Antonyms Questions and Answers Asked in Previous Exams

We are giving 20 questions with answers of Antonyms asked in previous exams. These all questions will very helpful to you for the forthcoming government competitive exams and will increase your intelligence skills.

Directions : In each of the following questions, choose the word opposite in meaning to the given word.

1. ALIVE [S.S.C. Exam]
(a) Passive (b) Dead (c) Asleep (d) Drowsy (Ans : b)

2. ASTUTE [C.B.I. Exam]
(a) Cowardly (b) Foolish (c) Wicked (d) Impolite (Ans : b)

3. CELIBATE [C.B.I. Exam]
(a) Profligate (b) Reprobate (c) Extravagant (d) Prodigal (Ans : b)

4. CONFIDENT [S.S.C. Exam]
(a) Diffident (b) Timid (c) Reserved (d) Shy (Ans : a)

5. CRITICISE [Central Excise Exam]
(a) Judge (b) Appreciate (c) Flatter (d) Analyse (Ans : b)

6. DELETE [C.B.I. Exam]
(a) Impound (b) Insert (c) Inspire (d) Injure (Ans : b)

7. DORSAL [M.B.A. Exam]
(a) Inactive (b) Ventral (c) Peripheral (d) Central (Ans : b)

8. EQUANIMITY [I. Tax. Exam]
(a) Excitement (b) Duplicity (c) Dubiousness (d) Resentment (Ans : a)

9. FACT [Railways, Exam]
(a) Fable (b) Story (c) Illusion (d) Fiction (Ans : d)

10. HUMBLE [Assistant Grade, Exam]
(a) Dominant (b) Proud (c) Despotic (d) Pompous (Ans : b)

(a) Delayed (b) Gradual (c) Leisurely (d) Slow (Ans : d)

12. JETTISON [B.Ed. Exam]
(a) Rejoice (b) Surrender (c) Accept (d) Defend (Ans : c)

13. LEND [Section Officers’ Exam]
(a) Hire (b) Pawn (c) Cheat (d) Borrow (Ans : d)

14. NATIVE [U.D.C. Exam]
(a) Alien (b) Foreigner
(c) Newcomer (d) Stranger (Ans : a)

15. OPAQUE [Clerks’ Grade, Exam]
(a) Misty (b) Covered
(c) Clear (d) Transparent (Ans : d)

16. PATCHY [Central Excise, Exam]
(a) Clear (b) Simple
(c) Uniform (d) Attractive (Ans : c)

(a) Bright (b) Splendid
(c) Smart (d) Happy (Ans : d)

18. SUBSERVIENT [Assistant Grade, Exam]
(a) Aggressive (b) Dignified
(c) Straight forward (d) Super (Ans : b)

19. SAGACIOUS [C.B.I. Exam]
(a) Casual (b) Cunning
(c) Foolish (d) False (Ans : c)

20. VIRULENT [B.Ed. Exam]
(a) Harmless (b) Malignant
(c) Hostile (d) Vicious (Ans : a)

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