We are giving 120 questions of General Knowledge of this exam with answers.

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61. The first mechanical computer designed by Charles Babbage was called–
(a) Abacus (b) Analytical Engine (c) Calculator (d) Processor (Ans : b)

62. Which of the following is an example of non-volatile memory?
(a) Cache memory (b) RAM (c) ROM (d) None of these (Ans : c)

63. A device that converts digital signals to analog signals is–
(a) a modem (b) a packet (c) a keyboard (d) None of these (Ans : a)

64. Which of the following is the most powerful type of computer?
(a) Super-micro (b) Super computer (c) Micro computer (d) Mini computer (Ans : b)

65. Which of the following is used to-manage Data Base?
(a) Operating System (b) Compiler (c) DBMS (d) None of these (Ans : c)

66. The term 'Pentium' is related to–
(a) DVD (b) hard disk (c) microprocessor (d) mouse (Ans : c)

67. What type of process creates a smaller file that is faster to transfer over the internet?
(a) Compression (b) Fragmentation (c) Encapsulation (d) None of these (Ans : a)

68. 'ALU' stands for–
(a) Arithmetic Long Unit (b) All Longer Unit (c) Around Logical Units (d) Arithmetic and Logical Unit (Ans : d)

69. Which of the following is not an input device?
(a) Mouse (b) Light pen (c) Keyboard (d) VDU (Ans : d)

70. In which generation of computers, transistors were used?
(a) First (b) Second (c) Third (d) Fourth (Ans : b)

71. Which one of the following rivers crosses the Equator twice?
(a) Zaire (b) Amazon (c) Nile (d) Niger (Ans : a)

72. Which of the following pairs (Country-Capital) is not correctly matched?
(a) Brazil - Brasilia (b) Tunisia - Tunis (c) Algeria - Algiers (d) Morocco - Marrakech (Ans : d)

73. What is the correct north-south sequence of the States of India along the Myanmar border?
(a) Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram (b) Arunachal Pradesh. Assam, Nagaland, Manipur
(c) Assam, Nagaland, Manipur, Mizoram (d) Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Nagaland, Mizoram (Ans : a)

74. Which of the following countries is called the 'Land of Thousand Lakes'?
(a) Sweden (b) Canada (c) Poland (d) Finland (Ans : d)

75. Which of the following countries is famous for livestock ranching in the world?
(a) Brazil (b) Colombia (c) Argentina (d) Venezuela (Ans : c)

76. With which of the following countries does India have its longest international boundary?'
(a) China (b) Pakistan (c) Bangladesh (d) Nepal (Ans : c)

77. As per 2011 census, which of the following States had the highest literacy rate?
(a) Miioram (b) Goa (c) Himachal Pradesh (d) Tripura (Ans : a)

78. Which of the following mountain peak is not located in Uttarakhand ?
(a) Karmet (b) Banderpunch (c) Doonagiri (d) Nanga Parbat (Ans : d)

79. A per United Nations' 2015 estimates, how much will be the world population by 2030?
(a) 8.2 billion (b) 8.5 billion (c) 8.8 billion (d) 9.1 billion (Ans : b)

80. At which of the following coasts of India is the average sea level measured ?
(a) Mumbai (b) Chennai (c) Cochin (Kochi) (d) Vishakhapatnam (Ans : a)

81. Which of the following statements is incorrect?
(a) The Godavari is the largest river of South India. (b) The Kosi river is called the 'Sorrow of Bihar'.
(c) The Brahmaputra is an antecedental river. (d) The Ganges originates from Gangotri. (Ans : c)

82. Which of the following pairs. (State-Date of formation) is correctly matched?
(a) Haryana - November, 1 1966 (b) Mizorarri - June 25, 1986
(c) Telangana - August 15, 2014 (d) Chhattisgarh - November 20, 2000 (Ans : a)

83. Which of the following State is the largest producer of pulse in India?
(a) Madhya Pradesh (b) Uttar Pradesh (c) Maharashtra (d) Rajasthan (Ans : a)

84. Which of the following country has the largest reserve of Bauxite of the world?
(a) India (b) Russia (c) Surinam (d) Australia (Ans : d)

85. Which of the following State has the largest forest area in India ?
(a) Chhattisgarh (b) Maharashtra (c) Madhya Pradesh (d) Andhra Pradesh (Ans : b)

86. 'In which of the following year the 'National Population Policy (NPP)' was announced in India?
(a) 1999 (b) 2000 (c) 2001 (d) 2002 (Ans : b)

87. The 'World Population Day' is observed on–
(a) April 11 (b) May 11 (c) July 11 (d) August 12 (Ans : c)

88. Who propounded the 'Mobility Transition Model of Migration' ?
(a) Lee (b) Clarke (c) Ravenstein (d) Zelinsky (Ans : d)

89. 'Which of the following pairs is not correctly matched?
(a) Tharu - Uttar Pradesh (b) Gaddi - Himachal Pradesh (c) Konyak - Kerala (d) Toda - Tamil'Nadu (Ans : c)

90. As per 2011 census, which of the following states of India had the highest sex-ratio?
(a) Karanataka (b) Kerala (c) Uttar Pradesh (d) West Bengal (Ans : b)

91. Which of the following is called 'Heart of the City' ?
(a) Central Business District (b) Zone of Better Residence (c) Zone of Better Social Amenities (d) Commuters Zone (Ans : a)

92. Who made the Functional Classification of Indian Cities?
(a) RL Singh (b) GS Gosal (c) Ashok Mitra (d) AB Mukherji (Ans : c)

