20 Sentence Arrangement Questions for IBPS Bank & other Competitive Exams

Sentence Arrangement Questions
विभिन्न प्रतियोगी परीक्षाओं में Sentence Arrangement से संबंधित प्रश्न पूछे जाते हैं। जिसमें छ: वाक्य दिये होते हैं, जो किसी घटना (Event) पर आधारित होते हैं। घटनाक्रम के प्रथम (First) तथा अंतिम (Last) वाक्य (Sentence) दिये होते हैं तथा मध्य के चार वाक्यों में क्रम (Order) Jumbled किये होते हैं, जिसे P, Q, R तथा S से अक्षरांकित किया होता है। आपको यह ज्ञात करना होता है कि गद्यांश (Passage) के मध्य के वाक्यों का सही क्रम क्या होगा, जिससे कि Meaningful Paragraph की रचना हो। यह सभी प्रश्न IBPS Bank (PO and Clerk), NDA, CDS, SSC (CGL, MTS, LDC), MBA, Hotel Management, MCA, UPSC, BEd Exams आदि परीक्षाओं के लिए उपयोगी साबित होगें।

Directions :
In these questions, the first and the last sentence of the passage are numbered as S1 and S6. The rest of the passage is split into four parts and named P, Q, R and S. These four parts are not given in their proper order. Read the sentence and find out which of the four combination is correct. Then find the correct answer–
1. (P) taking us to lands full of mystique (Q) next to the proverbial fireside (R) they are a treat curl up with (S) the journals are classics of their kind–
(a) S P R Q (b) S Q R P (c) S R P Q (d) R P Q S (Ans : a)

2. (P) Standing carelessly with his sword, (Q) the fat major (R) held horizontally behind him and with his legs far apart (S) looked after the receding horseman and laughed–
(a) P Q S R (b) Q P R S (c) P Q R S (d) P R S Q (Ans : b)

3. (P) In the city of Delhi (Q) who was so poor (R) there was a poor man (S) that his family had very little to eat most days–
(a) P Q R S (b) Q P R S (c) R P Q S (d) S P Q R (Ans : c)

4. Most people in India enjoy (P) paid holidays, sick leave (Q) a guaranteed wage every month (R) and a pension on retirement (S) a high level of job security–
(a) S R Q P (b) R P S Q (c) Q P R S (d) S Q P R (Ans : d)

5. Then, too, (P) there were splendid positions (Q) and clear of any intervening bush (R) where they would be near the boma (S) for the cameras–
(a) P Q R S (b) P S Q R (c) P S R Q (d) P R Q S (Ans : c)

6. (P) that 80 per cent of mothers (Q) careful American studies have disclosed the fact (R) cradle their infants in their left arms (S) holding them against the left side of their bodies–
(a) P R S Q (b) Q P R S (c) S P R Q (d) R P S Q (Ans : b)

7. Studies are a cure (P) just as bowling is good for kidneys, (Q) shooting for the lungs, (R) walking for the digestion and riding for the head (S) for mental deficiency or disease–
(a) S P Q R (b) P Q R S (c) S Q R P (d) P S Q R (Ans : a)

8. The doctor soon arrived, (P) he felt the boy's pulse (Q) he wrote a prescription, (R) He asked for a piece of paper (S) handed it to the sick boy. He said to the boy, ``Take this at night.''–
(a) R Q S P (b) P R Q S (c) Q S P R (d) Q S R P (Ans : b)

9. One day when I was busy working in my office (P) dressed as a moneky (Q) I was started (R) to find a man (S) sitting opposite may table–
(a) Q R P S (b) Q S R P (c) S Q R P (d) P S Q R (Ans : a)

10. We have increased (P) in the atmosphere (Q) the amount of carbon dioxide (R) despite a scientific consensus (S) that global temperatures are rising as a result–
(a) Q P R S (b) R S P Q (c) P R S Q (d) Q P S R (Ans : a)

11. The zoologist says that (P) having been bitten by them once (Q) trembled to make a second attempt at catching (R) the snakes (S) the snake charmers–
(a) P R Q S (b) S Q P R (c) R P Q S (d) P S Q R (Ans : d)

12. It must be remembered that (P) to foresee (Q) no animal (R) has the power (S) except man–
(a) Q R S P (b) S Q P R (c) Q S R P (d) S P Q R (Ans : c)

13. People said (P) by a ghost (Q) without a head (R) was haunted (S) that the house–
(a) S P R Q (b) Q P R S (c) S Q P R (d) S R P Q (Ans : d)

14. Though my father (P) he is deeply concerned (Q) about their needs (R) makes his children (S) carry out their duties promptly–
(a) R S P Q (b) P R Q S (c) R S Q P (d) P Q R S (Ans : a)

15. He went (P) through the window (Q) and together they looked out (R) at the rain (S) inside–
(a) S R Q P (b) S Q R P (c) P S Q R (d) R Q P S (Ans : b)

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16. (P) have left (Q) the improved food-collecting techniques of modern agriculture (R) without a hunting role (S) the majority of the adult males in our societies–
(a) S P R Q (b) Q P S R (c) S P Q R (d) R S P Q (Ans : b)

17. Although he repeatedly told them (P) the innocent young man (Q) that he had not resorted to theft (R) in search of some job (S) who came from a village was put behind the bars–
(a) P S R Q (b) Q P S R (c) P S Q R (d) P R Q S (Ans : b)

18. (P) that we have a large number of people, (Q) in Mumbai is (R) but a little space (S) our biggest problem–
(a) Q S P R (b) S Q P R (c) S Q R P (d) Q S R P (Ans : b)

19. (P) However desirable (Q) they are not desirable at any price (R) one must be cautious that (S) be the results on investment–
(a) Q P S R (b) R S Q P (c) R Q S P (d) R P S Q (Ans : d)

20. (P) confirms the long-held belief (Q) to the conduct of proxy war in the Indian-state (R) the presence of foreign nationals among the terrorist ranks in Kashmir valley, (S) that Pakistan has diverted a large number of guerillas from several Islamic countries–
(a) S Q R P (b) R P S Q (c) S Q P R (d) Q R P S (Ans : b)