RRB Assistant Station Master {ASM} Solved Question Paper

The RRB Chandigarh Assistant Station Master {ASM} Exam was conducted on 21 March. The solved question paper provided here covers all segments namely General Awareness, General Intelligence, Arithmetic etc. solve the questions now and be better prepared for Railway Recruitment Board and Railway Recruitment Control Board.

General Awareness Questions

1. The governor of a state in India is responsible to–
(a) State Assembly (b) Lok Sabha (c) Prime Minister (d) President (Ans : d)

2. The first woman to climb on Mount Everest was–
(a) Dikki Dolma (b) Bachendri Pal (c) Junko Tabei (d) Santosh Yadav (Ans : c)

3. Which foreigner was given 'Bharat Ratna' in 1990?
(a) Nelson Mandela (b) Gorbachev (c) Margaret Thatcher (d) Bill Clinton (Ans : a)

4. The year 1998 was declared. which International year ?
(a) Deprieved children (b) Handicapped (c) Sports (d) Ocean (Ans : d)

5. Which among the following states in India has the lowest literacy rate among women?
(a) Tamil Nadu (b) Rajasthan (c) Gujarat (d) Bihar (Ans : d)

6. What is the currency of Saudi Arabia?
(a) Dinar (b) Dollar (c) Rial (d) Rupiah (Ans : c)

7. Which river forms its delta in Odisha?
(a) Mahanadi (b) Godavari (c) Narmada (d) Tapti (Ans : a)

8. Which town amongst the following is not the capital of any country?
(a) The Hague (b) Mexico (c) London (d) New York (Ans : d)

9. Amongst the following colours, which has the maximum wave-length?
(a) Yellow (b) Blue (c) Red (d) Green (Ans : c)

10. Which amongst the following is used to focus the ray of the sun?
(a) Ordinary glass (b) Convex glass (c) Convex lens (d) Concave glass (Ans : c)

11. Where was the third Centennary of Khalsa held?
(a) Anandpur Sahib (b) Amritsar (c) Chandigarh (d) Damdama Sahib (Ans : a)

12. According to 1991 census how many females were there per 1000 males ?
(a) 972 (b) 950 (c) 929 (d) 919 (Ans : c)

13. Which amongst the following is called the eternal city of the world?
(a) Athens (b) Berlin (c) Cairo (d) Rome (Ans : d)

14. Which amongst the following crop needs the maximum rain ?
(a) Sugar cane (b) Barley (c) Maize (d) Wheat (Ans : a)

15. Where is the National Defence Academy located?
(a) Dehradoon (b) Kharakwasla (c) Kirkee (d) Chennai (Ans : b)

16. Where is the Centre of Advanced Study established in 1965 located in India ?
(a) Chandigarh (b) New Delhi (c) Chennai (d) Shimla (Ans : d)

17. In which state in India teak wood is found in large quantities?
(a) Rajasthan (b) Assam (c) Madhya Pradesh (d) Bihar (Ans : c)

18. The first T.V. station was established in Delhi. Where was the second T.V. Station established in 1972?
(a) Mumbai (b) Chennai (c) Kolkata (d) Lucknow (Ans : a)

19. Which Industry amongst the following is more labour intensive?
(a) Iron and Steel (b) Cloth Industry (c) Petroleum (d) Automobile (Ans : b)

20. Who founded Khalsa?
(a) Guru Nanak (b) Maharaja Ranjit Singh (c) Guru Hargobind (d) Guru Gobind Singh (Ans : d)

21. Due to the deficiency of which of the following, blood-deficiency is found amongst males?
(a) Folic Acid (b) Vitamin A (c) Vitamin B-12 (d) None of these (Ans : c)

22. Which amongst the following cars is the latest model to be launched by the TATA company?
(a) Cielo (b) Sierra (c) Indica (d) Uno (Ans : c)

23. Which amongst the following states is famous for its beautiful sea beach and is a centre for tourist attraction?
(a) Gujarat (b) Goa (c) Tamil nadu (d) West Bengal (Ans : b)

24. Which city was the capital of Maharaja Ranjit Singh's Kingdom?
(a) Lahore (b) Amritsar (c) Ludhiana (d) Jammu (Ans : a)