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GK Practice Test - 5
1. Which of the following expenses are charged on the Consolidated Fund of India?
(A) Salaries and allowances of the President (B) Debt charges of the Government of India
(C) Sum payable as a result of judgement, decree or award of a court (D) All of the above
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2. According to the Article 243-S of the Constitution of India, it is obligatory to constitute 'Ward Committees' in the area of municipality. The population of such municipality should be–
(A) one lakh or more (B) two lakh or more
(C) three lakh or more (D) five lakh or more
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3. The natural region produced by the creation of climatic homogeneity by the sea is–
(A) Humid subtropics (B) Marine west coast
(C) Monsoon tropics (D) Short summer humid continental
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4. Fishing, hunting and food gathering activities are carried out by–
(A) Semangs of Malaysia (B) Masais of East Africa
(C) Bedouins of Arabia (D) Kirghiz of Central Asia
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5. In which of the following years, was the trade balance favourable to India?
(A) 1970-71 and 1974-75 (B) 1972-73 and 1976-77
(C) 1972-73 and 1975-76 (D) 1971-72 and 1976-77
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6. How many industries have been reserved for government sector at present?
(A) 03 (B) 04
(C) 05 (D) 06
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7. During the freedom struggle, Aruna Asaf Ali was a major woman organizer of underground activity in–
(A) Civil Disobedience Movement (B) Non-Cooperation Movement
(C) Quit India Movement (D) Swadeshi Movement
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8. Harrapan agricultural economy was mainly based on–
(A) crop rotation (B) rainfed cultivation
(C) wheat and associated winter crops (D) dry farming
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9. Which one of the following is not a World Heritage Site as identified by UNESCO?
(A) Kaziranga National Park (B) Keoladeo National Park
(C) Manas Wildlife Sanctuary (D) Bandipur National Park.
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10. Who among the following has been called as the father of Indian Pre-history?
(A) Colonel Meadows Taylor (B) Robert Bruce Foote
(C) Alexander Cunningham (D) Sir John Marshall
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11. The site of Harappa is located on the bank of river–
(A) Saraswati (B) Indus
(C) Beas (D) Ravi
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12. Which one of the following National Highways passes through Maharashtra, Chhattisgarh and Odisha?
(A) NH 4 (B) NH 5
(C) NH 6 (D) NH 7
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13. Most of the food we consume are–
(A) fruits (B) roots
(C) stem (D) leaves
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14. Which of the following is the main constituent of biogas?
(A) Methane and carbon dioxide (B) Methane and carbon monoxide
(C) Hydrogen and carbon dioxide (D) Butane and carbon dioxide
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15. Which one of the following plants is used to extract a drug from roots to cure mental disorders?
(A) Nepenthes (B) Rauwolfia
(C) Marigold (D) Rccinus
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16. Which one of the following committees had recommended people's participation in community development programmes?
(A) Ashok Mehta Committee (B) Balwant Rai Mehta Committee
(C) Rural-urban Relationship Committee (D) L M Singhvi Committee
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17. Which one of the following provisions has been left to the will of the State Governments in the Seventy-third Constitution Amendment Act?
(A) Providing reservation to the other backward classes
(B) All posts at all levels to be filled by direct elections
(C) Reservation of seats for SC/ST in proportion to their population
(D) Reservation upto 1/3 seats for women in panchayats
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18. Which of the following is a source of income of the Gram Panchayats?
(A) Income tax (B) Sales tax
(C) Professional tax (D) Levy duties
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19. The most important type of forest in terms of economic value and easy exploitation is–
(A) temperature deciduous forest (B) coniferous forests
(C) tropical monsoon forests (D) equatorial forest
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20. Dry point settlements are common in–
(A) Deserts (B) Plateaus
(C) Mountain regions (D) Deltas
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21. Deficit financing means the government borrows money from the–
(A) IMF (B) Ministry of Finance
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22. Which of the following Indian Banks is not a nationalized bank?
(A) Corporation Bank (B) Dena Bank
(C) Federal Bank (D) Vijaya Bank
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23. Which one among the following Indus cities was known for water management?
(A) Lothal (B) Mohenjodaro
(C) Harappa (D) Dholavira
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24. Which one among the following statement regarding Jorwe Culture is not
(A) Pravara-Godavari Valley was the nuclears zone of Jorwe Culture
(B) The main sites of Jorwe Culture are Daimabad, Inamgaon, Jorwe and Nevasa
(C) At Daimabad one gets archaeological evidence of symbolic burial
(D) Practically all Jorwe settlements in the Northern Deccan were suddenly deserted
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25. Central Seed Testing and Referral Laboratory (CSTRL) is located in–
(A) Bhopal (B) Varanasi
(C) Dehradun (D) Lucknow
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