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Himachal Pradesh Combined Management Aptitude Test 2015
(Conducted by Institute of Management Studies, Shimla)

1. Numismatics is the study of–
(A) stamps (B) numbers (C) coins (D) nerves (Ans : C)

2. Which of the following countries has controversially legalised child labour for kids below age 10 ?
(A) Bolivia (B) Chile (C) Venezuela (D) Argentina (Ans : A)

3. Bunker is the term associated with which of the following games ?
(A) Baseball (B) Golf (C) Shooting (D) Horse riding (Ans : B)

4. Who is called as "the father of the IBM personal computers" ?
(A) H. Edward Robert (B) William C. Lowe (C) Bill Gates (D) Chuck Peddle (Ans : B)

5. Below is the logo of the very famous social networking service company. Identify the company.

(A) Pinterest (B) Instagram (C) Myspace (D) Tumblr (Ans : C)

6. In 1962 which African country gained its independence after the signing of the Evian accords with Ben Bella as its first President ?
(A) Algeria (B) Congo (C) Kenya (D) Angola (Ans : A)

7. Panthera leo is the scientific name for–
(A) lion (B) tiger (C) leopard (D) cheetah (Ans : A)

8. Which of the following gas is used in cigarette lighters?
(A) Butane (B) Propane (C) Ethane (D) Radon (Ans : C)

9. Which of the following is NOT one of the three R's of environmental conservation/waste management?
(A) Recycle (B) Regenerate (C) Reduce (D) Reuse (Ans : B)

10. Name the Indian business group associated with south-based programme sometimes with the other.
1. Corona 2. ACC Ltd. 3. HAL
(A) Mafatlal (B) Bombay Dyeing (C) Reliance (D) Khatau (Ans : C)

11. Which of the following Football players appears in the television programme?
(A) Christiano Ronaldo (B) Andres Iniesta (C) Lionel Messi (D) Xavi Hermandez Creus (Ans : A)

12. In March 2014, Russia annexed Crimea which is a region in Ukraine, Russia shares its border with Crimea in the.
(A) South (B) North (C) West (D) East (Ans : A)

13. Which one of the following solutions is used to test the pH of a given sample ?
(A) Blue litmus solution (B) Universal indicator solution (C) Phosphorus solution (D) Sulphuric solution (Ans : A)

14. The Amazon rainforest includes territory belonging part of the rainforest?
(A) Ecuador (B) Venezuela (C) Argentina (D) Bolivia

15. According to………. mythology, Thor is a Hammer Wielding God (as shown in the image below associated with thunder, lightning, storms.

(A) Greek (B) Egyptians (C) Inca (D) Norse (Ans : D)

16. Which country is located in South Pacific Ocean and is recognised as the world's smallest island nation?
(A) Guam (B) Tahiti (C) Nauru (D) Kiribati (Ans : C)

17. Who was recently appointed as the 14th Attorney General for India by parliamentary constitution ?
(A) G. E Vahanvati (B) Milon K. Banerji (C) Soli Sorabjee (D) Mukul Rohatagi (Ans : D)

18. Air pollution caused by burning petroleum fuels (like petrol and diesel) in vehicles can be controlled by fitting which one of the following devices in exhaust system of the vehicles ?
(A) catalytic converter (B) electrostatic precipitator (C) ignition controller (D) electrostatic valve (Ans : A)

19. What is the average lifespan of a red blood cell in the normal human body?
(A) two weeks (B) two months (C) four weeks (D) four months (Ans : D)

20. Abraham is considered to be the founder of–
(A) Judaism (B) Islam (C) Lutheranism (D) Catholicism (Ans : A)

21. After Telangana was formed on June 2, 2014, the new state of Seemandhra no longer shares its border with which State ?
(A) Tamil Nadu (B) Odisha (C) Karnataka (D) Maharashtra (Ans : D)

22. In which culture, number four is considered as taboo ?
(A) Japan (B) Thailand (C) Nepal (D) China (Ans : D)

23. The river Mahanadi originates from which of the following States ?
(A) Jharkhand (B) Odisha (C) Chhattisgarh (D) Madhya Pradesh (Ans : C)

24. The Forward Market Commission (FMC) is the chief regulator of–
(A) Stock market (B) Money market (C) Bond market (D) Commodity market (Ans : D)

25. An experiment initiated in 1927 by the University of Queensland first Physics Professor Thomes Parnell holds Guinness world record for longest running experiment. It came in news in April this year. What is/was it about?
(A) It is a quantum physics experiment for observing the space dust.
(B) The experiment proves that super conductivity is most permanent, the mercury ring held at –45. 0 degree Fahrenheit finally lost all its current in April this year.
(C) It was an experiment to listen to the Alien signals which was shut down in April this year.
(D) The experiment proves that the pitch or bitumen flows like a liquid at room temperature, its drop from a funnel was recorded for the first time in April this year. (Ans : D)

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