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Quick General Knowledge Quiz with Answers

1. The most powerful computer is–
(A) Super computer (B) Micro computer (C) Main computer (D) All of these
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2. With a CD, you can–
(A) Read (B) Write (C) Read and write (D) Either read or write
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3. The base year for computation of National Income in India is–
(A) 1990-91 (B) 1993-94 (C) 1999-2000 (D) 2000-01
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4. Who was the First Chairman of Planning commission of India?
(A) M. Viswesvarya (B) Pt. Jawahar Lal Nehru (C) P. C. Mahalanobis (D) John Mathai
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5. Which was not a member of Cabinet Mission?
(A) Pathic Lawrance (B) Stafford Cripps (C) A. V. Alexander (D) John Simon
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6. Who said, “The true shape of planets orbit is elliptical (oval)”?
(A) Gabileo (B) Kepler (C) Copernicus (D) Iderschel
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7. Who discovered the solar system?
(A) Copernicus (B) Kepler (C) Aryabhatta (D) Newton
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8. The brothers Umakant and Ramakant Gundecha are–
(A) Dhrupad vocalists (B) Kathak dancers (C) Sarod maestros (D) Tabla players
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9. Yamini Krishnamurti is an accomplished exponent of–
(A) Kuchipudi (B) Bharatnatyam (C) Kathak (D) Odissi
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10. The Managing Director of IMF is–
(A) Christine Legard (B) Min Zhu (C) David Upton (D) None of these
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11. The term ‘Chukker’ is used in–
(A) Rifle Shooting (B) Horse Racing (C) Wrestling (D) Polo
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12. The ancient name of North Bihar was’s–
(A) Vajji (B) Vatsa (C) Surasena (D) Avanti
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13. Which was the first capital of Magadha?
(A) Pataliputra (B) Vaishali (C) Girivarja (Rajgriha) (D) Champa
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14. Which of the following regions has the oldest rocks?
(A) Himalayas (B) Aravallis (C) Indo-Gangetic Plain (D) Shiwaliks
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15. The Lakshadweep Islands are situated in–
(A) Indian Ocean (B) Arabian Ocean (C) Bay of Bengal (D) None of these
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16. Who is the Chairman of Rajya Sabha?
(A) The President (B) The Vice-President (C) The Prime Minister (D) The Speaker
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17. Sedimentary rocks are characterised by–
(A) Startification (B) Crystalline nature (C) Coarse texture (D) Previous nature
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18. Which of the following is piedmont plateau?
(A) Tibet (B) Anatolia (C) Patagonia (D) Brazil
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19. Sedimentary rocks are also called as–
(A) Intrusive (B) Extrusive (C) Plutonic (D) Dyke rocks
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20. Which of the following is not associated with vocal music?
(A) Pandit Jasraj (B) Mallikarjun Mansur (C) Kishori Amonkar (D) Shiv Kumar Sharma
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21. Gondwanaland does not include–
(A) India (B) Vietnam (C) China (D) Australia
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22. The largest producer of gold in the world is–
(A) Australia (B) Canada (C) Russia (D) South Africa
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23. What is the administrative capital of South Africa?
(A) Cape Towri (B) Johannesburg (C) Kimberley (D) Pretoria
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24. The first video game was made by–
(A) Russell (B) Philips (C) Edison (D) Willy Higgins Botham
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25. Which of the following authors won the Booker Prize twice?
(A) Margaret Atwood (B) Ian Me Ewan (C) J.M. Coetzee (D) Graham Swift
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