SSC Stenographer Grade C&D Exam Question Paper 2014, 2012

Staff Selection Commission Stenographers (Grade 'C' and 'D') Examination 2014

General Awareness Solved Paper
1. Who was the first Indian to become the President of UN General Assembly?
(A) Natwar Singh (B) Krishna Menon (C) Ms. Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit (D) Ramesh Bhandari (Ans : C)

2. The confluence of rivers Bhagirathi and Alakanda is at–
(A) Rudra Prayag (B) Vishnu Prayag (C) Karn Prayag (D) Deo Prayag (Ans : D)

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3. Which State is called the 'agricultural epitome' of India ?
(A) Tamil Nadu (B) Madhya Pradesh (C) West Bengal (D) Uttar Pradesh (Ans : D)

4. Hydrogen Sulphide is–
(A) Yellowish gas with pungent odour. (B) Colourless gas with rotten egg smell.
(C) Reddish brown gas with fishy odour. (D) Colourless, odourless gas. (Ans : B)

5. The new RBI Governor is–
(A) Montek Singh Ahluwalia (B) Kaushik Basu (C) Arvind Mayararn (D) Raghuram Rajan (Ans : D)

6. Hydrophobia is–
(A) Like for water (B) Itch mite (C) Vomiting (D) Fear for water (Ans : D)

7. Find the incorrect pair–
(A) Sariska Sanctuary - Rajasthan (B) AnnamalaiSanctuary – Tamil Nadu
(C) Periyar Sanctuary - Andhra Pradesh (D) Bandipur Sanctuary - Karnataka (Ans : C)

8. Who appoints the Attorney-General of India ?
(A) President of India (B) Law Minister of the Union (C) Prime Minister of India (D) Chief Minister of India (Ans : A)

9. Point out from the following the first woman Speaker of Lok Sabha ?
(A) Sonia Gandhi (B) Sushma Swaraj (C) Margaret Alva (D) Meera Kumar (Ans : D)

10. Which boundary line separates India from Pakistan ?
(A) Radcliffe Line (B) 17th Parallel (C) Durand Line (D) McMahon Line (Ans : A)

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11. Any dispute in connection with the election of Vice-President of India–
(A) Should be referred to Election Commission (B) May be filed in the Supreme Court
(C) Must be filed in the Supreme Court (D) May be flied in the High Court (Ans : C)

12. Blue and White Revolutions are related to–
(A) Poultry and Dairying (B) Fisheries and Dairying (C) Fisheries and Agriculture (D) Fisheries and Edible oil (Ans : B)

13. Lake Lonar is situated in–
(A) Kerala (B) Maharashtra (C) Gujarat (D) Tamil Nadu (Ans : B)

14. The newly elected Chairman of 'Lalit Kala Academy' is–
(A) Pt. Bhim Sen (B) Rahul Chakrapani (C) K.K. Chakravorti (D) Vasudev Acharya (Ans : C)

15. The New Zealanders are also known as–
(A) Sams (B) Kiwis (C) Ashes (D) None of the above (Ans : B)

16. The largest source of pollution in the world is–
(A) Automobile exhausts (B) Herbicides and pesticides (C) Industrial affluents (D) Sewage and garbage (Ans : C)

17. Among the following liquids which one evaporates faster ?
(A) Water (B) Alcohol (C) Petrol (C) Kerosene (Ans : C)

18. Wheat harvesting is an example of–
(A) Gravity separation (B) Chromatographic separation (C) Fractional distillation (D) Extraction (Ans : A)

19. A perfect market situation exists when–
(A) There are large number of buyers and sellers. (B) There are large number of firms and small number of buyers.
(C) There are small number of firms in an industry. (D) The firms are not independent of each other. (Ans : D)

20. The only organisation concerned with children's welfare all over the world is–

21. Who is the author of 'Das Capital' ?
(A) Dostoevsky (B) Maxim Gorki (C) Lenin (D) Karl Marx (Ans : D)

22. Expand 'RAM' of computer memory–
(A) Random Access Memory (B) Random Average Memory (C) Read Access Memory (D) Read After Memory (Ans : A)

23. Sir C.V. Raman was awarded Nobel Prize for his experiment on–
(A) deflection of light (B) scattering of light (C) dispersion of light (D) reflection of light (Ans : B)

24. Which of the following pairs is not correct ?
(A) Holkar Trophy - Tennis (B) Hero Honda Indian Open - Golf
(C) Deodhar Trophy - Cricket (D) Subroto Cup - Football (Ans : A)

