Chhattisgarh Objective General Knowledge Questions Ans

Chhattisgarh Objective General Knowledge

1. Correct location of the Chhattisgarh state is—
(A) 18°—48' N to 24° N and 80°—24' E to 84°—25' E
(B) 17°—48' N to 24° N and 80°—14' E to 84°—25' E
(C) 18°—30' N to 26°—30' N and 74° E to 84°—30' E
(D) 18°—0' N to 26°—30' Nand 74°—30' E to 84° E (Ans : B)

2. The Chhattisgarh state was formed on—
(A) 31 October, 1999 (B) 1 November, 1999
(C) 31st October, 2000 (D) 1 November, 2000 (Ans : D)

3. Export of Iron-ore from Bastar is done from which of the following sea ports?
(A) Chennai (B) Vishakhapatnam (C) Cochin (D) Mumbai (Ans : B)

4. In which of the following districts of Chhattisgarh is the Korba super power station established?
(A) Raigarh (B) Korba (C) Sarguja (D) Raipur (Ans : B)

5. In which of the following districts is Dandkaranya project located?
(A) Raipur (B) Jagdalpur (C) Bastar (D) Durg (Ans : C)

6. In which of the following districts in Chhattisgarh is Kutumsar cave situtated ?
(A) Dantewara (B) Mahasamund (C) Korea (D) Bastar (Ans : D)

7. In which of the following districts was the Bhilai institute of technology in the memory of Seth Bal Krishan established in September, 1986 ?
(A) Durg (B) Rajnandgaon (C) Raipur (D) Jagdalpur (Ans : A)

8. The Reserved election constituencies for the scheduled tribes in the state is—
(A) 3 (B) 4 (C) 5 (D) 6 (Ans : B)

9. How many tehsils are there in Chhattisgarh state?
(A) 16 (B) 48 (C) 97 (D) 100 (Ans : C)

10. Who was the first British officer appointed for the Chhattisgarh state?
(A) Capt. Edmund (B) Capt. Smith (C) Capt. Eganu (D) Capt. Elliot (Ans : A)

11. The average height of the Dandakaranya region is—
(A) 200 metre (B) 400 metre (C) 800 metre (D) 900 metre (Ans : C)

12. The total no. of towns in Chhattisgarh is—
(A) 85 (B) 97 (C) 95 (D) 100 (Ans : C)

13. At which of the following rivers is Chitrakot dam situated?
(A) Eb (B) Indravati (C) Shiv Nath (D) Jonk (Ans : B)

14. Who among the following was the first martyred soldier of Chhattisgarh state?
(A) Veer Narayan Singh (B) Gundadhur (C) Surender Bahadur Sahai (D) Hanuman Singh (Ans : A)

15. Which district of Chhattisgarh state has maximum no. of tehsils ?
(A) Janjgir (B) Rajnandgaon (C) Raipur (D) Durg (Ans : C)

16. Which one of the following rivers is known as the Ganga of Chhattisgarh ?
(A) Mahanadi (B) Khakhan Nadi (C) Indravati Nadi (D) Doodh Nadi (Ans : A)

17. Bristal and Panama are the main cigrettes which are manufactured in Chhattisgarh. Where are the Bristal cigrattes manufactured ?
(A) In Durg (B) In Raigarh (C) In Bilaspur (D) In Raipur (Ans : D)

18. In which of the following districts are Joggimara caves situated?
(A) Jashpoor (B) Sarguja (C) Bilaspur (D) Kavardha (Ans : B)

19. In which of the following districts is the maximum concentration of population?
(A) Raipur (B) Durg (C) Bilaspur (D) Bastar (Ans : A)

20. What is the number of member of upper house (Rajya Sabha) in the state?
(A) 2 (B) 3 (C) 5 (D) 7 (Ans : C)

21. Which one of the following is largest (in area) wild life sanctuary in the Chhattisgarh state?
(A) Timor Pingla (B) Samar Sot (C) Achanakmar (D) Sita Nadi (Ans : A)

22. What per cent of the arabe land in Chhattisgarh is main cultivation?
(A) 43% (B) 65% (C) 35% (D) 29% (Ans : A)

23. Which among the following has financially helped Korba Super Thermal Power House?
(A) World Bank (B) Japan (O.I.C.F.) (C) Germany (D) Canada (Ans : A)

24. Where was the plastic complex in Chhattisgarh established?
(A) Korba (B) Dantewara (C) Raigarh (D) Raipur (Ans : D)

25. In which of the following distircts are the maximum no. of forests in Chhattisgarh ?
(A) Durg (B) Jashpoor (C) Sarguja (D) Dhamtari (Ans : C)

26. Which of the following are new districts created after the bifurcation of Bastar ?
(A) Mahasamund and Dhamtari (B) Kanker and Dantewara
(C) Kanker and Dhamtari (D) Kanker and Bastar (Ans : B)

27. Who is the first Director General of Police in Chhattisgarh ?
(A) Arun Kumar (B) S. M. Shukla (C) U. K. Sayal (D) Satyanand Misra (Ans : B)

28. Which one of the following is the underground mechanised coal mine of the state?
(A) Sohagpur (B) Raipur (C) Korba (D) Manikpur (Ans : C)

29. Where is the matchbox factory in Chhattisgarh?
(A) Raigarh (B) Balaghat (C) Chhindwara (D) Bilaspur (Ans : D)

30. Where has the Cashew Research Centre been established in the state?
(A) In Bastar (B) In Dewas (C) In Shivpuri (D) In Sajapur (Ans : A)

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