Basic Biology Interview Questions and Answers

1. From which country is Jersey bull used for cross breeding an exotic variety? – England
2. Which hormones stimulate the plant cells to grow in a manner such that the plant appears to be bent towards light? – Auxin
3. Of whose chromosome is the sex of a newborn baby determined? – The father
4. From which part of turmeric, is the turmeric powder obtained? – Dried rhizome
5. What is the ordinary and maximum tolerance limit of sound by human? – 60db to 80 db (decibel)
6. Which hormone is used as an oral contraceptive? – Progesterone
7. Which disease has been eradicated from the world? – Small pox
8. Through which process is excess of light energy dissipated in photosynthesis? – Quenching
9. Of which intestine is Sigmoid Colon part? – Large Intestine
10. Which is a molecule in plants comparable to haemoglobin in animals? – Cytochrome
11. From where Teeth and Bones acquire strength and rigidity? – Calcium
12. What is the smallest unit of classification? – Species
13. Which structure of a plant is responsible for transpiration? – Stomata
14. By whom was five Kingdom classification given? – Whittaker
15. What are the animals with chitinous exoskeleton? – Insects
16. The enzymes which take part in glycolysis during respiration, Whare are they found? – Cytoplasm
17. When is bone ossification test conducted to ascertain human? – Tentative age
18. Which fungus is commonly known as 'bread mould’ ? – Rhizopus
19. Which free living bacterium in the soil increases the yield of rice? – Azotobacter
20. Which invertebrate is not a hermaphrodite? – Cockroach
21. What is the entry of pollen tube through micropyle? – Porogamy
22. What do the animal possess having open circulatory system? – Haemocoel
23. Why do the flowers emit fragrance? – To attract insects
24. What is the locomotion of insects to the source of light called? – Phototactic
25. Which element is present in green pigment of leaf? – Magnesium
26. Plants capable of performing photosynthesis belong to which of organisms? – Autotrophs
27. How is Photosynthesis using the invisible part of the sunlight done? – by some Bacteria
28. Which organelle in the cell, other than nucleus, contains DNA? – Mitochondria
29. What is the level of the fasting blood glucose in adults in mg/100 ml? – 100
30. What is the each body segment of Earthworm? – Metamere

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