SBI Probationary Officer (PO) Question Paper with Answer Download

SBI Associates Bank Probationary Officers Exam of the year 2013 held on dated 28 April, 2013. We are giving 50 questions of General Awareness, Marketing and Computer Knowledge of this exam with answers.

1. Who is the Captain of Australian Cricket Team, which currently (March 2013) visited India?
(a) Michael Clarke (b) Shane Watson (c) Shane Warne (d) Michael Hussey (e) Ricky Ponting (Ans : a)

2. Government as part of the recapitalisation plan, infused capital in State Bank of India recently. Indicate the approximate capital infusion.
(a) Rs. 500 crore (b) Rs. 1,000 crore (c) Rs. 1,500 crore (d) Rs. 2,000 crore (e) Rs. 3,000 errore (Ans : e)

3. The NRIs while investing in the equity of a company cannot buy more than prescribed percentage of the paid up capital of that company. What is the prescribed percentage?
(a) 2% (b) 3% (c) 4% (d) 5% (e) 6% (Ans : d)

4. Every year March 20 is celebrated as what day?
(a) World Sparrow Day (b) International Women's Day (c) World Cuckoo Day
(d) International Child' Day (e) International Mother's Day (Ans : a)

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5. One of the famous Indian Sportsperson released his/her autobiography - 'Playing to Win' in November 2012. Name the sports person correctly.
(a) Saina Nehwal (b) Mary Kom (c) Yuvraj Singh (d) Sachin Tendulkar (e) Sushil Kumar (Ans : a)

6. Which of the following term is associated with the game of Cricket?
(a) Bouncer (b) Love (c) Goal (d) Mid Court (e) Collision (Ans : a)

7. Who is the author of the book 'Women of Vision' ?
(a) Ravinder Singh (b) Preeti Shenoy (c) Amish Tripathi (d) Durjoy Dutta (e) Alam Srinivas (Ans : e)

8. Prof. Muhammad Yunus, the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize 2006 is the exponent of which of the following concepts in the field of banking ?
(a) Core Banking (b) Micro Credit (c) Retail Banking (d) Real Time Gross Settlement (e) Internet Banking (Ans : b)

9. Invisible Export means export of–
(a) Services (b) Prohibited goods (c) Restricted goods (d) Goods as per OGL list (e) Other than those given as options (Ans : a)

10. The European Union has adopted which of the following as a common currency?
(a) Dollar (b) Dinar (c) Yen (d) Euro (e) Peso (Ans : d)

11. Banks in India are required to maintain a portion of their demand and time liabilities with the Reserve Bank of India. This portion is called–
(a) Statutory Liquidity Ratio (b) Cash Reserve Ratio (c) Bank Deposit (d) Reverse Repo (e) Government Securities (Ans : a)

12. Pre-shipment finance is provided by the banks only to–
(a) Credit Card Holders (b) Students aspiring for further studies (c) Brokers in equity market
(d) Village Artisans (e) Exporters (Ans : e)

13. Banking Ombudsman is appointed by–
(a) Government of India (b) State Governments (c) RBI (d) ECGC (e) Exim Bank (Ans : b)

14. The Holidays for the Banks are declared as per–
(a) Reserve Bank Act (b) Banking Regulation Act (c) Negotiable Instruments Act
(d) Securities and Exchange Board of India Act (e) Companies Act (Ans : c)

15. Interest on Savings deposit nowadays is–
(a) Fixed by RBI (b) Fixed by the respective Banks (c) Fixed by the Depositors
(d) Fixed as per the contract between Bank and the Consumer Court (e) Not paid by the Bank (Ans : b)

16. Interest below which a bank is not expected to lend to customers is known as–
(a) Deposit Rate (b) Base Rate (c) Prime Lending Rate (d) Bank Rate (e) Discount Rate (Ans : b)

17. The customers' by opening and investing in the Tax Saver Deposit Account Scheme in a Bank would get benefit under–
(a) Sales Tax (b) Customs Duty (c) Excise Duty (d) Professional Tax (e) Income Tax (Ans : e)

18. In banking business, when the borrowers avail a Term Loan, initially they are given a repayment holiday and this is referred as–
(a) Subsidy (b) Interest Waiver (c) Re-phasing (d) Interest concession (e) Moratorium (Ans : e)

19. One of IT company from India has become the first Indian Company to trade on NYSE Euronext London and Paris markets from February 2013 onwards. Which is this company ?
(a) Wipro Infotech Ltd. (b) L&T Infotech (c) HCL Technologies LTD.
(d) Infosys Technologies Limited (e) Polaris Financial Technology Ltd. (Ans : d)

20. BSE (Bombay Stock Exchange), the oldest stock exchange in Asia has joined hands with one more International index in February 2013. This association has resulted in change of name of BSE index. What is the change of name effected?
(a) Dow Jones BSE Index (b) NASDAQ BSE Index (c) S & P BSE Index
(d) Euronext BSE Index (e) Other than those given as options (Ans : c)

21. A non-performing asset is–
(a) Money at call and short notice (b) An asset that ceases to generate income (c) Cash balance in till
(d) Cash balance with RBI (e) Balance with other banks (Ans : b)

22. RBI has released its guidelines for entry of new banks in the private sector in the month of February 2013. One of the norms is at least a prescribed percentage of branches of new bank should be set in unbanked rural centres with a population of up to 9,999 people. What is the percentage of such branches prescribed in the norms ?
(a) 10% (b) 15% (c) 18% (d) 25% (e) Other than those given as options (Ans : d)