25. Which of the following makes the major contribution to the revenue of Indian Railways ?
(A) Goods traffic earnings (B) Sundry earnings (C) Passenger earnings (D) Coaching earnings (Ans : A)

26. Breathing roots are seen in–
(A) Halophytes (B) Epiphytes (C) Hydrophytes (D) Xerophytes (Ans : A)

27. Which of the following is not a member of G-20 ?
(A) Bangladesh (B) India (C) Saudi Arabia (D) European Central Bank (Ans : A)

28. Which layer of atmosphere enables us to have wireless communication ?
(A) Stratosphere (B) Thermosphere (C) Mesosphere (D) Troposphere (Ans : B)

29. The gas used in balloons is–
(A) Oxygen (B) Carbon dioxide (C) Helium (D) Hydrogen (Ans : C)

30. Who defeated the Kings XI Punjab in the final of the IPL-7 played on June 1, 2014 ?
(A) Chennai Super Kings (B) Delhi Dare Devils (C) Kolkata Knight Riders (D) Sun Risers Hyderabad (Ans : C)

31. Who among the following is not related with 1857 Mutiny?
(A) Mangal Pandey (B) Chandrashekhar Azaad (C) Rani Lakshmibai (D) Nana Saheb (Ans : B)

32. In which of the following medium sound travels faster ?
(A) Iron bar (B) Steam (C) Water (D) Carbon dioxide (Ans : A)

33. Which of the following is a non-biodegradable pollutant ?
(A) Fruits (B) Plastic (C) Mud (D) Leaves (Ans : B)

34. The Mangrove forests of the Ganges Delta are known as–
(A) Sundarbans (B) Evergreen forests (C) Scrub vegetation (D) Monsoon forests (Ans : A)

35. Who built Fatehpur Sikri ?
(A) Shershah (B) Shah Jahan (C) Babur (D) Akbar (Ans : D)

36. Which of the following is an example of joint sector enterprises in India?
(A) Bharath Aluminium Ltd. (B) Maruti Udyog Ltd. (C) Indian Oil Corporation (D) Hindustan Antibiotics (Ans : B)

37. Who is the author of the book 'Lajja' ?
A) Tasleema Nasreen (B) Shakti Mazumdar (C) Kiran Bedi (D) Anuradha Rai (Ans : A)

38. The transmission of data from a local computer to remote computer is called–
(A) Installation (B) Configuration (C) Download (D) Upload (Ans : D)

39. How many ventricles are there in human brain ?
(A) 4 (B) 5 (C) 2 (D) 3 (Ans : A)

40. Fructose is called–
(A) Fruit sugar (B) Cane sugar (C) Grape sugar (D) Beet sugar (Ans : A)

41. Oxygen is a–
(A) Supporter of combustion (B) Constituent of all gases (C) Combustible gas (D) Reducing agent (Ans : A)

42. The so called 'Black Hole' tragedy refers to–
(A) Alleged imprisonment of 123 Englishmen in a small room resulting in death of most of them.
(B) Confinement of English Prisoners in a Palace.
(C) Imprisoning the English women and children in room without any window.
(D) Covering the heads of English Prisoners with black masks. (Ans : A)

43. Spot the odd one from the following–
(A) Kalapakkam (B) Narora (C) Tarapur (D) Trombay (Ans : D)

44. Circulatory system of starfish is called–
(A) Water vascular system (B) Haemal system (C) Canal system (D) Gastrovascular system (Ans : A)

45. Identify the odd one among the following–
(A) SJSRJ : Swarn Jayanti Shahari Rojgar Yojna (B) NOAPS : National Old Age Pension Scheme
(C) NREGS : National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (D) SGSY : Swarnajayanti Gram Swarojgar Yojna (Ans : B)

46. The study of the relation of animals and plants to their surroundings is called–
(A) Geneology (B) Iconology (C) Ecology (D) Ethnology (Ans : C)

47. Which of the following is not a unit of energy ?
(A) N-m (B) Joule (C) W-s (D) Kg-m/s (Ans : D)

48. Which European statesman was called the "Iron Chancellor" ?
(A) Moltke (B) Otto Von Bismarck (C) Metternich (D) William I (Ans : B)

49. The human body gets most of its energy, from plant foods, in the form of–
(A) Minerals (B) Vitamins (C) Carbohydrates (D) Proteins (Ans : C)

50. Who was the Constitutional Advisor to the Constituent Assembly at the time of framing the Indian Constitution ?
(A) Dr. Rajendra Prasad (B) B.N. Rau (C) Dr. B.R. Ambedkar (D) Jawaharlal Nehru (Ans : B)

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