93. The National Award for Child Welfare was instituted in the year–
(a) 1996 (b) 1979 (c) 2008 (d) 2014 (Ans : b)

94. The term 'Ecosystem' was first used in 1935 by–
(a) Taylor (b) Clark (c) Tansley (d) Lindemann (Ans : c)

95. Which of the following States incorporated 'Envirorimental Education' as a subject school curriculum for the first time?
(a) Uttarakhand (b) Maharashtra (c) Kerala (d) Rajasthan (Ans : a)

96. The main cause of Ozone depletion is–
(a) carbon monoxide (b) carbon dioxide (c) hydrocarbon (d) Chloro-fluoro carbon (Ans : d)

97. Which of the following canal is responsible for land-degradation in Rajasthan?
(a) Ganga canal (b) Sirhind canal (c) Indira Gandhi canal (d) Agra canal (Ans : c)

98. 'Biodiversity' is–
(a) totality of all species, all genes and all ecosystems. (b) variety of plants
(c) variety of animals (d) totality of cultural environment (Ans : a)

99. Which of the following is responsible for acid rain?
(a) Nitrogen oxide and carbon dioxide (b) Nitrogen oxide and carbon monoxide
(c) Sulphur dioxide and nitrogen oxide (d) None of the above (Ans : c)

100. Match the following–
A. Megatherm B. Mesotherm C. Microtherm D. Hekistherm
Climatic Region
1. Tundra region 2. Equatorial region 3. Tropical region 4. Temperate region
(a) 1 2 3 4
(b) 1 3 2 4
(c) 3 4 2 1
(d) 2 3 4 1 (Ans : c)

101. With which of the following is the central government's 'Standup 'India" scheme promote entrepreneurship?
(a) Women and Minorities (b) SC/STs and Women (c) SC/STs and Minorities (d) All of the above (Ans : d)

102. On which of the following routes will India's first bullet train run (up to 2024)? 
(a) New Delhi - Ahmedabad route (b) New Delhi - Mumbai route
(c) Ahmedabad - Mumbai route (d) Pune - Ahmedabad route (Ans : c)

103. Which of the following States has been declared as ‘India's first State' to 'have adopted organic farming?
(a) Tripura (b) Sikkim (c) Arunachal Pradesh (d) Nagaland (Ans : b)

104. Who created a new world record in scoring the fastest century in Test cricket history in February, 2016 ?
(a) Steve Smith (b) Chris Gayle (c) Brendon Mc Cullum (d) Virat Kohli (Ans : c)

105. The multi-billion dollar project TAPI on which work started in December, 2015•is related to–
(a) natural gas (b) solar energy (c) road construction (d) railway line (Ans : a)

106. The year 2016-17 will be observed by SAARC nations as–
(a) Year of Democracy and Development (b) Year of Fight Against Terrorism
(c) Year of Cultural Heritage (d) Year of 'Save the Earth' (Ans : c)

107. Aung San Suu Kyi was barred from swearing in as the President of Myanmar because–
(a) she has a criminal record (b) her party did not win absolute majority in elections
(c) the military installed its own President (d) her sons are British citizens (Ans : d)

108. Due to the outbreak of which virus, did the WHO declare a Public Health Emergency on international concern in February, 2016 ?
(a) Zika (b) Ebota (c) Swine Flue (d) Chikungunya (Ans : a)

109. Which of the two European cities were the vitims of IS terrorist attacks in November, 2015 and March, 2016 respectively?
(a) London and Brussels (b) Paris and Brussels (c) Frankfurt and Brussels (d) Copenhagen and Brussels (Ans : b)

110. Which of the following cities are hosts for 2016 and 2020 Olympic Games, respectively?
(a) Rio de Janerio and Tokyo (b) London and Rio de Janerio (c) Tokyo and Rio de Janerio (d) London and Tokyo (Ans : a)

111. Which State' had the highest per capita income during 2014-15 ?
(a) Kerala (b) Haryana (c) Punjab (d) Uttarakhand (Ans : b)

112. Who is the Vice Chairman of the NITI Aayog of India?
(a) Raghuram Rajan (b) Arun Jaitley (c) Arvind Panagariya (d) Rahul Gandhi (Ans : c)

113. Manodaya Kavya was composed by–
(a) Bharat Kavi (b) Maularam (c) Shushan (d) Gumani Kavi (Ans : d)

114. The rank of India in HDI according to Human Development Report 2015 of UNDP was–
(a) 128 (b) 134 (c) 130 (d) 132 (Ans : c)

115. The 'Closed Economy' is the economy in which–
(a) only export takes place (b) budget deficit is less (c) only import takes place (d) there is no foreign trade (Ans : d)

116. The National Institute for Rural Development (NIRD) is situated in–
(a) Shimla (b) Hyderabad (c) Dehradun (d) New Delhi (Ans : b)

117. 'VAT' is imposed–
(a) directly on consumer (b) on first stage of production
(c) on all stages between production and sale (d) on final stage of production (Ans : c)

118. What is 'Super-301'?
(a) Modern computer (b) A variety of rice (c) An insecticide (d) American trade law (Ans : d)

119. Who is called the Father of White Revolution in India?'
(a) Dr. Norman Borlaug (b) Dr. MS Swaminathan (c) Dr, Verghese Kurien (d) Dr. William Gande (Ans : c)

120. Which of the following taxes in India is collected by Panchayats?
(a) Sale tax (b) Custom tax (c) Land revenue (d) Tax on local fair (Ans : d)

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