Non Verbal Reasoning Questions for IBPS, SBI, SSC CGL Exams

Directions for Q. No. 1-10: In the following questions, Element (ii) is related to element (i) in a particular way in four pairs of figures out of the given five. Find out the pair of figures in which the element (ii) is not related to element (i). 
Answers : 1. (b) In all other pairs, the existing figure is reduced to half.
2. (e) In all other pairs of figures, one line is added to all the four completed and incompleted squares.
3. (a) In all other pairs, figures in section (ii) are the mirror images of the figures in section (i).
4. (e) In all other pairs of figures, the main figure rotates through 45° clockwise.
5. (d) In all other pairs, all the semi circles except second, counting from bottom, rotate through 180°.
6. (a) In all other pairs, all the arcs attached with the line except first on right side, get reversed.
7. (d) In all other figures, one side is added in every geometrical figure except the circle.
8. (a) In all other pairs, one side of the figure is deleted.
9. (e) In all other pairs, out of sixteen lines, outside the square, ten lines are deleted.
10. (d) In all other pairs, all the semi-circles outside the square rotate through 90° anti-clockwise.

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