General Awareness Quiz for IBPS Clerk 2016

Institute Of Banking Personnel Selection (IBPS) Common Written Examination (CWE) Bank Clerical Cadre

1. The headquarters of the "United Nations Environment Programme" (UNEP) are situated in–
(A) New York City, USA (B) Washington DC, USA (C) Geneva, Switzerland
(D) Nairobi, Kenya (E) Vienna, Australia (Ans : D)

2. The 2016 European Football Championship Euro 2016" is scheduled to take place from June 10 to July 2016 in–
(A) Italy (B) Scotland (C) France (D) Denmark (E) Germany (Ans : C)

3. The book 'Letters from a Nation from Jawaharlal Nehru to his Chief Ministers 1947-1963' edited by Madhav Khosla has recently been published by–
(A) Pavilion Books (B) Pathfinder Press (C) Penguin Books (D) Prentice Hall (E) Pan McMillan (Ans : C)

4. Cibil Transunion score ranges from……… to.
(A) 100, 300 (B) 300, 500 (C) 300, 900 (D) 250, 750 (E) 100, 900 (Ans : C)

5. The first man to be appointed as the Goodwill Ambassador for South Asian for UN Women's newly launched- 'He For She' initiative is–
(A) Aamir Khan (B) Sourav Ganguly (C) Sachin Tendulkar (D) Farhan Akhtar (E) Virat Kohli (Ans : D)

6. Which of the following institutes has introduced RuPay Debit Card?

7. The National Capital of Republic of Iraq is–
(A) Medina (B) Al Bahah (C) Baghdad (D) Jeddah (E) Tehran (Ans : C)

8. As per the press report what is the deadline for exchange of pre 2005 notes?
(A) 15-12-2014 (B) 30-11-2014 (C) 01-01-2015 (D) 31-03-2015 (E) 30-12-2014 (Ans : C)

9. With a view to scaling up bilateral Research and innovation relationship ‘A Newton Bhabha Fund has recently been established by India and–
(A) United States of America (B) United Kingdom (UK) (C) France (D) Scotland (E) Ireland (Ans : B)

10. The Constituent member of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), the National Chemical Laboratory (NCL) is situated at–
(A) NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh (B) Hyderabad, Telangana (C) Pune, Maharashtra
(D) Hissar, Haryana (E) Ludhiana, Punjab (Ans : C)

11. The Currency of the 'Kingdom of Saudi Arabia' (KSA) is–
(A) Saudi Rupee (SAR) (B) Saudi Real (SAR) (C) Saudi Rupiah (SAR)
(D) Saudi Rubir (SAR) (E) Saudi Riyal (SAR) (Ans : E)

12. In Banking, IFSC code stands for–
(A) International Forex System Code (B) Other than those given as options
(C) Indian Function System Code (D) Indian Financial System Code
(E) International Format System Code (Ans : D)

13. 'Veenapani Chawla' who died recently at the age of 67 was an acclaimed–
(A) Classical Dancer (B) Theatre Personality (C) Hindi Poet and Lyricist
(D) Scientist (E) Sportsperson (Ans : B)

14. The 45th International Film Festival of India (IFFI) was recently held at–
(A) New Delhi (B) Bengaluru (C) Goa (D) Pune (E) Lucknow (Ans : C)

15. Which of the following Authorities issues IEC code to enable an entity to undertake export/import business in our country?
(A) Finance Ministry (B) DGFT (C) RBI (D) SEBI (E) No such code is necessary hence anyone can undertake import/ export business (Ans : B)

16. Which of the following is the main objective of the Govt. in introducing the Jan Dhan Yojana?
(A) To provide minimum one account for every household (B) To ensure that banks in India gets more deposits
(C) Other than those given as options (D) To increase the number of savings bank accounts in public sector banks
(E) To increase the vote bank (Ans : A)

17. The 'World Aids Day' is observed across the world every year on–
(A) 1st April (B) 8th June (C) 8th August (D) 1st December (E) 9th December (Ans : D)

18. Which of the following issue Commercial Paper?
(A) Other than those given as options (B) High net worth individuals (C) Banks (D) RBI (E) Corporates (Ans : E)

19. Dronacharya Award is an Award presented by the Government of India for Excellence in–
(A) Primary Education (B) Adult Literacy (C) Sports Coaching (D) Educational Research (E) College Education (Ans : C)

20. As per a resolution of the United Nations the World observes November 19 every year as the–
(A) World Radio Day (B) World Health Day (C) World Water Day (D) World Toilet Day (E) World Happiness Day (Ans : D)

21. The winner of the men's Kabaddi Gold in the 17th Asian Games is–
(A) India (B) Pakistan (C) Japan (D) Iran (E) South Korea (Ans : A)

