Objective General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Objective GK Questions and Answers

1. How many banks are there in public sector" at present?
(A) 28 (B) 27
(C) 19 (D) 20
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2. Which of the following statements regarding Rigvedic women is not correct?
(A) They could attend assemblies and offer sacrifices along with their husband
(B) Some unmarried women offered sacrifices on their own
(C) Women could occupy the highest positions of authority
(D) Women often chose their partners
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3. The Purushsukta, which refers to the origin of caste, is found in the–
(A) Atharvaveda (B) Rigveda
(C) Samaveda (D) Yajurveda
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4. Who is the author of the book" Mother India"?
(A) Annie Besant (B) Katherine Frank
(C) Katherine Mayo (D) Sister Nivedita
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5. Who among the following Chola Kings reigned as Kulottung Chola I?
(A) Vikramaditya I (B) Vikramaditya II
(C) Rajaraja Narendra I (D) Rajendra III
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6. A flat metallic disk that contains a large amount of permanently stored information read optically is called–
(A) Monitor (B) ALU
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7. Which one of the following is the longest National Highway in India?
(A) NH 2 (B) NH 7
(C) NH 8 (D) NH 31
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8. Which one among the following is the function of osphradium found in Pila globosa?
(A) Tangoreception (B) Photoreception
(C) Thermoreception (D) Chemoreception
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9. The golgi bodies very common in the secretory cells are originate from–
(A) endoplasmic reticulum (B) chloroplast
(C) mitochondria (D) lysosome
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10. Commensal to man found in colon is–
(A) Bacillus (B) Escherichia coli
(C) Streptococcus (D) Both 'b' and 'c'
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11. Which is the only Union Territory to have a High Court of its own?
(A) Chandigarh (B) Delhi
(C) Lakshadweep (D) Daman and Diu
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12. The power to extend or restrict the jurisdiction of the High Court rests with–
(A) the President (B) the Parliament
(C) the Governor (D) the Concerned State
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13. The pension of a High Court Judge is charged to the–
(A) Consolidated Fund of India (B) Consolidated Fund of the State where he last served
(C) Contingency Fund of India (D) Consolidated Funds of the different States where he has served
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14. Among the following environmental pollutants, which one leads to the occurrence of acid rain?
(A) Carbon dioxide (B) Hydrogen peroxide
(C) Carbon monoxide (D) Sulphur dioxide
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15. Among the following types of biomes, which one has the highest species diversity ?
(A) Temperate forests (B) Tropical rainforests
(C) Temperate deciduous forests (D) Temperate grasslands
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16. SBI (Subsidiary Bank Laws) Amendment Bill passed by the Parliament allows SBI to reduce its holding in its seven subsidiary banks from–
(A) 75% or more to 49% (B) 75% to 50%
(C) 100% to 75% (D) 75% or more to 51%
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17. Rural women can avail the benefit of Mahila Samriddhi Yojana if they open their account in–
(A) rural post offices (B) commercial banks
(C) rural development bank (D) All of the above
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18. Which of the following statements about Nayanars (worshippers of Vishnu) and Alvars (worshippers of Shiva) of South India is not correct–
(A) They believed in austerities
(B) They looked upon religion as a living bond based on the love between the God and the worshipper
(C) They spoke and wrote the language which everyone could understand
(D) They disregarded the inequalities of caste
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19. The temple of Somnath which was destroyed by Mahmud Ghazni was dedicated to Lord–
(A) Vishnu (B) Shiva
(C) Surya (D) Ganapati
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20. Historical materialism is a tenet of which one of the following political theories?
(A) Capitalism (B) Liberalism
(C) Fascism (D) Marxism
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21. Which one of the following is not a biography of Shankaracharya?
(A) The Shankradigvijaya by Madhava (B) The Shankaravijaya by Ananta Anandagiri
(C) The Shankarabharana by Vyasachala (D) Shrishankar Abhyudaya Mahakavya by Tirumala Dikshita
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22. Which of the following Bengali books of the period depicts a graphic picture of the contemporary social and economic conditions of the people of Bengal?
(A) Chaitanya Mangal of Trilochan Das (B) Bhaktiratnakar of Narahari Chakravarty
(C) Kavikankan Chandi of Mukundaram Chakravarty (D) Mahabharata of Kasiram Das
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23. Which one of the following places is famous for production of railways coaches?
(A) Nasik (B) Kapurthala
(C) Kanpur (D) Kochi
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24. Which of the following Vitamin causes a syndrome which is characterized by 3D's namely, dermatitis, diarrhoea and dementia?
(A) Vitamin B1 (B) Vitamin B5
(C) Vitamin B9 (D) Vitamin C
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25. Which are among the following organs is involved in the conversion of ammonia, the main end product of protein digestion to excretory product urea?
(A) Kidney (B) Lung
(C) Intestine (D) Liver
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