100 MP General Knowledge (GK) Questions and Answers

Madhya Pradesh General Knowledge (GK) MCQ useful for Madhya Pradesh PSC (MPPSC) exams and other upcoming state and central government exams.

1. ‘AHIRAI’ is the traditional folk dance is for which tribe of Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Bharia tribe (b) Sahariya tribe (c) Baiga tribe (d) Bhil tribe (Ans : a)

2. Who was the first Governor of Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Naresh Chandra (b) Pt Ravishankar  (c) RC Punacha (d) Pattabhi Sitaramaya (Ans : d)

3. Which of the following districts of Madhya Pradesh do not touch any other state of India?
(a) Ashok Nagar (b) Shivpuri (c) Harda (d) Khandwa (Ans : c)

4. When was Chhattisgarh separated from Madhya Pradesh?
(a) 26 January 1950 (b) 18 June 1972 (c) 15 August 1975 (d) 1 November 2000 (Ans : d)

5. Which of the following district of Madhya Pradesh is known for its Opium alkaloid processing works?
(a) Ratlam (b) Mandsaur (c) Neemuch (d) Shivpuri (Ans : c)

6. first solar village of Madhya Pradesh is–
(a) Sehore (b) Pachmarhi (c) Itarasi (d) Indore (Ans : c)

7. ‘Omkareshwar’ a Hindu temple dedicated to God ‘Shiva’ is situated in which district of Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Indore (b) Khandwa (c) Khargone (d) Dewas (Ans : b)

8. Who was the first speaker of Madhya Pradesh Legislative Assembly?
(a) Pt. Kunji Lal Dubey (b) Dr Sitasharan Sharma (c) Ishwardas Rohani (d) Kashi Prasad Pandey (Ans : a)

9. Which tribe of Madhya Pradesh has a marriage custom called “Doodh Lautawa”?
(a) Bhil (b) Gond (c) Sahariya (d) Baiga (Ans : b)

10. Who of the following prime ministers of India was born in Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Morarji Desai (b) Charan Singh  (c) Atal Bihari Vajpayee (d) Inder Kumar Gujral (Ans : c)

11. ‘Satkhanda Palace’ is located in which district of Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Tikamgarh (b) Chhatarpur (c) Datia (d) Morena (Ans : c)

12. Which is the official language of Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Hindi (b) Bhili (c) Gamit (d) Ardhamagadhi (Ans : a)

13. First fossil national park in Madhya Pradesh is situated in which district?
(a) Balaghat (b) Chindwara (c) Dindori (d) Sidhi (Ans : c)

14. ‘Tansen sangeet samaroh’ is organised at which place of Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Gwalior (b) Bhopal (c) Chhatarpur (d) Ujjain (Ans : a)

15. Which type of Soil has largest area concentrated under it in Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Black soil (b) Red-Yellow soil (c) Laterite soil (d) Alluvial soil (Ans : a)

16. What is the sum of Money given as prize in ‘Kalidas Samman’ from MP government?
(a) 2 Lakh (b) 3 Lakh (c) 4 Lakh (d) 5 Lakh (Ans : a)

17. Which of the following irrigation Project is executed under joint effort of Madhya Pradesh and Maharastra?
(a) Urmil (b) Mahi (c) Bansagar (d) Bavanthadi (Ans : d)

18. What is the length of Narmada River flowing in Madhya Pradesh?
(a) 1077Km (b) 1066Km (c) 1055Km (d) 1044Km (Ans : a)

19. Which sports is regarded as state sports of Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Malkhamb (b) swimming (c) volleyball (d) Kabaddi (Ans : a)

20. Which is the longest State Highway of Madhya Pradesh?
(a) SH-17 (b) SH-18 (c) SH-19 (d) SH-20 (Ans : c)

21. ‘Sailana Wildlife Sanctuary’ is situated in which district of Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Mandla (b) Balaghat (c) Ratlam (d) Shivpuri (Ans : c)

22. The Lakshmi Bai National Institute of Physical Education’ is located in which district of Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Gwalior (b) Indore (c) Jabalpur (d) Bhopal (Ans : a)

23. ‘Bharhut stupa’ is located in which district of Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Rewa (b) Satna (c) Vidisha (d) Raisen (Ans : b)

24. ‘Ustad Amir Khan’ a prominent figure from Madhya Pradesh is associated with which of the following?
(a) Dhrupad Gayan (b) Sarod Vadak (c) Sehnai Vadak (d) Khayal Gayan (Ans : d)

25. Which among the following is not a declared major coalfield region of Madhya Pradesh?
(a) Sohagpur (b) Johilla (c) Korar (d) Pandharpur (Ans : d)

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