Railway General Knowledge Test Questions and Answers

Indian Railways General Knowledge Test Questions and Answers are useful for all Railway exams and other competitive exams.
1. When was the Indian railways get started?
(a) 16 April, 1853 (b) 17 June, 1854 (c) 11 May, 1853 (d) 10 February, 1854 See Answer:

2. How many Railways stations are there in our country ?
(a) 6843 (b) 7422 (c) 6833 (d) 7833 See Answer:

3. When was the first electric engine started?
(a) 1862 (b) 1855 (c) 1912 (d) 1925 See Answer:

4. Who invented the steam engine?
(a) George stephensen (b) Jesap (c) Newton (d) Williams See Answer:

5. Who is named "Pitamah" in the history of railway?
(a) George stephensen (b) Newton (c) Williams (d) Jesap See Answer:

6. What was the name of worlds first railway engine?
(a) Steam engine (b) Engine (c) Locomotive (d) Locomotion See Answer:

7. On the basis of what railway had to be driven ?
(a) Engine (b) Human being (c) Horses (d) Pony See Answer:

8. In which year the efforts were made to introduce railways?
(a) 1840 (b) 1839 (c) 1844 (d) 1846 See Answer:

9. From which place was the first railway line started?
(a) Bijnor to Vardhaman (b) Vardhaman to Calcutta (c) Calcutta to Bijnor (d) Vardhaman to Bijnor See Answer:

10. The first Indian Railway was named as–
(a) G.I.P. (b) I.R.R. (c) G.I.R. (d) Inland railways See Answer:

11. The control of railway construction was under–
(a) Government (b) Non-Government (c) Semi-Government (d) Private Company See Answer:

12. In which year the first locomotive came into force?
(a) 1851 (b) 1857 (c) 1852 (d) 1855 See Answer:

13. When was the I.I.R train first started?
(a) 1859 (b) 1854 (c) 1857 (d) 1853 See Answer:

14. When did the railway track for Jaulie to Kalyan get ready?
(a) 1853 (b) 1859 (c) 1854 (d) 1856 See Answer:

15. When was the first railway started between Howrah and Hugli?
(a) 15 Aug. 1854 (b) 26 Jan. 1854 (c) 27 May, 1854 (d) 16 April, 1854 See Answer:

16. In which year the Sabarmati railway line was made?
(a) 1870 (b) 1871 (c) 1869 (d) 1865 See Answer:

17. When did the railway line from Balsar to Baroda get start ?
(a) 1858 (b) 1860 (c) 1856 (d) 1861 See Answer:

18. In which year the Surat broad line get started?
(a) 1853 (b) 1855 (c) 1856 (d) 1858 See Answer:

19. Who was the surveyor of Born-bay-Agra rail line ?
(a) B.B.C.I. (b) Western Railway (c) Northern Railway (d) Southern Railway See Answer:

20. Surat-Bharonch line was start- ed in–
(a) 1853 (b) 1855 (c) 1856 (d) 1858 See Answer:

21. When was the Balsar-Baroda rail route completed?
(a) 1858 (b) 1860 (c) 1856 (d) 1861 See Answer:

22. When did the famine commission repeat the importance of railway?
(a) 1875 (b) 1880 (c) 1877 (d) 1879 See Answer:

23. When did the Afghan war held?
(a) 1880 (b) 1875 (c) 1873 (d) 1878 See Answer:

24. Which type of rail was fixed in the government policy?
(a) Private rails (b) Commercial rails (c) Rails for the military importance (d) Rails for the general transport See Answer:

25. Which company made the first rail engine in India?
(a) G.I.P. (b) B.B.C.I, (c) E.R.R. (d) East India Company See Answer:

26. Manufacturing work of the first locomotive engine was started at–
(a) Thane (b) Boribandar (c) Bhaikhala (d) Jamalpur See Answer:

27. Manufacturing of locomotive engine was started in–
(a) 1865 (b) 1867 (c) 1870 (d) 1873 See Answer:

28. What was the main feature of Kalka-Shimla rail route?
(a) Vast length of rail line (b) Hilly Scene (c) Spiral turning (d) 103 small-big tunnels See Answer:

29. When was the Mettapalayam-Ooty rail route completed?
(a) 1900 (b) 1902 (c) 1906 (d) 1908 See Answer:

30. How many gauge is Neral-Matheran rail route?
(a) 1.5 feet (b) 2 feet (c) 3 feet (d) 5 feet See Answer:

31. The first electric train was run in Bombay between–
(a) Victoria terminus - Kurla (b) Kurla - Boribandar (c) Victoria terminus - Bandra (d) Kurla - Thane See Answer:

32. When was electric train started on Boriwilly ?
(a) 1925 (b) 1926 (c) 1927 (d) 1928 See Answer:

33. What was the name of first Indian Delux train?
(a) Himalayan Queen (b) Fairy Queen (c) Deccan Queen (d) Victoria Queen See Answer:

34. How many rail systems were available in India upto 1948?
(a) 40 (b) 41 (c) 42 (d) 43 See Answer:

35. How many rail system were under the government?
(a) 15 (b) 10 (c) 14 (d) 15 See Answer:

36. The total rail system was divided into how many zones?
(a) 10 (b) 8 (c) 6 (d) 5 See Answer:

37. When was research and development unit established?
(a) 1902 (b) 1903 (c) 1904 (d) 1909 See Answer:

38. When was Integral coach factory, Madras established?
(a) 1950 (b) 1952 (c) 1955 (d) 1965 See Answer:

39. When was Railway Testing and Research centre started?
(a) 1952 (b) 1958 (c) 1968 (d) 1998 See Answer:

40. Where was diesel locomotive factory established?
(a) Lucknow (b) Chittaranjan (c) Varanasi (d) Madras See Answer:

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