Solved Papers of JNV Entrance Exam 2013 (Class 9th) Download

We are giving 40 questions with answers of English, Physics, Chemistry and Biology asked in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Entrance Exam (Class 9th) 2013

English Questions
Direction (Q. No. 1) Select the appropriate word which is nearest in meaning to the word given in capitals.
(a) Desire (b) Goal (c) Aspiration (d) Expectation (Ans : a)

हिन्दी के 15 प्रश्न-उत्तर देखने के लिए क्लिक करें

Direction (Q. No. 2) From the given words select the one which is opposite in meaning to the word given' in capitals.
(a) Dull (b) Dumb (c) Dusty (d) Dud (Ans : a)

3. Give one word substitute.
One who looks at the bright sides of life/things.
(a) Theist (b) Pessimist (c) Optimist (d) Opague (Ans : c)

4. Choose the correct word.
(a) Commission (b) Comission (c) Commision (d) Comision (Ans : a)

5. Fill in the blank with suitable preposition.
I will go to market mother.
(a) at (b) with (c) by (d) on (Ans : b)

6. Select the correct verb.
Ram .....a sweet song.
(a) sang (b) sung (c) sings (d) sing (Ans : c)

7. Fill in the blank with suitable article.
Radha is .....wisest girl in the class.
(a) a (b) an (c) the (d) None of these (Ans : c)

Directions (Q. Nos. 8-10) Find out the part which has an error in each of the following sentences. If there is no error in a sentence, the answer is (d).
8. The greater (a)/ the demand (b)/ higher the price. (c)/ No error (d) (Ans : c)

9. Mohan prefer self employment (a)/ to job in (b)/ any office. (c)/ No error (d) (Ans : b)

10. I am not wealthy (a)/ so I cannot afford (b)/ to buy a expensive car. (c)/ No error (d) (Ans : c)

1. What is the density of a block of wood that floats in water with 0.1 of its volume above water– 
(a) 0.9 g/cc (b) 9 g/cc (c) 0.1 g/cc (d) 10 g/cc (Ans : a)

2. An atmosphere– 
(a) is a unit of pressure (b) is a unit of force
(c) give us an idea of composition of air (d) is the height above which there is no air (Ans : a)

3. After looking Sun the colour of other things appears– 
(a) black (b) white (c) yellow (d) red (Ans : a)

4. Range of vision of a normal human eye is– 
(a) from infinity to 35 cm (b) from zero to 25 cm
(c) from infinity to 60 cm (d) from infinity to 25 cm (Ans : d)

5. The human eye forms the image of an object at its– 
(a) retina (b) cornea (c) iris (d) pupil (Ans : a)

6. The angle of dip at the magnetic poles of the Earth is– 
(a) 45° (b) 60° (c) 90° (d) 0° (Ans : c)

7. Magnetic needle first of all used in– 
(a) America (b) Japan (c) India (d) China (Ans : d)

8. The filament of heater is made of– 
(a) copper (b) zinc (c) iron (d) nichrome (Ans : d)

9. Which one of the following is not the source of electricity?
(a) Electric source (b) Radio (c) Battery (d) Dry cell (Ans : b)

10. Conversion of heat into electrical energy may be achieved by using– 
(a) Voltmeter (b) Photo electric tube (c) Thermocouple (d) Hydrometer (Ans : c)

Chemistry 1. Graphite is used in nuclear reactor– 
(a) as a lubricant (b) as a fuel
(c) for lining the inner side of the reactor as an insulator
(d) for reducing the velocity of neutrons (Ans : d)

2. The gas responsible for global warming is– 
(a) oxygen (b) hydrogen (c) carbon monoxide (d) carbon dioxide (Ans : d)

3. The example of fossil fuel is– 
(a) water gas (b) wood (c) biogas (d) coal (Ans : d)

4. Producer gas is a mixture of– 
(a) air and water (b) CO, H2 and N2
(c) CO and N2 (d) CO and H2 (Ans : c)

5. PbCO3 is the formula of– 
(a) cinnabar (b) cerrusite (c) corundom (d) chromite (Ans : d)

6. The main function of roasting is– 
(a) to remove volatile (b) oxidation (c) reduction (d) to make slag (Ans : a)

7. Complete the following equation– 
Zn + CuSO4 -... + Cu
(a) ZnO (b) ZnSO4 (c) CuO (d) ZnS (Ans : b)

8. Which of the following is the hardest substance?
(a) Chromium (b) Rubidium (c) Diamond (d) Iron (Ans : c)

9. Which of the following is called a polymide?
(a) Rayon (b) Nylon (c) Orion (d) Terylene (Ans : b)

10. The best nitrogenous fertilizer is
(a) urea (b) sindri fertilizer
(c) nagal fertilizer (d) norwegian salt petre (Ans : a)

Biology 1. DNA does not have– 
(a) adenine (b) uracil (b) guanine (d) thymine (Ans : b)

2. RNA plays an important role in– 
(a) protein synthesis (b) fat synthesis (c) glucose synthesis (d) (a) and (b) (Ans : a)

3. Onion is propagated through its– 
(a) seeds (b) tubers (c) bulbs (d) rhizomes (Ans : c)

4. The life span of human WBC is approximately– 
(a) less than 10 days (b) between 20 to 30 days
(c) between 2 to 3 months (d) more than 4 months (Ans : d)

5. Organ of Corti is found in– 
(a) internal ear (b) external ear
(c) (a) and (b) (d) None of these (Ans : a)

6. Most of the CO2 is carried in blood as– 
(a) bicarbonates (b) carbon monoxide
(c) carbonic acid (d) carbonates (Ans : a)

7. A good source of vitamins of B group is– 
(a) carrot (b) fish oil (c) egg yolk (d) germinated seeds (Ans : d)

8. Deficiency of vitamin C causes– 
(a) anaemia (b) rickets (c) scurvy (d) xerophthalmia (Ans : c)

9. Water soluble vitamins are– 
(a) Vitamin A and D (b) Vitamin E and K
(c) Vitamin Band C (d) Vitamin E and D (Ans : c)

10. Malaria disease is caused by– 
(a) bacterium (b) virion (c) protozoa (d) helminthes (Ans : c)

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