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Quick General Knowledge Quiz with Answers

1. The largest exporter of wood pulp is–
(A) Canada (B) Sweden (C) Finland (D) Norway
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2. Coniferous forests are located between–
(A) 50° and 70°N (B) 40° and 50°N (C) 55° and 65°N (D) 10° and 30°N
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3. Bananas grown in the–
(A) Tropical zones (B) Sub-tropical zones (C) Cold temperature zones (D) Equatorial zones
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4. Mitakshara the ancient book was written by–
(A) Rajashekhara (B) Vijneswara (C) Somadeva (D) None of these
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5. The most important divinity in the Rig Veda is–
(A) Agni (B) Maruit (C) Varuna (D) Indra
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6. When was founded the Indian Association?
(A) 1876 (B) 1884 (C) 1887 (D) 1890
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7. Who was the founder of the Indian Association?
(A) Dababhai Naoroji (B) Bal Gangadhar Tilak (C) A. O. Hume (D) Surendranath Banerjee
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8. Raniganj coal field is in–
(A) Bihar (B) Odisha (C) West Bengal (D) Madhya Pradesh
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9. Tarapur nuclear station is located in–
(A) Mumbai (B) Thane district (C) Chandra Nagar (D) Nagpur district
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10. Files are organized by storing them in–
(A) Tables (B) Databases (C) Folders (D) Graphs
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11. Output devices make it possible to–
(A) View and print a data (B) Scan a data (C) Input a data (D) Sending a data
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12. The pictorial representation of a program or algorithm is called a–
(A) Chart (B) Salve chart (C) Flowchart (D) Mix chart
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13. What is the longest irrigation canal in India called?
(A) Yamuna canal (B) Sirhind canal (C) Indira Gandhi Canal (D) Upper Bari Doab Canal
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14. The concept of sustainable development relates to–
(A) Consumption levels (B) Exhaustible resources (C) Social Equity (D) Intergenerational equity
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15. Who is the custodian of Indian Constitution?
(A) President (B) Parliament (C) Council of Ministers (D) Supreme Court
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16. Prabhasgiri is a pilgrim spot of–
(A) Buddhists (B) Jains (C) Saivites (D) Vaishnavites
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17. Which state is in the eastern most part of India?
(A) Assam (B) Nagaland (C) Arunachal Pradesh (D) Manipur
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18. The largest southern most Single island in India is–
(A) Rameswaram Island (B) Minicoy Island (C) Car Nicobar Island (D) Great Nicobar Island
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19. Which of these keys is not on the number keypad?
(A) Ctrl (B) Del (C) Enter (D) Num Lock
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20. A judge of Supreme Court of India holds office till he attains the age of–
(A) 58 years (B) 60 years (C) 62 years (D) 65 years
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21. Upper Bari Doab canal was constructed in the year–
(A) 1825 (B) 1859 (C) 1857 (D) 1890
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22. What is Windows Explorer?
(A) A drive  (B) A file manager (C) A Web browser (D) A network
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23. The portion of the earth’s surface covered with water is roughly–
(A) One-fourth (B) One-half (C) Two-third (D) Three-fifth
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24. Oceanic waves caused by an earthquake are known as–
(A) S-waves (B) L-waves (C) P-waves (D) Tsunamis
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25. Jet streams blows–
(A) From west to east (B) From east to west (C) From north to south (D) None of the above
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