Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot Question - KBC8 Question Answers

KBC Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot Question Answers
1. Which superstar lives in a bungalow named “Mannat” in Mumbai?
(A) Abhishek Bachhan (B) Salman Khan (C) Aamir Khan (D) Shah Rukh Khan
(Ans : Shah Rukh Khan)

2. Which of these words is also a part of the name of an Union Territory of India?
(A) Chaupal (B) Mahal (C) Chabutara (D) Haveli
(Ans : Haveli)

3. In which of these games can a player be offside?
(A) Tennis (B) Billiards (C) Golf (D) Football
(Ans : Football)

4. Which of these characters from Ramayana was a bird?
(A) Jatayu (B) Vali (C) Sugreeva (D) Jambavanta
(Ans : Jatayu)

5. which of the following is not a social networking website?
(A) Twitter (B) Facebook (C) Google+ (D) Wikipedia
(Ans : Wikipedia)

6. How many different kinds of zodiac signs are there in Astrology?
(A) 8 (B) 10 (C) 12 (D) 14
(Ans : 12)

7. which of these is essential to keep bones strong in the body?
(A) Calcium (B) Iodine (C) Zinc (D) Fats
(Ans : Calcium)

8. Which of these major ports is on the west coast of India?
(A) Paradip (B) Haldia (C) Mangalore (D) Nagappattinam
(Ans : Mangalore)
9. Which of these religious festivals is not celebrated annually?
(A) Ganesh Chaturthi (B) Maha Kumbh (C) Dussehra (D) Maha Shivratri
(Ans : Maha Kumbh)

10. Which of these terms does not mean night?
(A) Nisha (B) Rajani (C) Meena (D) Rain
(Ans : Rain)

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11. In mythology who was the wife of Kamdeva?
(A) Rati (B) Menaka (C) Sandhya (D) Chhaya
(Ans : Rati)
12. The playing area of which of these sports has a net dividing it in the centre?
(A) Squash (B) Basketball (C) Rugby (D) Volleyball
(Ans : Volleyball)

13. Which of these Union Territories has the same name as that of its capital?
(A) Lakshwadeep (B) Dadra and Nagar Haveli (C) Andaman and Nicobar Islands (D) Chandigarh
(Ans : Chandigarh)

14. Filmy Character “Arun Verma ” played by Anil Kapoor, fight with villains with which name ?
(A) Nayak (B) Mr. Aazad (C) Mr. India (D) Jamai Raja
(Ans : Mr. India)

15. Which of these animals would you usually see in a picture of Shiva?
(A) Eagle (B) Snake (C) Lion (D) Tortoise
(Ans : Snake)

16. Which of these colour belts indicates the highest level of proficiency in Karate?
(A) Red (B) Green (C) Yellow (D) Black
(Ans : Black)

17. Which of these people has served as both chief minister and governor?
(A) Kamla Beniwal (B) Sheila Dixit (C) Margaret Alva (D) Uma Bharti
(Ans : Sheila Dixit)

18. Which of these cities is not the capital of any state in India?
(A) Guwahati (B) Shillong (C) Raipur (D) Ranchi
(Ans : Guwahati)

19. Which is the longest westward flowing river of India?
(A) Godavari (B) Narmada (C) Tapti (D) Mahi
(Ans : Narmada)
20. Which one of these animals moves from one place to another by hopping?
(A) Hippopotamus (B) Rhinoceros (C) Kangaroo (D) Elephant
(Ans : Kangaroo)

21. In ‘Sholay’, whom did Gabbar ask “Kitna inaam rakhi hai sarkaar hum par” ?
(A) Samba (B) Veeru (C) Kaalia (D) Thakur
(Ans : Samba)

22. Which of these cartoon is known by his distinctive white moustache and red turban?
(A) Shikari Shambhu (B) Sabu (C) The Common Man (D) Chacha Chaudhary
(Ans : Chacha Chaudhary)

23. Asian and African are the two species of which of these animals?
(A) Elephant (B) Horse (C) Tiger (D) Zebra
(Ans : Elephant)

24. In which of the mathematical tables do the numbers 8,16 and 20 appear?
(A) Three (B) Four (C) Five (D) Six
(Ans : Four)

25. Where did the Aam Aadmi Party form its first government in Dec 2013 ?
(A) Haryana (B) Himachal Pradesh (C) Punjab (D) Delhi
(Ans : Delhi)

26. By Which name was India’s first prime minister also known?
(A) Mahatmaji (B) Sardarji (C) Rajaji (D) Panditji
(Ans : Panditji)

27. Which Mughal emperor was the grandson of Jahangir?
(A) Shah Jahan (B) Aurangzeb (C) Shah Alam (D) Bahadur Shah
(Ans : Aurangzeb)

28. Which of these is also known as ‘Chiniya Badam’?
(A) Almond (B) Peanut (C) Walnut (D) Sweet potato
(Ans : Peanut)

30. Which of these actors has not played the role of ‘Devdas’ in a Hindi film?
(A) Dilip Kumar (B) Shah Rukh Khan (C) Dev Anand (D) K L Saigal
(Ans : Dev Anand)

31. Which of these cities is also known as ‘Baba Vishvananth ki Nagri’?
(A) Pushkar (B) Mathura (C) Varanasi (D) Ayodhya

32. Which of these phrases has a reference to war?
(A) Mahabharata Machana (B) Purana Padhna (C) Upanishad Uthana (D) Ramayana Rachna
(Ans : Mahabharata Machana)

33. What is the actual name of the character played by Kangana in the film ‘Queen’?
(A) Queen (B) Rani (C) Princess (D) Begum
(Ans : Rani)

34. Which of these floats on water ?
(A) Salt (B) Ink (C) Oil (D) Milk
(Ans : Oil)

35. In a game of cricket, which one of these following is likely to employ the ‘reverse swing’ technique in his craft?
(A) Batsman (B) Bowler (C) Wicket keeper (D) Umpire
(Ans : Bowler)

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