Allahabad High Court Group D Solved Question Paper 2014

UP High Court Group 'D' Exam of the year 2014 held on dated 27-09-2014. We are giving 25 questions of English of this exam with answers. These questions not only develop of your I.Q. but will useful for upcoming government exams also.

Directions–(Q. 1-5) The following Sentences are divided in three parts. One of the parts may have an error. If there is an error, mark the option of that part as your answer. If there is no error, mark option (d).
1. My brother (a)/ has shop (b)/ in Mumbai. (c) No error (d) (Ans : a)

2. Bananas are (a)/ more softer (b)/ than apples. (c) No error (Ans : b)

3. All this (a)/boys are (b)/from my school. (c) No error (d) (Ans : a)

4. Can I (a)/borrow (b)/yours pen ? (c) No error (d) (Ans : c)

5. My sister ate (a)/ too many mangoes (b)/yesterday. (c) No error (d) (Ans : b)

Directions– (Q. 6-15) In the following sentences, choose the most appropriate word to fill in the blanks. Mark the option of your choice as your answer.
6. The table is covered …..paper.
(a) with (b) from (c) on (d) of (Ans : a)

7. The examinations will begin …..Monday.
(a) since (b) during (c) from (d) by (Ans : c)

8. He is also …..the Welfare Committee.
(a) in (b) between (c) among (d) into (Ans : a)

9. Please buy …..sugar from the shop.
(a) any (b) some (c) little (d) few (Ans : b)

10. After his studies 'he' wants to be …
(a) a (b) an (c) the (d) No word needed (Ans : b)

11. …..students praised his lecture.
(a) No (b) Every (c) Each (d) All the (Ans : d)

12. Everyone wants …..a prize in the race.
(a) to win (b) winning (c) to be winning (d) to have won (Ans : a)

13. I …..on this design since 10 o'clock today.
(a) worked (b) was working (c) have worked (d) have been working (Ans : d)

14. I really think you … take this job.
(a) must (b) ought (c) should (d) could (Ans : b)

15. I doubt …..he will pass.
(a) if (b) whether (c) that (d) now (Ans : b)

Directions– (Q. 16-18) Read the following sentences carefully. Choose the most appropriate word to fill in the blanks according to the context.
16. Nobody wants to old.
(a) turn (b) fall (c) grow (d) make (Ans : c)

17. I …..a watch for my birthday.
(a) want (b) will (c) wish (d) hope (Ans : a)

18. Please …..on the light. It is dark here.
(a) do (b) make (c) push (d) put (Ans : d)

Directions– (Q. 19-20) In the following sentences choose the opposite of the underlined words to fill in the blanks.
19. Last month the tomatoes were quite cheap but now they have become…..
(a) enough (b) sufficient (c) less (d) costly (Ans : d)

20. The arrival of our friends made us happy but their made us sad.
(a) return (b) departure (c) leaving (d) going (Ans : b)

Directions– (Q. 21-25) Read the following passage carefully and answer the questions given after it.
Gorillas in the wild state, live in family parties-father gorilla, three or four of his wives and various children of different ages. During the day they wander through the forest, feeding on vegetation and fruit; when night comes they choose a suitable tree to sleep in. Father gorilla, being so heavy and big, cannot climb up; so he collects some bushes and makes for himself a comfortable nest at the bottom of the tree, sitting with his back to the trunk. His wives and children climb up into the branches above and make for themselves nice, comfortable nests to sleep in. For this they twist and interweave the branches together.
Many stories describes the gorilla as a fearful beast. But he is not so fearful. Like most wild animals, if he is left alone, he is a peaceful creature. But, of course, if you attack him or his family, he gets into a bad temper. Then his strength and speed make him a terrible animal to face.

21. The passage is about–
(a) father gorilla (b) gorilla's eating habits
(c) gorilla's nests (d) the nature of gorillas (Ans : d)

22. Why does the father gorrila sleep at the bottom of the tree?
(a) He is too big and heavy to climb up
(b) He might fall down from the tree
(c) To catch hold of the bady gorillas if they fall
(d) He makes a comfortable nest there (Ans : a)

23. When does a gorilla get angry ?
He gets angry when
(a) he is attacked (b) he climbs up a tree
(c) he sits at the bottom of a tree (d) he is alone in the wild forest (Ans : a)

24. Which of the following statements is not true ?
(a) Gorillas are vegetarian
(b) Gorillas live in family groups
(c) Female gorillas cannot climb trees
(d) Father gorilla makes comfortable nests to sleep in (Ans : c)

25. In some of the stories gorillas have been shown as–
(a) faithful (b) loving (c) wild (d) frightful (Ans : d)

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