Online Madhya Pradesh GK Quiz Questions with Answers

MP General Knowledge (GK) Quiz Questions and Answers useful for Madhya Pradesh PSC (MPPSC) exams and other upcoming State and Central Government Exams.

1. ‘Tropic of cancer’ does not pass through which of the following cities of Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Mandsaur (b) Ujjain (c) Ratlam (d) Vidisha See Answer:

2. Which among the following awards of Madhya Pradesh consists of highest award money?
(a) Kabir samman (b) Tansen samman (c) Mahatma Gandhi award (d) Lata Mangeshkar award See Answer:

3. How many stations of ‘All India Radio’ are present in Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Four (b) Five (c) Six (d) Seven See Answer:

4. Which of the following product of Madhya Pradesh do not has a geographical Indication status?
(a) Chanderi Fabric (b) Bell Metal Ware of Datia and Tikamgarh (c) Maheshwar Sarees & Fabrics (d) Ratlami sev See Answer:

5. ‘All India Radio’ services in Madhya Pradesh started from which city of Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Bhopal (b) Indore (c) Gwalior (d) Jabalpur See Answer:

6. Which rank is hold by Madhya Pradesh in terms of area in the country?
(a) Second (b) third (c) First (d) Fourth See Answer:

7. What is the total share of ‘hydel power’ in Madhya Pradesh energy sector?
(a) 917.5MW (b) 955.5MW (c) 988MW (d) 1050MW See Answer:

8. How many times ‘President Rule’ has been imposed in Madhya Pradesh?
(a) One (b) Two (c) Three (d) Four See Answer:

9. Which of the following is called energy capital of Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Singrauli (b) Shahdol (c) Rewa (d) Indore See Answer:

10. How many seats are allotted for Madhya Pradesh in Rajya Sabha?
(a) 9 (b) 10 (c) 11 (d) 12 See Answer:

11. ‘Sihoniya’ the capital of the Kachwahas Rajputs is located in which district of Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Morena (b) Gwalior (c) Bhind (d) Sheopur See Answer:

12. Which of the following two District of Madhya Pradesh borders Gujarat state?
(a) Alirajpur and Jhabua (b) Jhabua and Barwani (c) Ratlam and Dhar (d) Barwani and Alirajpur See Answer:

13. Indian Institute of Science Education and Research is located at which place of Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Bhopal (b) Indore (c) Gwalior (d) Jabalpur See Answer:

14. Currency Note Press (CNP), of SPMCIL is located at which place in Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Hoshangabad (b) Dewas (c) Nepanagar (d) Indore See Answer:

15. ‘Indira Gandhi Rashtriya Manav Sangrahalaya’ is located at which place of Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Gwalior (b) Bhopal (c) Indore (d) Jabalpur See Answer:

16. Which River of Madhya Pradesh is known as sister of Lord Shani in Puranas?
(a) Narmada (b) Tapti (c) Mahi (d) Shipra See Answer:

17. Which among the following is the state tree of Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Ashok tree (b) Banyan tree (c) Khejri tree (d) Sal tree See Answer:

18. ‘Kharbuja Mahal’ is located in which district of Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Dhar (b) Jhabua (c) Ashoknagar (d) Gwalior See Answer:

19. Amjad Ali Khan a famous personality from Madhya Pradesh is associated with which of the following?
(a) Sarod player (b) Sitar player (c) Tabla player (d) Veena player See Answer:

20. Khajuraho was religious and cultural center for which dynasty?
(a) Satavahana dynasty (b) Chandela dynasty (c) Gurjara-Pratihara dynasty (d) Gupta dynasty See Answer:

21. ‘Gwalior Gharana’ is one of the oldest Gharana based on which form of Hindustani classical music?
(a) Dhrupad (b) Khayal (c) Thumri (d) Tarana See Answer:

22. Which of the following peak is the highest peak of Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Dhupgarh (b) Kalsubai (c) Parasnath (d) Guru Shikhar See Answer:

23. ‘Kuno wildlife sanctuary’ lies in which district of Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Sheopur (b) Ratlam (c) Mandsaur (d) Morena See Answer:

24. ‘Madikheda Dam’ is built on which river of Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Sindh River (b) Tawa River (c) Betwa River (d) Johilla River See Answer:

25. ‘Birha and Bidesiya’ are important style of singing from which region of Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Bundelkhand (b) Baghelkhand (c) Malwa (d) Mahakaushal See Answer:

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