Aizawl City – Information about Capital of Mizoram

History of Aizawl

History says, Mizo people came from China some 300 years ago and settled here. During the British rule, Britishers forced the people to take up Christianity, and who didn’t take was driven out of the state. In 1871, due to Mizo chief Khalkom’s bad behavior, British created an outpost and named it Aizawl. Till 1966, Aizawl was a village, regrouping of Mizo villages made it a town and later to a city.

Geography of Aizawl
Aizawl is situated between Tlawng river valley and Tuirial valley on the west and east respectively. City has mild sub-tropical climate with temperature varying from 11 degree Celsius and 30 degree Celsius. Heavy rainfalls characterize Aizawl. It has an average elevation of 1132 meters and spread in 457 sq kms. The city lies in the norther region of Mizoram state.

Government and Administration of Aizawl
Aizawl Municipal Corporation, which was formed in 2010, looks after the civic administration in the city. Guwahati High Court has a bench in Aizawl, which takes care of Jurisdiction of the state Mizoram. City contributes one member to Indian Assembly and forty members to Mizoram Legislative assembly.

Language and Culture of Aizawl
Mizo’s cultural heritage is very rich in celebrations of different kinds of rituals and festivals.  Aizawl people are still preserving their old age traditions and culture. Khuallam and Chheih dance are famous dance forms in the city. Khuallam is group dance whereas Chheih is danced over rice beer in the evening.  Long bamboo straves are used for dancing. Mizo is a part of Mongolian race. Women wear bright and mostly hand woven dresses. Mizo is widely spoken in the city followed by English and Hindi.

Educational Institutes in Aizawl
State has the second highest literacy rate in the country. Pachhunga University College is one of the oldest college in the city was established in 1958. Aizawl College is the second oldest college built in 1975. Mizoram University is housed here. Indian Institute of mass communication and National Institute of Technology Mizoram are the important colleges in the city. Plans for starting medical colleges have started.

Transport Facilities in Aizawl
Lengpui airport is the nearest airport, which is 32 kms from the city. It is well connected domestically. Helicopter service was started in 2012, which connects nearby places. Bairabi is the nearest railway station, which is 120 kms from the city.  National highway 40, 54 and 150 are passing through the city. Aizawl is well connected by road to other major cities in the country.

Tourism in Aizawl
Reiek is tourist resort, which is 12 kms from city. It has an elevation of 1548 meters with traditional Mizo village. Durtlang hills are in the north side of the side, which has a beautiful scenic scene. Hmuifang is 50 kms from the city and is at 1619 meters from the sea level. It is covered by virgin forest from Mizo chief’s time. Berawtlang tourist complex hosts cultural programs. Baktawng village is 70 kms from the city where Pu Ziona lives with his world’s largest existing family. Khuangchera Puk is a cave which I 30 kms from the city. Mizoram state museum exhibits the culture and traditions of the state. Bara bazar is the main shopping center in the city.

Festivals Celebrated In Aizawl
Mim kut is celebrated in the months of August and September before the maize crop is ready for harvesting. Zu, a special beer is prepared from rice, is a customary drink consumed by all. Pawl Kut is celebrated for two day in the in the month of December and January. It is a thanksgiving ceremony. Chapchar kut is one of the oldest festivals in the state. It is celebrated for seven days in the month of March. Thalfavang kut is celebrated before starting the harvest of the fields. It gives opportunity to showcase the culture of the state. Christmas is celebrated for three days and considered as one of the biggest celebrations of the place.

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