Objective General Knowledge Multiple Questions

Objective GK Multiple Questions

1. The First Registrar General and Census Commissioner of Independent India was–
(A) M W M Yeatts (B) J H Hutton
(C) J T Marten (D) E A Gait
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2. The native state of Tripura became involved in the freedom movement early in the 20th century because–
(A) the kings of Tripura were always anti - British
(B) the Bengal revolutionaries took shelter in Tripura
(C) The tribes of the state were fiercely freedom loving
(D) there were already some groups fighting against the kingship and its protector, the British
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3. The tribal leader, who was regarded as an incarnation of God and Father of the world/dharti Aba was–
(A) Kanhu Santhal (B) Rupa Naik
(C) Birsa Munda (D) Joria Bhagat
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4. River Luni originates near Pushkar and drains into which one of the following?
(A) Rann of Kachchh (B) Arbian Sea
(C) Gulf of Cambay (D) Lake Sambhar
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5. Location of Delhi approximately closest to which one of the following?
(A) 32° North and 72° East (B) 28° North and 77° East
(C) 25° North and 75° East (D) 22° North and 70° East
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6. Which one of the following remains constant while throwing the ball upward?
(A) Force (B) Kinetic energy
(C) Acceleration (D) Velocity
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7. Select the correct answer–
(A) two satellites moving the same circular orbit have the same angular momentum
(B) two satellites moving the same circular orbit have the same mass
(C) two satellites moving the same circular orbit have the same energy
(D) two satellites moving the same circular orbit have the same force
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8. Socialism is opposed to–
(A) social security scheme (B) equal distribution of wealth
(C) unrestricted competition (D) collective ownership and management
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9. Which of the following Constitutional Amendments have added Article 15 (5) in the Constitution of India providing for reservation in educational institutions in the private sector also?
(A) 81st Amendment (B) 86th Amendment
(C) 91st Amendment (D) 93rd Amendment
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10. Which one of the following Articles of the Constitution of India makes a specific mention of village panchayats?
(A) Article 19 (B) Article 21
(C) Article 40 (D) Article 246
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11. Lake Van-Golu is situated in–
(A) Iran (B) Iraq
(C) Jordan (D) Turkey
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12. Which one of the following cities does not lie on the shore of Lake Michigan?
(A) Chicago (B) Gary
(C) Milwaukee (D) Duluth
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13. Excise duties are taxes on–
(A) sale of commodities (B) import of commodities
(C) export of commodities (D) production of commodities
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14. The minimum effect of direct taxes is on–
(A) food price (B) consumer goods
(C) capital goods (D) income
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15. In 1930, Mahatma Gandhi started Civil Disobedience Movement from–
(A) Sevagram (B) Dandi
(C) Sabarmati (D) Wardha
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16. Mahatma Gandhi entered into Freedom struggle in India in the year–
(A) 1911 (B) 1915
(C) 1917 (D) 1919
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17. The First Indian Registrar General and Census Commissioner of Independent India was–
(A) Ashok Mitra (B) R B Chari
(C) A R Nanda (D) R A Gopalaswami
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18." At the stroke of midnight, when the world sleeps, India will awake to life and freedom" was said by–
(A) Dr Rajendra Prasad (B) Lord Mountbatten
(C) Pt JL Nehru (D) None of the above
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19. The All India Muslim League was formed in 1906 at–
(A) Aligarh (B) Dacca
(C) Lucknow (D) Lahore
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20. Which one is the correct sequence of the following topographical features found from upper to lower course of a river?
(A) Ox-bow lake-Rapids-Estuary (B) Rapids-Estuary-Ox-bow lake
(C) Rapids-ax-bow lake-Estuary (D) Estuary-Ox-bow lake-Rapids
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21. What is the range of frequencies allotted to commercial "FM radio broadcast"?
(A) 88 to 108 Hz (B) 88 to 108 KHz
(C) 88 to 108 MHz (D) 88 to 108 GHz
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22. Which one of the following is used as a mordant in dyeing and tanning industry?
(A) Magnesium oxide (B) Magnesium chloride
(C) Magnesium sulphate (D) Magnesium carbonate
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23. From which one among the following water source, the water is likely to be contaminated with fluorine?
(A) Ground water (B) Rain water
(C) River water (D) Pond water
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24. Which one among the following has the power to regulate the right of citizenship in India?
(A) The Union Cabinet (B) The Parliament
(C) the Supreme Court (D) The Law Commission
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25. Areawise, which one of the following is the largest Lok Sabha Constituency?
(A) Kutch (B) Kangra
(C) Ladakh (D) Patna Sahib
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