Non Verbal Reasoning Questions Answers for Bank Exams

Direction : The second figure in first part of problem figure bears a certain relationship to the first figure. Similarly, one of the figures in answer figures bears the same relationship to the first figure in the second part. You have to select the figure from the set of answer figures which would replace the sign of Question mark (?). 
1. (c) The figure rotates through 180°.
2. (e) Arc at the lower middle position remains the same and other arcs are reversed at the same positions.
3. (e) The main figure rotates through 45° clockwise and dots outside the figure shift to the other side of the line.
4. (d) Both the upper and lower figures interchange positions.
5. (e) All the arrows get laterally inverted in such a way that upper and lower arrows interchange positions.
6. (e) The figure rotates through 135° anti-clockwise.
7. (c) All the lines are inverted at the same positions.
8. (e) The main figure rotates 180° and three curved lines, all in same direction, are added to the figure.
9. (c) Both the hands of the clock rotate 135° and 180° clockwise respectively.
10. (e) The figures rotate 90° clockwise and heads of the arrow are reversed.

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