RRC Group D Gorakhpur Solved Paper Free Download

Railway Recruitment Cell (Gorakhpur) Group ‘D’ (First Shift) Exam., 2014 
Solved General Knowledge Questions (Held on 2-11-2014 )

( Question No. 1-37 )
38. Why was the only woman Sultan of the Delhi Sultanate removed from throne only after four years of rule?
(A) She was not an able ruler
(B) Nobles of the court wanted to become Sultans
(C) The nobles did not like her independent rule
(D) The nobles were lured by another ruler (Ans : C)

39. What was the extent of tax on agriculture during the reign of Alauddin Khalji ?
(A) 10% (B) 30% (C) 50% (D) 80% (Ans : D)

40. Which of the following emperors was called Khurram before his ascendency to the throne?
(A) Akbar (B) Jehangir
(C) Shah Jahan (D) Bahadur Shah Zafar (Ans : C)

41. Who wrote Ain-e-Akabari ?
(A) Amir Khusrau (B) Birbal (C) Abul Fazl (D) Todarmal (Ans : C)

42. Where is the famous Jagannatha temple situated?
(A) Bhubaneshwar (B) Cuttack (C) Puri (D) Rajgriha (Ans : C)

43. Where was the capital of the Maratha empire under the Peshwas?
(A) Mumbai (B) Poona (C) Pandharpur (D) Singhgarh (Ans : B)

44. Where did Vasco da Gama land in India?
(A) Calicut (B) Cochin (C) Kolkata (D) Madras (Ans : A)

45. Where was Tipu Sultan killed defending his fort ?
(A) Calicut (B) Shrirangapattanam (C) Arcot (D) Bangalore (Ans : B)

46. The Indian farmers were forced to cultivate indigo by the British. What was the use of indigo?
(A) Used in preparation of the drugs (B) Used in wine industry
(C) Used in preparation of soaps (D) Used in dyeing cloths (Ans : D)

47. What was the reason of discontent of Indian princes and nobility at the time of rebellion of 1857 ?
(A) Excessive taxes imposed by the company
(B) Unjust curtailment of their rights and privileges
(C) Company’s total neglect of the peasantry
(D) Company’s disregard for Indian religions (Ans : B)

48. What was the city of Machlipatanam known for in the early British period?
(A) For its good quality fish (B) For its port trade
(C) Strategically important city (D) A great centre of learning (Ans : B)

49. Who among the following formulated the policy of modern education in India?
(A) Sir Jones (B) Lord Macaulay (C) Warren Hastings (D) Curzon (Ans : B)

50. Who can vote in a Parliamentary General Election?
(A) Any citizen of India above the age of 18
(B) Any male citizen of India above the age of 18 and any female citizen above the age of 21
(C) Any male citizen of India above the age of 21 and any female citizen above the age of 18
(D) Any citizen of India above the age of 21 (Ans : A)

51. Where is the High Court situated in Uttar Pradesh?
(A) Lucknow (B) Kanpur (C) Allahabad (D) Varanasi (Ans : C)

52. What is the term for which the Lok Sabha Speaker remains in office?
(A) 5 years (B) 6 years
(C) During the period of the Lok Sabha (D) As long as the President desires (Ans : C)

53. Who is the US Secretary of State ?
(A) Barack Obama (B) John Kerry (C) George Bush (D) Bill Clinton (Ans : B)

54. Which of the following makes a real image?
(A) Concave lens (B) Convex lens (C) Convex mirror (D) Plain lens (Ans : B)

55. What will be the next number in the series 1, 1, 2, 3, 5,….. ?
(A) 6 (B) 7 (C) 8 (D) 9 (Ans : C)

56. What is the major reason for lower humidity in the air in winter season?
(A) Lesser evaporation in winter (B) Formation of dew
(C) Inadequate sunshine (D) Drop in atmospheric pressure (Ans : B)

57. If an explosion takes place at a distance of 1 km, you will hear its sound approximately after–
(A) 6 seconds (B) 5 seconds (C) 4 seconds (D) 3 seconds (Ans : D)

58. Which of the following does not prepare its own food ?
(A) Cactus (B) Ferns (C) Algae (D) Fungi (Ans : D)

59. Which of the following is found in the common aerated cold drinks?
(A) Hydrochloric acid (B) Acetic acid (C) Citric acid (D) Carbonic acid (Ans : D)

60. High concentration of alkaline salts turns the soil infertile. Such soils are called–
(A) Kankar (B) Usar (C) Banjar (D) Alluvial (Ans : B)

61. Which of the following is used as fuel in the Nuclear Power Plants?
(A) Uranium (B) Titanium (C) Coal (D) Sodium (Ans : A)

62. Which of the mountain ranges roughly divides our country in Northern and Southern parts?
(A) Vindhya range (B) Aravali range (C) Deccanplateau (D) Annamalai hills (Ans : A)

63. Celestial bodies which have their own heat and light are called–
(A) Stars (B) Satellites (C) Planets (D) Comets (Ans : A)

64. Which of the Vedas is the oldest?
(A) Rigveda (B) Atharvaveda
(C) Yajurveda (D) All the Vedas were compiled at the same time (Ans : A)

65. Which of the following processes explains the occurrence of earth-quakes more appropriately?
(A) Release of enormous energy stored in the rocks under pressure due to sudden breakage
(B) Sudden waves in the molten magma in the earth’s core
(C) Explosions caused due to chemical reactions inside the earth
(D) Sudden pull exerted by the heavenly bodies like sun and moon (Ans : B)

66. Where do tropical rain forests occur?
(A) In the areas of heavy rainfall and adequate sunshine
(B) In the areas of low rainfall and adequate sunshine
(C) At the higher altitude of Himalayan ranges
(D) At the lower altitude of Himalayan ranges (Ans : A)

67. Which of the following is an effective method of arresting erosion of the soil?
(A) Construction of dams (B) Forestation
(C) Linking of the rivers (D) Erection of low height walls (Ans : B)

68. Which of the following does hot belong to the group?
(A) Nile (B) Danube (C) Alps (D) Volga (Ans : C)

69. Which of the following is the India’s highest mountain peak?
(A) Everest (B) Nanda Devi (C) Kanchenjunga (D) Nanga Parbat (Ans : C)

70. About 12000 years ago, major climatic changes took place leading to the present day environment. Which of the following is correct in this regard ?
(A) The climate became relatively warmer
(B) The climate became relatively cooler
(C) The dinosaurs could not endure the change and became extinct
(D) Atmospheric pressure suddenly became tolerable (Ans : A)

71. Which of the following is true about the ancient Magadha kingdom?
(A) Bimbisara and Ajatshatru were two powerful rulers of the kingdom
(B) It came into existence only in 9th century AD
(C) The kingdom was adjacent to Gandhar
(D) No ruler of the kingdom ever indulged in religious activities (Ans : B)

72. Who among the following is accredited with the preparation of grammar for the Sanskrit Language?
(A) Panini (B) Charaka (C) Kanad (D) Krishna Dwaipayan Vyas (Ans : A)

73. The sacred book of Hindus, “Bhagawad Gita” is included in–
(A) Mahabharata (B) Manusmriti (C) Vedas (D) Upnishads (Ans : A)

74. Who was Amir Khusrau ?
(A) A poet (B) A warrior (C) Ruler of Persia (D) Ruler of Afghanistan (Ans : A)

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