23. The Union Budget for 2013-14 proposed by the Finance Minister on 28th February 2013 announced introduction of new variety of bonds by the Government. What is the name of these bonds?
(a) Deep discount bonds (b) Zero Coupon bonds (c) Bullet Bonds
(d) Inflation Indexed Bonds (e) Inflation Variable Bonds (Ans : d)

24. Government usually classifies its expenditure in term of' planned and non-planned expenditure. Identify, which is the correct definition of Planned expenditure?
(a) It represents the expenditure of all the State Governments (b) It represents the total expenditure of the Central Government
(c) It is the expenditure which is spent through centrally sponsored programmes and flagship schemes of Government
(d) It represents the expenditure incurred on Defence (e) Other than those given as options (Ans : c)

25. Which of the following organization is made specifically responsible for empowering Micro, Small and Medium enterprises in India?
(a) NABARD (b) RBI (c) SIDBI (d) ECGC (e) SEBI (Ans : c)

26. 'C' in CPU denotes–
(a) Central (b) Common (c) Convenient (d) Computer (e) Circuitry (Ans : a)

27. A joystick is primarily used to/for–
(a) Control sound on the screen (b) Computer gaming (c) Enter text (d) Draw pictures (e) Print text (Ans : b)

28. Which is not a storage device?
(a) A CD (b) A DVD (c) A floppy disk (d) A printer (e) A Hard disk (Ans : d)

29. Which of the following uses a handheld operating system?
(a) A supercomputer (b) A personal computer (c) A laptop (d) A mainframe (e) A PDA (Ans : e)

30. To display the contents of a folder in Windows Explorer you should–
(a) click on it (b) collapse it (c) name it (d) give it a password (e) rename it (Ans : a)

31. The CPU comprises of Control, Memory, and……….Units.
(a) Microprocessor (b) Arithmetic/Logic (c) Output (d) ROM (e) Input (Ans : b)

32. ………. is the most important/powerful computer in a typical network.
(a) Desktop (b) Network client (c) Network server (d) Network station (e) Network switch (Ans : c)

33. A(n) ………. appearing on a web page opens another document when clicked.
(a) anchor (b) URL (c) hyperlink (d) reference (e) heading (Ans : c)

34. Which of the following refers to the rectangular area for displaying information and running programs?
(a) Desktop (b) Dialog box (c) Menu (d) Window (e) Icon (Ans : d)

35. ………. is a Windows utility program that locates and eliminates unnecessary fragments and rearranges files and unused disk space to optimize operations.
(a) Backup (b) Disk Cleanup (c) Disk Defragmenter (d) Restore (e) Disk Restorer (Ans : c)

36. Which of the following refers to too much electricity and may cause a voltage surge?
(a) Anomaly (b) Shock (c) Spike (d) Virus (e) Splash (Ans : c)

37. The software that is used to create text-based documents are referred to as–
(a) DBMS (b) suites (c) spreadsheets (d) presentation software (e) word processors (Ans : e)

38. devices convert human-understandable data and programs into a form that the computer can process.
(a) Printing (b) Output (c) Solid state (d) Monitor (e) Input (Ans : e)

39. Effective Selling Skills depends on–
(a) Number of languages known to the DSA (b) 'Data on marketing staff (c) Information regarding IT market
(d) Knowledge of related markets (e) Ability to talk fast (Ans : d)

40. A Direct Selling Agent (DSA) is required to be adept in–
(a) Surrogate marketing (b) Training skills (c) Communication skills (d) Market Research (e) OTC Marketing (Ans : c)

41. Leads can be best sourced from–
(a) Foreign customers (b) Yellow pages (c) Dictionary (d) List of vendors (e) Local supply chains (Ans : e)

42. A successful marketing person requires one of the following qualities–
(a) Empathy (b) Sympathy (c) Insistence (d) Aggressiveness (e) Pride (Ans : a)

43. Innovation in marketing is same as–
(a) Abbreviation (b) Communication (c) Creativity (d) Aspiration (e) Research work (Ans : c)

44. Market segmentation can be resorted to by dividing the target group as per–
(a) Income levels of customers (b) Age of the employees (c) Needs of the sales persons
(d) Marketing skills of the employees (e) Size of the Organisation (Ans : a)

45. Post-sales activities include–
(a) Sales presentation (b) Customer Feedback (c) Customer identification (d) Customer apathy (e) Product design (Ans : b)

46. The 'USP' of a product denotes–
(a) Usefulness of the product (b) Drawbacks of a product (c) Main functions
(d) Number of allied products available (e) High selling features of a product (Ans : e)

47. The competitive position of a company can be improved by–
(a) increasing the selling price (b) reducing the margin (c) ignoring competitors
(d) increasing the cost price (e) understanding and fulfilling customers' needs (Ans : e)

48. Value added services means–
(a) Low Cost products (b) High cost products (c) At par services
(d) Additional services for the same cost (e) Giving discounts (Ans : d)

49. The target market for Debit Cards is–
(a) All existing account-holders (b) All agriculturists (c) All DSAs (d) All vendors (e) All outsourced agents. (Ans : a)

50. A good Brand can be built up by way of–
(a) Customer grievances (b) Break-down of IT support (c) Old age
(d) Large number of products (e) Consistent offering of good services (Ans : e)

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