KBC Season 8 Questions and Answers : September 16

Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 8 Questions and Answers
(Episode 18 – 16 September, 2014)

1. Raslila dance is associated with which god? (Rs. 10000)
(A) Lord Indra (B) Lord Shiva (C) Lord Ganesha (D) Lord Krishna
(Ans : Lord Krishna)

2. Other than a brief span of a few weeks, what sort of broadcast would you expect to see in Sony Max? (Rs. 20000)
(A) Live Formula One (B) Movies (C) Live News (D) Wildlife
(Ans : Movies)

3. The illusion of seeing which of these is called a mirage? (Rs. 40000)
(A) Solar Eclipse (B) Rainbow (C) Water (D) Thunderstorms
(Ans : Water)

4. Gir, Hariyana and Sahiwal are breeds of which animal? (Rs. 80000)
(A) Goats (B) Elephants (C) Camels (D) Cows
(Ans : Cows)

5. Which of these rulers was the founder of a dynasty that ruled parts of India? (Rs. 1,60,000)
(A) Bahlul Lodi (B) Ashoka (C) Akbar (D) Rana Pratap
(Ans : Bahlul Lodi)

6. Which of the following cities gets its name from a temple located in its vicinity? (Rs. 3,20,000)
(A) Raipur (B) Cuttack (C) Chandigarh (D) Jaipur
(Ans : Chandigarh)

7. Which of these comic strips appeared for the first time in a Hindi magazine Lotpot in 1971? (Rs. 6,40,000)
(A) Daabu (B) Chacha Chaudhry (C) Billoo (D) Srimatiji
(Ans : Chacha Chaudhry)

8. Who is the first cricketer to play 100 matches in the IPL? (Rs. 12,50,000)
(A) Suresh Raina (B) M S Dhoni (C) Rohit Sharma (D) Yusuf Pathan
(Ans : Suresh Raina)

9. Which month in the Indian calender features an extra day on a leap year? (Rs. 25,00,000)
(A) Chaitra (B) Jaishthya (C) Baishakh (D) phulgun
(Ans : Chaitra)

10. In the year 2014,which Lok Sabha constituency had 11 candidates all with the first name Chandu and surname Saahu? (Rs. 50,00,000)
(A) Bilaspur (B) Mahasamund (C) Korba (D) Rajnandgaon
(Ans : Mahasamund)

11. In what posture would one be standing if it is said, Woh natmastak hai? (Rs. 5000)
(A) Aankh Matkakar (B) Sir Jhukakar (C) Kamar Hilakar (D) Thumka Lagakar
(Ans : Sir Jhukakar)

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