JNV Entrance Exam IX Solved Question Papers 2014

Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya Entrance Exam (Class 9th) 
Science Solved Paper 2014

66. 1 kg weight is equivalent to– 
(a) 4.8 kg-m/s2 (b) 9.8 N
(c) 981 Dyne (d) 4.2 N (Ans : b)

67. Voltmeter is used to measure– 
(a) Diplacement (b) Power
(c) Current (d) Potential (Ans : d)

68. The best conductor of electricity is– 
(a) filtered hot water (b) distilled water
(c) filtered water at room temperature (d) salt water (Ans : d)

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69. Core of transformer is made up of– 
(a) Soft iron (b) Steel
(c) Copper (d) Aluminium (Ans : a)

70. Sound travel faster in– 
(a) Steel (b) Air (c) Water (d) Vacuum (Ans : a)

71. Blue colour of the sky is consequence of– 
(a) dispersion (b) refraction
(c) scattering (d) reflection (Ans : c)

72. The coil of an electric heater is made of– 
(a) tungesten (b) nichrome
(c) aluminium (d) None of these (Ans : b)

73. A transformer works with– 
(a) alternating current (b) direct current (DC)
(c) Both AC and DC (d) None of these (Ans : a)

74. Optic fibres are mainly used for which of the following?
(a) weaving (b) food industry
(c) communication (d) musical instruments (Ans : c)

75. Light year is related to– 
(a) speed (b) intensity
(c) energy (d) distance (Ans : d)

76. Rocket works on the principle of– 
(a) conservation of mass (b) conservation of energy
(c) conservation of momentum (d) None of the above (Ans : c)

77. A colourblind person has difficulty in distinguishing between which colours?
(a) Black and blue (b) Green and violet
(c) White and yellow (d) Green and red (Ans : d)

78. Bauxite is an ore of– 
(a) Cu (b) Sn (c) AI (d) Zn (Ans : c)

79. Beri-beri is caused due to– 
(a) Vitamin B (b) Vitamin D
(c) Vitamin A (d) Vitamin C (Ans : a)

80. Vinegar, very commonly used in Chinese food, is actually– 
(a) ethyl alcohol (b) folic acid
(c) acetic acid (d) nitric acid (Ans : c)

81. Which gas is responsible for global warming?
(a) O2 (b) CO2 and CH4
(c) O2 and CO2 (d) CH4 (Ans : b)

82. Which is the chemical formula of marsh gas?
(a) NH3 (b) CO2 + NO2
(c) C2H2 (d) CH4 (Ans : d)

83. Balloons are filled with– 
(a) oxygen (b) argon (c) nitrogen (d) helium (Ans : d)

84. Which synthetic fiber is known as artificial silk?
(a) Rayon (b) Nylon (c) Terylen (d) Cotton (Ans : a)

85. The essential element in all organic compound is–
(a) Chlorine (b) Carbon (c) Sulphur (d) Nitrogen (Ans : b)

86. Which one of the following metal is found in 'plaster of paris'?
(a) Sodium (b) Magnesium
(c) Calcium (d) Potassium (Ans : c)

87. What makes a lemon sour?
(a) Acetic acid (b) Tartaric acid
(c) Citric acid (d) Hydrochloric acid (Ans : c)

88. A gas which burns with blue flame is– 
(a) CO (b) O2 (c) N2 (d) CO2 (Ans : d)

89. Rickets is a disease caused due to deficiency of– 
(a) Vitamin A (b) Vitamin C
(c) Vitamin D (d) Vitamin B (Ans : c)

90. Which of the following disease is caused by the bite of a mad dog?
(a) Hydroperitoneum (b) Hydrophobia
(c) Hydrocele (d) Hydrocephalus (Ans : b)

91. Purification of blood takes place in– 
(a) Kidney (b) Liver (c) Heart (d) Lung (Ans : a)

92. Cornea is an important part of– 
(a) Eye (b) Nose (c) Ear (d) Kidney (Ans : a)

93. The edible part of potato is– 
(a) Bud (b) Fruit (c) Stem (d) Rool (Ans : c)

94. Which gas is essential for photosynthesis?
(a) CO (b) N2 (c) O2 (d) CO2 (Ans : d)

95. Largest part of human brain is– 
(a) cerebrum (b) mid brain
(c) cerebellum (d) olfactory labbe (Ans : a)

96. Enzymes are mainly– 
(a) Protein (b) Amino acid
(c) Carbohydrate (d) Lipids (Ans : a)

97. The metallic elements present in haemoglobin is– 
(a) iron (b) magnesium
(c) sodium (d) zinc (Ans : a)

98. What is the name of instrument used for measuring blood pressure?
(a) Lactometer (b) Sphygmomanometer
(c) Stethoscope (d) Endoscope (Ans : b)

99. The yellow colour of urine is due to presence of– 
(a) bile (b) lymph
(c) cholesterol (d) urochrome (Ans : d)

100. Which of the following is not a mosquito borne disease?
(a) Dengue fever (b) Malaria
(c) Sleeping sickness (d) Filariasis (Ans : c)

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