Non Verbal Reasoning MCQ for SSC CGL, Bank PO Clerk

Direction : Out of the five given figures, four are similar in a certain way. One figure is not like the other four. That means four figures from a group based on some common characteristics. Find out the figure which does not belong to the group i.e., which does not share the common features/characteristics with the other four figures. 
1. (a) all other figures can be obtained by rotating one another.
2. (b) Lines outside the circle are equidistant from one another.
3. (e) In all other figure, the arrow is two divisions away from the shaded portion.
4. (e) All other figures are identical to one another. Figure (e) is different from other figures.
5. (b) In all the other figures, one of the figures is obtained by inverting the other figure.
6. (c) In all other figures, there are six curves attached to the main line segment.
7. (e) In all other figures, only one edge of the figure is missing.
8. (e) The number of leaves is odd in figure (e), otherwise it is even in all other figures.
9. (d) In all other figures, the circle contains equal chords.
10. (b) In all other figures. All the arrows inside the figure are directed outside. 

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