Indian Polity Questions and Answers for Competitive Exams

1. When was Indian Forest Service set up? – July 1, 1966 
2. Which article of IPC is related to unnatural sex? – 377 
3. Who makes oath the Judge of the High Court in India? – The Governor of the State 
4. By whom is the Indian Judiciary headed? – The Superme Court 
5. How are the The members of the Panchayat Samiti elected? – Directly by the people 
6. Which part of our Constitution envisages a three tier system of Panchayats ? – Part IX 
7. In the S R Bommai vs. Union of India case, which feature of the Constitution of India was upheld by the Supreme Court as a basic structure? – Secularism 
8. When was the Provisions of citizenship in Indian Constitution became applicable? – 1949 
9. How has 'Economic Justice' the Indian Constitution been provided? – The Preamble and the Directive Principles of State Policy 
10. According to the Constitution of India, which are fundamental for the governance of the country? – Directive Principles of State Policy
11. By whom are Joint parliamentary sessions in India chaired? – Speaker of the Lok Sabha 
12. In which two states was Panchayati Raj System implemented first ? – Andhra Pradesh and Rajasthan 
13. Which would be called a “Secular” state? – The state which does not discriminate between religions
14. Who was the Chairman of the Committee which proposed Democratic Decentralisation and Panchayati Raj? – Balwant Rai Mehta 
15. By whom electoral disputes arising out of Presidential and Vice-presidential Elections are settled? – Supreme Court of India 
16. Under which article Provision for appointment of National Commission for SCs and STs has been made in the Constitution? – 338 and 338 A 
17. Who is responsible for revenue sharing between the State Government and the Local Government? – State Finance Commission 
18. Division of powers and independent judiciary are the two important features of which government – Federal form of Government 
19. Who enjoys the rank of Cabinet Minister in Union Cabinet? – Deputy Chairman of Planning Commission 
20. Which Article of the Indian Constitution empowers the Parliament to regulate Right of Citizenship? – Article 11
21. In which article of Indian Constitution the procedure for adoption of Official Language or Languages of State is given? – 345 
22. What does the system of proportional representation as an electoral mechanism ensure? – Representation of minorities 
23. Which State did record the formation of maximum Coalition Governments in between 1867 to 1971? – Bihar 
24. Under which article of Indian Constitution, provision of creation or abolition of Legislative Councils in states are made? – Article 169
25. Which Article of the Indian Constitution stipulates that Directive Principles of State Policy shall not be enforceable by any Court? – Article 37 
26. Under which Article of the Constitution of India, can be fundamental rights of the members of the Armed Forces be specifically restricted? – Article 33 
27. In which article has provision for the representation of Anglo-Indian Community in the Lok Sabha been made in the Constitution under the article– 331 
28. With reference to Indian history, How were the members of the Constituent Assembly from the Provinces elected? – By the Provincial Legislative Assemblies
29. On which day will the Annual Financial Statement of the Government of India in respect of each financial year be presented to the House? – President of India may direct 
30. The President of India is elected by proportional representative system by a single transferable vote. who votes for him – All MPs and MLAs of States have one vote each 

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