22. In spite of the differences with the States, policy-makers believe that 'GST' can be in force by its deadline of April 1, 2016. The abbreviation 'GST stands for–
(A) General Sales Tax (B) Goods and Service Tax (C) Global Sales Tax
(D) Government Sales Tax (E) General Service Tax (Ans : B)

23. The 'Magnetic Hills' or the so-called 'Gravity Hills' are located near–
(A) Leh in Ladakh (B) Itanagar in Arunachal Pradesh (C) Gangtok in Sikkim
(D) Panaji in Goa (E) Kannur in Kerala (Ans : A)

24. Which of the following Indian states has become the first state in the country where voting in local body polls has been made mandatory?
(A) Haryana (B) Maharashtra (C) Gujarat (D) Telangana (E) Tamil Nadu (Ans : C)

25. PSLV is an expandable launch system developed and operated by ISRO to launch its 'IRS' satellites. The abbreviation 'IRS' stands for–
(A) Indian Remote Shadow (B) Indian Research Science (C) Indian Remote Surveillance
(D) Indian Remote Sensing (E) Indian Remote Supervision (Ans : D)

26. What is the lock-in-period for a tax-saver fixed deposit in a bank ?
(A) 2 and half years (B) 3 years (C) 2 years (D) 5 years (E) There is no lock-in-period (Ans : D)

27. Which of the following former Indian cricket captains is associated with the upliftment of poor and destitute communicates through the Khushi Society?
(A) Rahul Dravid (B) Sunil Gavaskar (C) Sachin Tendulkar (D) Sourav Ganguly (E) Kapil Dev (Ans : E)

28. The STAR Sports Vijay Trophy is associated with the game of–
(A) Hockey (B) Cricket (C) Golf (D) Tennis (E) Basketball (Ans : B)

29. China's 14-year old 'Yan Bangtao' recently became the youngest player to win a World Title. 'Yan Bangtao' is associated with the game of–
(A) Chess (B) Boxing (C) Archery (D) Snooker (E) Lawn Tennis (Ans : D)

30. Held every year in the month of December the 'Hornbill Festival' is the premier festival of the Indian State of–
(A) Sikkim (B) Meghalaya (C) Goa (D) Tripura (E) Nagaland (Ans : E)

31. In Bank group-wise classification, IDBI Bank Ltd. has been included in which among the following?
(A) Private sector banks (B) Foreign banks (C) Investment banks
(D) Other than those given as options (E) Public sector banks (Ans : E)

32. The 2014 Sweriges Raksbank Prize in economic sciences in memory of Alfred Nobel has been awarded to–
(A) Jean Tirole of France (B) Hiroshi Amano of Japan (C) Isamu Alaski of Japan
(D) Patrick Moniamo of France (E) Norwegian May-Bratt and Edward Moser (Ans : A)

33. 'What is the percentage of share holding of the concerned State Govt. in Regional Rural Bank ?
(A) 100% (B) 15% (C) 50% (D) 35% (E) 75% (Ans : B)

34. In Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) what is the extent of liability of a partner?
(A) Liability of Partners is jointly and several (B) Other than those given as options
(C) Each partner is fully liable (D) Limited to the extent of his share holding
(E) Each partner is liable not only to the extent of his share but also to the share of other partners in case of any shortfall (Ans : D)

35. The 2014 Urban Mobility India (UMI) conference was recently held in–
(A) Bengaluru (B) Navi Mumbai (C) Ahmedabad (D) New Delhi (E) Chandigarh (Ans : D)

36. Many times we read about SEZ in Newspapers/Magazines. What is the full form of SEZ ?
(A) Socio Economic Zone (B) Special Economic Zone (C) Small Economic Zone
(D) Special Enforcement Zone (E) Service and Economic Zone (Ans : B)

37. What is the capital of Iraq?
(A) Baghdad (B) Turkey (C) Istanbul (D) Kirkuk (E) Zakho (Ans : A)

38. What is the full form of PDA?
(A) Personal Digital Assistant (B) Personal Digital Assist (C) Professional Digital Assist
(D) Professional Digital Association (E) Personal Digital Assessment (Ans : A)

39. Gilt-edged market means–
(A) bullion market (B) market of government securities (C) market of guns
(D) market of pure metals (E) market of finance (Ans : B)

40. 'Cinepolis' which has a presence of 110 screens in India is reported to have acquired the chain fun cinemas of the essel group (93 screens). 'Cinepolis' is a–
(A) Chinese Multiplex Chain (B) Indian Multiplex Chain (C) Russian Multiplex Chain
(D) French Multiplex Chain (E) Mexican Multiplex Chain (Ans : E)

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