Postal Assistant Exam General Knowledge Solved Papers

Department of Posts (Uttar Pradesh) Postal / Sorting Assistant Exam., 2014 

General Knowledge Solved Paper

(Held on 1-6-2014)

Q. 1. Number of players on each side of Volleyball, Basketball and Baseball game are respectively–
(A) 5,6,9 (B) 6,9,5 (C) 6,5,9 (D) None of the above is correct (Ans : C)

Q. 2. Which nutrient is digested first in the mouth?
(A) Protein (B) Carbohydrate (C) Fat (D) Vitamin (Ans : B)

Q. 3. Jaggery is the main source of–
(A) Protein (B) Carbohydrate (C) Fat (D) None of these (Ans : B)

Q. 4. Who among the British Generals defeated Peshwa Baji Rao II ?
(A) Outrum (B) Malcom (C) Elphinstone (D) Kitchener (Ans : B)

Q. 5. The distance between 90° E longitude and 91°E longitude at the poles is–
(A) Zero kilometres (B) 5 kilometres (C) 50 kilometres (D) Same as it is at the equator (Ans : A)

Q. 6. The Government of India has launched 'Meghraj' project recently. This project is related with–
(A) Weather Forecasting (B) Tsunami Alert (C) GI Cloud (D) Wind Energy (Ans : C)

Q. 7. Who regulates credit rating agencies in India?
(A) IRDA (B) RBI (C) SEBI (D) SBI (Ans : C)

Q. 8. The cricket cup played between the winner of the Ranji Trophy and a team representing rest of India–
(A) Vijay Hazare Trophy (B) Duleep Trophy (C) Oeodhar Trophy (D) Irani Trophy (Ans : D)

Q. 9. India's ranking in 2014 Environment performance index–
(A) 145th (B) 155th (C) 175th (D) 178th (Ans : B)

Q. 10. The state where country's first monorail service commenced its operation recently–
(A) Gujarat (B) Delhi (C) Maharastra (D) Uttar Pradesh (Ans : C)

Q. 11. India's first dedicated military satellite?
(A) GSAT-12 (B) GSAT-7 (C) GSAT-1 (D) GSAT-8 (Ans : B)

Q. 12. For anyone to become a member of Rajya Sabha, he/she must be at least–
(A) 35 years of age (B) 30 years of age (C) of the age what is minimum age required for Vice President of India (D) 25 years of age (Ans : B)

Q. 13. Primary deficit is equal to–
(A) Fiscal deficit-Interest payments (B) Budget deficit-Interest payments (C) Revenue deficit-Interest payments (D) None of the above (Ans : A)

Q. 14. Who has been vested with powers under Article 123 of the constitution of India to promulgate ordinances which shall have the same force and effect an Act of Parliament?
(A) The President of India (B) The Prime Minister of India
(C) The Prime Minister of India in the consultation with the President of India (D) The Supreme Court of India (Ans : A)

15. In Indian Constitution 'Directive Principles of State Policy' is mentioned in Part–
Q. (A) I (B) II (C) III (D) IV (Ans : D)

Q. 16. As per Article 171 of the constitution of India, the total number of members in the Legislative Council of a state shall in no case be less than–
(A) 40 members (B) 60 members (C) 100 members (D) None of the above is correct (Ans : A)

Q. 17. Article 243 B(1) of the constitution provides for constitiition of Panchayat in every state. The level of Panchayats referred under this is–
(A) Village and District level (B) Village, intermediate and District Level (C) Village level only (D) District level only (Ans : B)

Q. 18. Name one famous poet of Delhi Sultanate who was adorned with title of 'The Parrot of Hindustan'–
(A) Zia-Uddin Barani (B) Utbi (C) Alberuni (D) Amir Khusro (Ans : D)

Q. 19. These oceanic resources belong to open ocean and no individual country can utilize these without the concurrence of International institutions–
(A) Beyond 200 nautical miles of exclusive economic zone
(B) Beyond 100 nautical miles of exclusive economic zone
(C) Beyond 19•2 nautical miles of exclusive economic zone
(D) Beyond 12 nautical miles of exclusive economic zone (Ans : D)

Q. 20. Panchpatmali deposits are the most important bauxite deposits located in the state of–
(A) Madhya Pradesh (B) Odisha (C) Karnataka (D) Rajasthan (Ans : B)

Q. 21. Nearly how many kilograms of manganese is required to manufacture one tonne of steel?
(A) 10 kg (B) 20 kg (C) 50 kg (D) 100 kg (Ans : A)

Q. 22. Two experimental projects have been set up in India to harness geothermal energy. Identify the valley where they are located–
(A) Binsar valley and Puga valley (B) Binsar valley and Parvati valley
(C) Pug a valley and Parvati valley (D) Kargil valley and Puga valley (Ans : C)

Q. 23. Which of the following is the main gas that emits out of land-fills?
(A) Carbon dioxide (B) Methane (C) Nitrogen (D) Hydrogen Sulfide (Ans : B)

Q. 24. The depletion of ozone layer in the upper atmosphere is mainly due to the emission of–
(A) Un-burnt Hydrocarbons (B) Chloroflurro-carbons (C) Green house Gases (D) Ultraviolet Radiations (Ans : C)

Q. 25. Which instrument is used for measurement of angular distances between two objects?
(A) Sexant (B) Telstar (C) Spherometer (D) Refractometer (Ans : A)

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