Top 25 Interesting & Amazing Facts about India

Facts about India
India is a land of diversity, unity, quality and quantity. There is no taste, no color and no view that cannot be found here. It is an enormous and varied place with the genetic, linguistic, culinary and sartorial diversity.
Check out some interesting facts about this beautiful country-

● India is having the largest democracy in the world and largest post offices in the world.
● Hindu community lives here in the largest number. Less than 15% of Indians are Muslim, which is the almost total number of Muslims in Pakistan.
● The Persian invaders converted it into Hindu. The name 'Hindustan' combines Sindhu and Hindu and thus refers to the land of the Hindus.
● Currently Indian economy is nominally worth US$1.842 trillion (eleventh-largest economy by market exchange rates) and at US$4.962 trillion, the third-largest by purchasing power party.
● India never attacked on any country but attacked and ruled by many invaders.
● National game of India is Hockey. Though, it has also played a major role in popularizing cricket. Thus, cricket is the most popular sport of India.
● It has traditionally been the dominant country at the South Asian Games.
● Hinduism has been the dominant and is shaped out by Upanishads, the Yoga sutras, the Bhakti movement, and by Buddhist philosophy. Sikhism, Islam, Christianity, and Jainism are other major religion.
● The foundations of Hindu philosophy, mythology and literature were laid almost 4500 years ago, and many beliefs and practices which still exist today, such as dharma, karma, yoga and moksha, were established.
● Zero was invented in India by Aryabhatta and the number system was invented here. Also value of ‘pi’ was first calculated by an Indian mathematician.
● India is truly a mango lover nation. The growing and exporting rate of mangoes in India is 40% of the total among the world. Also it is the national fruit of India.
● Tiger is the national animal of India due to its grace, power, alertness, endurance and intelligence thus symbolizing these qualities of the nation.
● In recent elections, India has surprised the whole world by giving the highest number of registered voters.
● Extremes of darkness and lightness can be found here, that’s why it has been the first priority for the spiritual seekers. Because of its wisdom it is considered as soul of the world.
● India offers a lot when it comes to the weather. From greenery and waterfalls in the south to icy mountains in the north upwards, covering the plains in between which is rich in agriculture.
● Tea or “chai” has seen almost every home; the quick and favorite drink for all in India. Morning, evening, afternoon, summer, winter, or monsoon it is always welcomed.
● Marriages are altogether a long event in India. With many customs and traditions they not involves the bride and groom but both the families and most important the guests.
● If luxuries are set apart, the living cost can be really cheap in India. One can hire a private room for only 300-500 Rs. and for less than a dollar one can have a complete thali or delightful cheap street foods.
● India has the largest Railway employers. It has beautifully connected every state and almost every important city. From north to south and east to west there is a scope for a smooth journey on wheels.
● Cows, in India are worshipped and a special respect and gratefulness is given for nurturing the humans by its milk and waste which has many amazing healing attributes.
● India’s variety of street foods among every corner of the road is enough to make the tourists think about coming here again and again.
● Within few kilometers in India, one can found a temple, masjid, church, gurudwara and Buddhist monastery too.
● Colors are everywhere in India. They are in beautiful clothes, flowers, festival decorations that are made on the floor and wall, women’s accessories, household items, jewelleries and the list is long.
● Hindi is India’s National language but, English is the most spoken and understood language in almost all of the states.
● Female face on headlights, bidding farewell by “phir milenge” and “ok Tata” and also short poetries on the vehicles are enough to depict that platform is not needed here for showing talent.

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