Quick General Knowledge Quiz and Answers

Quick General Knowledge Quiz with Answers

1. Who among the following persons is called ‘Desert Fox’?
(A) Walter Scott (B) Gen. Rommel (C) Eisenhower (D) Bismarck
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2. The Harappan Civilization was discovered in the year–
(A) 1901 (B) 1921 (C) 1935 (D) 1942
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3. The earliest city discovered in India was–
(A) Harappa (B) Rangpur (C) Mohenjodaro (D) Sindh
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4. Which state has the smallest land area?
(A) Goa (B) Nagaland (C) Sikkim (D) Tripura
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5. The length of India’s coastline is about–
(A) 5900 km (B) 6100 km (C) 7000 km (D) 7500 km
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6. A disk on which you store information–
(A) Plate (B) Date disk (C) Paper disk (D) TV disk
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7. The implementation of Jawahar Rojgar Yojana rests with–
(A) Gram Panchayat (B) District Collector (C) State Government (D) Union Government
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8. Relative Poverty refers to–
(A) bankruptcy (B) trade cycle (C) minimum needs of life (D) economic inequalities
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9. The concept of Judicial Review in our Constitution has–
(A) England (B) USA (C) Canada (D) Australia
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10. Which one of the following is not a plantation crop?
(A) Tea (B) Coffee (C) Rubber (D) Sugarcane
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11. Victoria Falls in Africa are located on–
(A) River Niger (B) River Congo (C) River Zambezi (D) River Nile
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12. The highest waterfall of the world is–
(A) Niagara Falls (B) Boyoma Falls (C) Salta Angles Falls (D) Khone Falls
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13. The highest water fall in India–
(A) Garsoppa (B) Sahasra dhara (C) Kariba (D) Pati
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14. Who is the author of book ‘The Rights of Man’?
(A) Thomas Hardy (B) Thomas Mann (C) Thomas Moore (D) Thomas Paine
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15. ‘The Gathering Storm’ is written by–
(A) Winston Churchill (B) Voltaire (C) George Washington (D) Romain Rolland
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16. New capital issue is placed in–
(A) Primary Market (B) Secondary Market (C)Grey Market (D) Black Market
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17. Which are the main centers of whaling?
(A) Arctic ocean (B) Iceland (C) Greenland (D) Falklands
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18. Annual catch of fish is largest in–
(A) Peru (B) Japan (C) Britain (D) U. S. A
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19. When is International Talk like a Pirate Day is observed?
(A) December 11 (B) September 16 (C) March 8 (D) September 19
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20. When is the ‘World Environment Day’ celebrated?
(A) June 5 (B) April 7 (C) October 24 (D) None of the above
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21. Mumbai is famous for–
(A) Sugar industry (B) Placstic industry (C) Cotton textile industry (D) Heavy Electrical industry
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22. What disk is used to cold boot a PC?
(A) Setup disk (B) System disk (C) Diagnostic disk (D) Program disk
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23. The local winds blowing in Libya are called–
(A) Chili (B) Fohn (C) Buran (D) Gibli
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24. Which one of the following is a planetary wind?
(A) Monsoon (B) Trade (C) Chinook (D) Mistral
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25. Which one of the following is a zonal soil?
(A) Sierozem (B) Podzol (C) Lithosol (D) Solonchak
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