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Nepal At a Glance –
Official Name :
Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal.
Capital : Kathmandu (3 districts) (pop. 2.2 million est.).
Location : In South Asia, bounded in the north by China (Tibet) and the east, south and west by India.
Area : 1,47,181 sq km (56,136 sq million).
Terrain : Flat and fertile in the southern Terai region; terraced cultivation and swiftly flowing mountain rivers in the central hills; and the high Himalayas in the north.
Climate : Ranging from subtropical in the south to temperate in the hills to arctic at high altitudes. Monsoon season from June to September, during which showers occur almost every day.
Time Zone : Nepal is 10 hours and 45 minutes ahead of Eastern Standard Time and does not observe daylight saving time.
Nationality : Nepali or Nepalese.
Population (2011 estimate) : 26,494,504
National Anthem : 'Sayaun thunga phoolka hami eutai mala Nepali' (From hundreds of flowers, we are one garland Nepali); words by Byakul Maila, tune by Ambar Gurung.
Ethnic Groups : Brahman, Chetri, Newar, Gurung, Magar, Tamang, Rai, Limbu, Sherpa Tharu, and others.
Religions (from 2001 census) : Hinduism (81%), Buddhism (9%), Islam (5%), and others (5%).
National Language : Nepali.
Currency : Nepalese Rupee (NPR)
Literacy : 57% (among youth age 15-24 : 85% male, 73% female).
Infant Mortality Rate (2008 estimate) : 41 deaths /1,000 live births.
Life Expectancy : 67 years.
Work Force : Agriculture 73•9%; non-agriculture 26•1%.
Type of Govt. : Representative democracy.
Constitution : Interim Constitution promulgated on January 15, 2007.
Legislature : The Constituent Assembly is a unicameral Parliament, consisting of 601 members.
Judiciary : Supreme Court, 16 appellate courts, 75 district courts.
Subdivisions : 5 development regions, 14 zones, and 75 districts.
Political Parties : United Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (UCPN-M), Nepali Congress (NC), Communist Party of Nepal- United Marxist Leninist (CPN-UML), Madhesi People's Rights Forum (MPRF); Madhesi People's Right Forum-Democratic (MPRF-D); Tarai Madhes Democratic Party (TMDP), Sadhbavana Party (SP), Rastriya Prajatantra Party (RPP).
Elections : Constituent Assembly election held on April 10, 2008.
Suffrage : Universal over 18
National Day : Republic Day, Jestha 15 (May 28); Democracy Day, Falgun 7 (mid-Feb.).
GDP (2015) : $1.921 trillion
Agriculture : 34% of GDP.
Cultivated Land : 25%.
Industry : 16% of GDP
Fiscal Year : July 16-July 15.
President : Bidhya Devi Bhandari
Prime Minister : Khadga Prasad Sharma Oli

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